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2017-02-08 13:38:53 Oleg Bulatowsky (logelo0one)
Admin date issue
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Dear Committee,
Dear All,

I believe it is time to raise the question of the admin date, the issue invented as a panacea for squabbles that have often occurred over the course of date & time arrangements in the EL. It is good indeed to have an effective tool for reducing opposite opinions and either side’s stubbornness to a common denominator, and the Committee came up with this regulation some time ago. However, we can see that this mechanism, originally meant for the common good, is being cynically misused and has now turned into a tool of violence (sometimes being referred to as “date common to all”): (this season) (this round) (this round) (last season)
In the cited instances, one team looks for options, whereas the other one, sensing the smell of blood (as it becomes clear that the opponents can’t play on the admin date & time), enforces the right to get a free point no matter the cost. A good example would be our round 8 story with the Slovenian Dragons in the season of 2014/2015 ( when all excuses were used to squeeze a point of the situation, which could not otherwise be earned in play. Fortunately, that enforced walkover of ours did not affect the final table standings.
However, 2 months before that, Demons and Wizards enforced their right to use the admin date against us (, as they had known our captain couldn’t play and the rest was off-shape and had to cancel activities previously planned, and earned the point that decided the whole season. Now, a similar situation is going on: Dasha and Bears disagree to step off the admin date & time (19.02.2016, 19:00 CET), as they are uneager to cooperate. It has been communicated to them that two (loadif, lovage) out of our first four cannot play because of work shifts, another one (lozawrat) is traveling on the plane, and the rest has not been active for many months. Furthermore, another starting four player (lolamaza) will be on a duty trip to Georgia, 3 hours East from the CET. Still, our colleagues strangle the rule over our necks mentioning “preparations” as an excuse for using the evening time, although we have come up with quite a few date & time offers, including the old admin date at 10:00 CET on the 19th. The fact is that we just can’t play if the match starts after 14:00 on the 19th––not because of our stubbornness or wish to cut the opponents’ time to prepare (5 hours cut off 3 weeks––what a huge difference!), but because of objective reasons that can be confirmed with official documents upon request of the Committee.
Gentlemen, it is a matter work, something objective that people have to do to make their bread and butter and pay the flat. At stake is one of the matches that will decide the whole season, and we would like to ask the Committee to review this situation and help us find a solution that will prevent the misuse of the EL rules and provide for the decision of the season in play, not in negotiation boxes of the site.

Sincerely yours,
Oleg Bulatowsky on behalf of the Lords of XO
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