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Forum: Euroleague
2008-12-03 15:42:16 Jan Bazika (czlsapek)
RE: Company - The decision of Commitee
# 3384
Hi Alexander,

Am also not satisfied with this situation, because Comapny was always team which was fighting to achieve the best places in whole league. But imagine our situation, we have to follow rules and make exceptions as rarely as possible. If we allow you to go back, everyone should go through it and say: "Why I can´t when Company can?" And he will be right. We cannot effort situation like that.

Piotr told us about situation in Company also before start of Euroleague, and I´m sorry for that. But it is also one of the capitan duty - to hold down his players, to control them and be also responsible for them.

And I agree with Tomo that this season is not lost for you. As it´s written you can join last player after this round. And also because of your walkover you have weaker opponent. So may be there is possibility to win in three players? It´s up to you. (BG Dragons sorry, I have not said weak, but weaker then the opponent in case of win in first round)

Am quite sure that you will stand such a situation if you´re strong. An Company always was. Good luck.
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