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2011-01-28 19:48:56 Attila Demj√°n (ycattila)
RE: EL All-Star Game? :)
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Hey Angst and everyone,

I have been thinking about the same idea before but was lazy to publish it, so I am glad you did it!:)

Mostly I agree with you concerning the details but it has some point which I think need to be discussed:

- Deciding the 2 teams. Your ide about North/South is cool and given. But we should be sure that the current EL players of north and south are about same skillfull. I think the 4 leading country of EL are Russia, Poland (NORTH), Czech and Hungary (SOUTH), these 2 are about the same strength though South might be a little bit weaker. With the additional countries you wrote, we can probably make it equal. I am not sure, lets hear other opinions!

- System of play. I think 2x4 vs 2x4 is good, we already played in such system, in nation vs nation games and it worked fine I think. I would add that A and B groups should be same strong, not making team A the ultimate best and B containing the 2nd 4 best players.

- Selecting players. Probably the most difficult point concerning officiality and efficiency. I disagree with Angst that the top 4 making highest % of wins should be the first 4 players in a team. It is just simply because anyone from weaker teams can qualify here. The main problem with this is that we all play with different opponents, some always play with strong opponents, some always play with weak ones, so some wins and some loses don't have the same value and meaning of skill. But still, on the other hand, we shouldn't make these All-Stars team only based on voting. So how to do it? What others think?
Voting is fine, if we make all trustworthy people vote (most captains, most players from top teams, EL committee and then everyone else).
Or we can add some extra qualifying preferences, few quick examples below:

- Each country (fe. countries which has 10 or more players playing in EL) can delegate 1 player (letting all countries be represented),
- The top 4 players making the highest winning % above 40 games in this season, but ONLY FROM THE TOP 5 teams fe.
- The best 2 players from the winning team
- Making 2 captains and let them choose players, from selected players base simultanously (maybe bad idea:))

Date you suggested is fine, though I would make it 2PM instead of 10AM.

I hope this idea will work out after we hear more opinions and that we gonna have a nice ALL-STARS match at the end of the season.

Best regards,

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