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Forum: Euroleague - dates
2015-04-27 15:04 Ilya Katsev (bromozel)
RE: Outsiders - Demons and Wizards
# 6965
I did not understand, why DW got 1 point for this match? They did not gain 16,5 points.


5.8. A team wins the match if its players gain at least 16,5 game points, then it is awarded with 1 tournament point. A team which players gain exactly 16 game points, gets 0,5 tournament points. A team which players gain less than 16 game points, gets 0 tournament points. If both teams get less than 16 game points (e.g. in case of playing 3 vs 3 players and in other cases), both teams get 0 tournament points.
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