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Forum: Euroleague
2011-02-27 01:43:51 Piotr MaƂowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Russia vs. Hungary
# 5422
First of all I would like to congrat Russia their (summary) win over Hungary and to thank both teams (especially captains) for progress in the area of international matches and going further concerning all gomoku community.

I would like to know few things about your match and would appreciate if you could explain it:

1. How has division of groups been made? (theoretically "stronger" vs "weaker", up to captians decision, randomize?)
2. Did you count the result as cumulative from both groups or that were two separate matches?
3. Who prepared the pairing?

and the most important thing:

4. Who wanna play first versus Poland :]

Kind regards,

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