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Forum: Euroleague
2011-01-09 16:42:39 Costinas Beniamin (vlh_dragon)
Language problems.
# 5196
Mind your language. Have you heard about "innocent until proven guilty" ?
You can sustain something, but you can't conclude something. And if you think you conclude... well, keep it for yourself. It's rude(not to say otherwise) to establish the verdict by your one, while we have a jury here.

I see that you have manner problems, at your fair little team. While you're at it, why don't you say how you refused all my offers, of playing some other time. You knew our players had difficulties with the admin date (and in your big brave hearts, what did you say ???... let's use that date, maybe they are saying the truth). And we did, adi couldn't make it and f4lc0n was only able to play 2 rounds. That should say a lot of your team, considering that this round had 4 weaks, and you postponed your decision until there was nothing to decide (you said you would vote and hope that we can find a good date for both teams, but in your advanced english skills, both had the meaning of only your team).
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