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2011-12-22 00:07:26 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
Angst's 10th Anniversary Tournament
# 5960
Dear Gomoku Friends,

At the beginning of 2002 (probably on 4th of January) I logged in to the Playok site for the first time and played my first gomoku games. I didn’t suppose then, that this game will accompany me for the next 10 years, however this is the fact :)

Over time, I have been thinking, what would be the best way to celebrate this jubilee and to my head came following idea – a spectacular private tournament on Playok, involving the largest possible number of people with whom I had the pleasure to come into contact during my adventure with gomoku.
I’ve never been, and probably never will be, the master of this game, but for some reason I really devoted much of my time and myself. If you think that I deserve the small gift, or just feel like you would like to take part in this tournament, I invite you to come to Playok site on Wednesday 4th January 2012 at 8 pm. We’re going to play 9 rounds, with a time of 7 minutes per player, and I'm going to prepare memorable diplomas for top3 of the tournament :)

To take part in the tournament will be allowed players, that I know personally, or from the Internet. If you are not sure that you meet this criterion, please contact me on Playok – personally or via private message to the "piotrek401” account. For the avoidance of doubt, I encourage you to appear on one of the most famous nicknames. You also can inform me, what nickname you are you going to use – it will make the acceptance easier, as well as coming not later than 5 minutes before the start of the tournament. I will try to update the list of players on piotrek401 contact list.

I'd like to kindly request you to advertise my tournament and encourage your friends to take part. Friends and rivals from the Playok site – all are warmly welcome! :)

Kind regards,

Piotrek(401) / Angst
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