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Forum: Euroleague
2008-11-03 16:15:56 Ales Rybka (autickocz)
RE: Allable
# 3265
There can be just one answer:

12.Fair play – accusation
12.1. If anyone thinks, suspects that a player uses a program, one must send a *.lib library (from the program RENLIB) with the game together with the name of the program being used to the committee. Only games from GEL should be analyzed.
12.2. One must present at least 15 games from *.lib library, in which the player(s) uses program.
12.3. One must write which moves were changed (if there are any changes) and must show, until which move the player(s) played with program.
12.4. The committee will check given *.lib library and make a decision.
12.5. The committee can analyze other games too.
12.6. If these points are not followed, the committee will not check the accusation.
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