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2012-03-30 11:32:32 Attila Demján (ycattila)
Team Gomoku European Championship 2012
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Team Gomoku European Championship 2012 – Budapest, Hungary

Dear gomokuplayers all over Europe, I hereby invite you to take part in the TGEC 2012 – Budapest.
This event will be the very first Team Gomoku European Championship of the history so get prepared and don’t miss your chance!
The championship will be held in Budapest, Hungary between 23 July and 29 July.
The parameters of the competition:
- 1 team consist of 4 players, substitutes allowed (max 2)
- Primary priority for a team is to have 4 countrymates
- However, mixed teams are allowed if someone wants to join but his/her country can’t set up a whole team
- One countrey can take part with more teams, there is no limitation
- Playing system will be round robin or round robin + playoff, depending on the number of teams
- Every match is played in the following format: Team A player 1 vs Team B player 1, Team B player 2 vs Team A player 2, etc. It means the maximum points one team could win in a game is 4
- Time limit will be 80-120 min + 30 sec/move, also depending on the number of teams
- Opening rule is swap2
Example for schedule:
July 21: Arrival of players
July 22: Arrival of players, 18:00 opening ceremony
July 23: 9:30 Round 1, Lunch break, 15:30 Round 2
July 24: 9:30 Round 3, Lunch break, 15:30 Round 4
July 25: 9:30 Round 5, Lunch break, 15:30 Round 6
July 26: Free day for rest, sightseeing, different activities
July 27: 9:30 Round 7, Lunch break, 15:30 Round 8
July 28: 9:30 Round 9, Lunch break, 15:30 Round 10
July 29: 9:30 Round 10, Lunch break, 18:00 Closing ceremony
July 30: Departure of players
This schedule is not fixed yet, the final schedule will be known when the registration closes and the playing system is decided, however the competition will start on the 23rd of July.
Tournament hall: The place of the competition is not in the citycenter but close to it, you can see it at the following link
The address is: Pestújhelyi Közösségi Ház, 1158 Budapest, Szűcs István utca 45
Accomodation: We offer a pension for accomodation very close to the tournament hall. They have 1, 2, 3 and 4 bed rooms, free wifi and parking, breakfast and dinner. The 4 person room is 12000 HUF/night , 1€=296 HUF.
If most of you would stay in this pension for the week we can get some discount. If you wish to stay at a different place just let me know and I’ll try to help.
Catering: There is a possibility to get lunch everyday for all the participants right at the place of the tournament if I preorder it. In order to get daily lunch I have to know how many of you would like to get common lunch so please write it in registration. I will provide free water, coffee, tea and probably some snacks too during the tournament.
Transportation: If you need airport transportation I will be able to help, let me know before.
Tournament fee: The tournament fee will be 15000HUF/team. You can pay in cash just before the competition or via bank transfer whenever you want.
Registration: Team captains have to send an e-mail to including the following information (Please consult with your team members about these questions) :
Name and nationality of team:
Name and nationality of team captain:
Table 1 player:
Table 2 player:
Table 3 player:
Table 4 player:
Date and way of arrival and departure:
Do you want me to preorder lunch for everyday of the tournament (for how many players of your team):
Would you like to stay in Pestújhely Pension (for how many players of your team):
Do you need help in transportation:
Mode of paying tournament fee:
Additional wishes, remarks:

I hope we will have a great time and a colorful competition with a lot of teams. Don’t miss the first Team Gomoku European Championship of the history!
More details and updates are coming soon, I will also make a webpage for the event.
If you need any kind of help, don’t hesitate to contact me.
See you in Budapest!

Attila Demján
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