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Forum: Euroleague - dates
2017-02-15 19:04:03 Oleg Bulatowsky (logelo0one)
Admin date issue
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Dear all,

My team "The Lords of XO" and me are concerned about the upcoming match with the team "Dasha and bears".
The reason for this is our complete inability to reach any reasonable compromise with the captain of the team "Dasha and Bears" with respect of the date and time of the match. While I informed Ilya Muratov about the inability of our 2 top players (namely adif and gergo) to play on the admin date as soon as I got informed about it (the rounds first weekend), all my proposals were turned down. With great respect could I understand why the opponent team was unable to play on weekdays because of work, it was somewhat surprising to hear "Dasha and Bears" refuse to play on the 2nd weekend and around the noon of the 3rd weekend using different excuses (extract of the personal conversation can be delivered to the Comittee)

As the captain of "The Lords of XO" and on the behalf of my team, I will respect any decision made by the Comittee in this case. As a member of the gomoku community and participant of the EL, however, I would greatly await an exciting match between my team and "Dasha and Bears", pephaps the strongest russian team to ever be lined up for the EL, as it promises (a great contribution to the development of the online competition). The last thing I expect of the Comittee is that it will let this fixture become a bureaucratic farse and not happen not to take place due to objective reasons from our side and the objective reasons from the opponents side.

One of the virtues most cherished by the european culture is flexibility. And so we would like to show that we are ready to be flexible. We hope that "Dasha and Bears" can kindly review their position and show their willingness to cooperate by letting the game to decide who is better, not who is luckier by providing a full line-up at a predecided time. We want to kindly request the parties involved ("Dasha and Bears" and the Comittee) to come to a decision which option will make better for the game.
- The teams are scheduled to play 10:00-11:00 18/19.02.2016 (4 vs. 4)
- The teams are scheduled to play 15:00-19:00 19.02.2016 (3 vs. 3)
- The Comittee extends the current round by one week and sets the admin date to next Sunday
- Any other plausible option offered by the Committee to solve this issue
- The Comittee agrees to accept our step-down from the competition, recalibrates the results of the previous rounds, and takes it into consideration that none of the players of "The Lords of XO" will take any further part in the EL.
We would greatly appreciate your feedback as soon as possible. In case the third option is chosen we bring our apologies to the teams we played with in the first 3 rounds who's coefitients we have affected.

Sincerely yours,
Oleg Bulatowsky on behalf of the Lords of XO
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