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2011-01-28 00:29:39 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
EL All-Star Game? :)
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Dear EL Players,

I was wondering few times what is the most powerful team in EL history. As it is really hard to choose, I'm quite sure that it is possible to create stronger team than ever played EL or even two such teams :)

Selecting players to your team you sometimes look at nationality, sometimes just skills are decisive factor and sometimes you prefer to play just with people you know personally (it is possible that many teams were created by mixing above mentioned things ;)).

I'm sure you can imagine your dream-team having no limiting restrictions. What I would like to propose is to organize EL All-Star Game at the end of this season. It is quite popular in many sport disciplines and professional leagues (e.g. NBA), why shouldn't we have our own All-Star Game?

I have initial concept of EL All-Star Game. My idea is to organize it exactly one or two weeks from last Admin date (Sunday, 10:00 Kurnik time) in a form of two EL matches played in parallel. That means both teams would consist of 8 players divided into 2 groups and in All-Star Game every player would play 8 games (2 times with every player from one of opposite’s groups) .

Currently there is more or less 168 players registered (I count only players from playing teams) and I found it reasonable to divide EL into North and South Parts for the All-Star Game purposes. Assuming that North include all countries which most of territory is above the middle of Poland we shall divide them as below:
North – Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden (approximately 83 players)
South - Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine (approximately 85 players)

How the line-ups shall be determined? I think that it could be mix of EL statistics and EL community preferences. I suggest that first group of each Part shall include 4 players that will have highest % of wins at the end of season (from at least 40 games). Second group would be chosen by all EL Players in voting procedure starting from the beginning of the last round and finishing at the end of season or 3 days before All-Star Game. It is up to players how they select, but they can vote just for their Part players according to their own will (skills, popularity, friendship, etc.). I suggest that every player has 5 equal votes and to the second group will go players with the higher number of votes.

Obviously, you can also vote for players that have safe place in the first group. This is time for another idea – Captains of North and South. They shall be selected from current EL Teams Captains and determined by place of their teams at the end of season.

Currently, having in mind above rules, North would have in the first group dt_peaceman, np_popovich, ohjkomd, vlhfire and their Captain would be Alicecooper. In the South Team first group would include mranakinn, ycgergo, ycsky, whmartez (Captain - Gabor).

In case players selected to the second group are the same as in the first group it is up to Captain’s decision in which group they should play in EL All-Star Game. Moreover, Captain has to choose reserve players (at least 4) in case some of selected players can’t or refuse to play. If situation requires this, Captain can also add new players to their team (e.g. at the beginning of match there is less than 8 players), however always just from EL playing teams and its Part.

Final result of EL All-Star Game (obviously not the most important thing ;)) will be determined by sum of points gained by all players of one Part (from both groups).

I think there is no possibility to agree date of such match between both teams which line-ups can be unpredictable, so the best idea seems to fix it as 10:00 Sunday (it looks like best time as there were no protests against admin date) one week or two weeks from last round’s admin date.

I hope I introduced my idea in a clear way, however if you have any doubts please do not hesitate to ask me :)

The most important thing is if you (especially top players) are interested in participating. It would be for us all, for good and interesting games and for gomoku (and EL) popularity! With no interest from players there is no sense to organize it.

What do you think? I’m waiting for you suggestions & support!

Kind regards,

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