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Forum: Euroleague - dates
2011-05-01 17:04:53 Alex Popiel (lolamaza)
# 5602
Here I shall quote the last messages of the discussion.
Alice made a proposal, I commented on it and came up with mine listing the conditions required. No one responded, thereby accepting them.
Brandishing fists after the fight never proves anyone's might.

2011-01-15 02:32:38 • Marek Gorzecki (alicecooper_pl) (reply) Reply to # 5291
RE: break in match
# 5302
1) i agree with cr_partak: it is bad idea to back to past
2) i understand that Lords have to right to use rules for their best business
3) but i understand too, anger of my team mates as they are convinced about win

so i apologize for any of my bad words (and my mates)
and propose to play rematch after this season (for sure that both teams will find time)

2011-01-15 08:01:42 • Alex Popiel (lolamaza) (reply)
A Peace Treaty
# 5303
Dear Members of the Respected Community:

Leaning upon the current EuroLeague rules, The Lords of XO have refused the rematch offers coming from Demons and Wizards, and our primary motivation was that the time limits proposed (i.e. playing a rematch between the forthcoming rounds) were dissatisfying for us, let alone the imperative attitude chosen by our conversation partners which we found somewhat insulting.

However, given that this is the first time our opponent team are approaching us without cavils and with a reasonable offer, I believe that no reasons exist not to make advances towards a halfway solution that could satisfy the teams involved and the community. Indeed, if either or both teams keep on pursuing tournament aims at the end of the season and the additional 0.5 points could suffice for the title, an agreement can be reached in order to play the long awaited rematch by request of one of the captains.

I believe that the path to mutual respect is the only way to keep everybody happy and move forward in partnership, not squabbles.

Best regards,
Alex Popiel
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