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Forum: Euroleague - dates
2017-02-19 02:29:40 Alex Popiel (lolamaza)
Re: Igor Eged, One more comment
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Dear Igor,
Dear members of the Committee,

I have kept silence over some time now, as I did not want to get back to squabbles, which I would have done seeing all this. And so I passed my captaincy to Oleg, a person of much higher patience and decency than those of mine. Now, seeing his attitude and being aware of the negotiations and he Commitee's unreadiness to take actions and listen to common sense, I see I have made a mistake by placing this burden onto Oleg, as even he cannot bear what is going on, nor can he stand double-standard decisions of the Committee and has stated our readiness to quit the competition that we had found exciting for many seasons and were willing to participate in.

For my part, I agree with this and now would just like to reply to your “one more comment”:

>> During the process of investigation I have learned that the cause of this possible lack of good will to make compromises from the team of Dasha and bears

So you operate with such notions as lack of good will, right? Does the fact that a team cynically misuses a rule (in this case, the admin date rule) and does not even try to hide their unwillingness to decide the winner in play not bother you as a member of the Committee, the organ created to enforce the rules and make wise decisions in case outrageous things happen? Is this correct?

>> is that quite large group of players including members of Dasha and bears have problem with player lamaza as they still consider him unfair.

Am I the team? It is about live – you do like this word indeed – players who cannot play, not me. Show me another one team with such honourable live players. Do many teams now feature people with honours such as vice-champion of the world? Or, maybe, Polish championship winners? Or, maybe, TGEC winners? We have them all. Do you want them all to quit because of Furla’s everlasting lust for power and his weird fear before my humble person? Do you know who Furla actually is and what his tasks from his Zhirinovsky’s LDPR party are (just check the Wiki on what it is)? Involve more and dominate them in order to make them vote in case of necessity. Running a gomoku group in seems to him the only field he can shepherd followers in. Another strong leader would indeed be a straw in the eye. And so a company launched several years ago, which involved quite a few people, some of them not having anything to do with me at all, some of them being threatened by those who launched it. Anyways, we all saw the “results” of the Committee investigation and now the case is closed.

Now, back to my person: I have played in the EL since 2009 leading my team to results that none of the other competitors could show in this period of time, including three Champion titles. Why have you started to care so much of my fairness if this “large group of players” could have proven my unfairness long ago – if only they could – and turned to this argument now? Maybe just in order to motivate your approval of the cynical misuse of the admin date rule just 20 hours before the match? Why wouldn’t the Committee just acknowledge that the argument you have just brought forth is intended to withdraw attention from the gap in the regulations that the Committee has failed to either fill with an array of better solutions or neglect it in order to make the match happen?

>> So here I have to ask the community, why haven't players/team captains really mobilized to some protest and removal of this player from EL rather than his presence now leading to situations like this.

A good question! I will gladly hear more about it, see above. But, anyways, what connection does my humble person have with the misuse of the rules by Furla? Will Dasha and Bears agree to play 2 vs. 2 against logelo0one and loraficus tomorrow at 7 pm if I quit (our other players can’t play due to objective reasons already stated by our captain)? I don’t think so. They want a point more than they want to play.

>> Also my advice to Alex, if you are really innocent

Go to the Holy Church and prove you are one.

>> and would like this general opinion to be changed, I suggest you should finally visit some live tournament and prove your playing level, I think that would be the best way to fight with all this.

I don’t want to fight it, and I believe those who trust me need no further proof and those who don’t won’t be persuaded even if I top all the bills live.

Now, my questions (1, 2) that go to you as a member of the Committee and, as you have been as kind as to give me advice, my advice (3):

(1) Have you made your decision not to stop Dasha and Bears from an obvious misuse of the rules (and I know you are of the same opinion) only basing upon Furla’s speculations?

(2) Did you think that “The Lords of XO” blackmailed the Committee and bluffed saying they’d quit if the Committee does Furla’s bidding?

We did not, because allegations are allegations, and misuse is misuse.

(3) Your as a member of the Committee's task is to run and moderate the season, follow common sense where rules don’t apply, get misused, or are not sufficient, and never to read tea leaves. There are special Sinti/Roma agencies who run the latter business.

Again, I apologize before the teams we have played in rounds 1-3 for wrong pairings for rounds 2-4 because of our victories.

We quit.

Enjoy Furla & Co.!
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