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Forum: Euroleague
2011-01-10 18:45:53 Attila Demj√°n (ycattila)
RE: Try to be objective
# 5221
WTF again.

I don't state my comments in such way because I like fire more than you or anyone. It is just so ridiculous what you are doing right now. If anyone else would be in fire's place now whom I dislike, I still would say the same. Plus I know his skills enough I guess to be able to estimate objectively if he can make 8/8 against your team.

You can come here with your 20 friends and repeat that 8/8 means cheating and so on:)

Remeber that noone asked me to post my opinion here. It simply just disturbs me and others that such childish, ridiculous and useless accusations can be made by some player who can't stand losing normally as a respectful opponent.

The theory about your fiction would be acceptable, because everyone can have his/her own opinion about other players, but if you're so sure of the cheat, you should provide some normal proof instead of that renlib file which makes people laugh.
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