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Forum: Euroleague
2012-11-26 18:05:42 Paweł Tarasiński (commaestro)
RE: Cheater
# 6421
Being guided by general opinion about player on this stage of proceedings I consider as unjust and unreasonable. Everyone should be equal before the law. We can take into account opinions in final stage by analogy to administration of justice: if the defendant is found guilty, he may by punished lenient e.g. for the sake of knowing him, not being recidivist etc. Before judgement the defendant should be unknown for us.

Blinking during games - in contrast to percentage of identical moves - means nothing. Nowadays only these cheaters, who are right idiots, don't use program for not blinking. I suppose, that there is no cheaters-fools among EL players.

Next issue: time consuming for making moves. Playing very fast, especially making the hardest, deciding moves, immediately, may be important clue. Unfortunately, this rule don't work inversely. Playing slower, using longer time breaks, we can not recognize as guarantee of honesty. This can be misleading or lags.

Finally, I want ask Committee of EL members:

1) How should look like satisfactory evidence(s) to determine a cheater?

2) Do you consider yourselves as competent in the field of finding cheaters?
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