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Forum: Euroleague
2011-05-03 12:24:40 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Demons and Wizards-The Lords of XO
# 5619
The Committee agreed about the match - see forum decisions.
Captains of those 4 teams, please vote here.
If some team doesn't respond or answers no, then draw stays as a result.

If all teams agree about new match, then normal rules apply, match has to be played until june 12th.
Standard admin date would be june 12th, 10:00.
It is recommended, that teams DW and LO agree on final match date before publishing agreement here.
Further match date changes should be done using EL dates forum.

Theoretical possible results:
If YC wins, of course YC is EL winner.

Now if YC doesn't win, let's count in cases where LO (and/or NP) wins last round match:

If YC draws and LO beats DW, with higher probability YC wins, LO has a chance only in case of big surprises in other matches.
If YC loses and LO beats DW, LO is EL winner.
If YC loses and LO draws with DW or current draw stays, winner can be YC, LO (in case of some smaller surprises), or even NP (in very rare and unexpected combination of results).

In these cases winner depends on secondary criteria, thus results of some other matches.
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