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Forum: Euroleague
2013-01-06 21:38:37 Ilya Muratov (wk_bkmz)
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This text is really important. Please, read it till the end to make your point of view.

Recently a sharp issue about credibility of certain excellent players from gomoku community and about the way they achieve their results has occurred. The specifics of online competitions do not enable to present clear evidence of guilt of one or another player. However, good results could be the product of own skills, experience and preparation for matches and not some kind cheating.

This uncertainty leads to permanent growth of tension, mistrust and rejections of participation in online competitions. To control the situation we propose to establish a periodical voting about credibility of top players. Such voting would allow the organizers to be constantly informed, know the opinion of the community, which would help them to make the right decision and to ban a player in time, if the majority expresses mistrust in him. It is essential for the reputation of the competition.

As a matter of fact, the time for such voting has come. Therefore we propose to the captains of EL teams to answer following questions about top players. The questionnaire concerns the best EL players of the season 2011-2012 and of the current season. The best 8 players from both seasons, with condition of having at least 60 games in both seasons, will be judged.

Players: Russia - Andrey Litvinenko, Alex Popiel, Yuriy Tarannikov; Hungary - Attila Hegedüs; Czech republic - Vladimir Nipoti; Poland- Bogdan Brachaczek, Piotr Bieniek; Estonia - Ants Soosyrv

1) Do you think that player _______ uses something that is forbidden and breaks the rules of online competitions?
2) Do you think that player _______ breaks the rules in other way?
3) Do you want a punishment for player _______?
4) Do you think that the great results of the player ______ come from his excellent skills, experience, preparation for the matches and analysis of games?

We recommend to perform such voting every year and, in case of agreement of the majority of the captains in first three questions, to look into disciplinary actions of a player or players.

Iliya Muratov & Alexander Bogatirev
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