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Forum: Euroleague
2013-01-07 02:08:02 Pavel Laube (kedlub)
RE: Survey
# 6467
With all my respect (and I don't have much),
what is the meaning of this "questionarrie"? Isn't it a bit childish?
First of all, the methode how to chose the listed people doesn't make much sense, although it tries to appear objective. Probably nobody thinks that this is a sufficient list of possible cheaters (regards to Drabost).
But more importantly, what validity has such a voting of captains based on no presented information? I bet that at least half of them doesn't have any real knowledge about the players, at the best kind of "I've heard that somebody told.." I appretiate that you took some inspiration from Athene democracy and Ostracism, but come on..
Let's be completely honest now, by this quasi-objective list you mean to accuse concrete people. And it won't be probably Ants or Bano. So what I ask is, why don't you do this directly, without this theater? I'm a bit fed up of all this backstage speculations, including the activity of our mysterious oracle EL comittee. And I agree that the situation about cheating in our competition is serious and we should take some action. So I beg anybody who has any information or suspicion about cheating to present it openly and clearly here, on the EL forum. Only with clear and open arguments can we decide, only then can we start to discuss even things such as voting of captains.
I've recently read a discussion on the polish forum related to the Drabost case. I was shocked. At first by the fact that he wasn't found guilty with such a load of evidences, concerning the analysis of his EL games and exeptional % of "program moves" as well as his comparative live performance. But what was even more shocking for me was the fact that nobody took these arguments to EL forum and make them public. All that we could learn from EL committee was that "they will watch it".
I don't have any desire nor time to hunt the facts through the russian or polish forum, but this is serious. So I suggest that investigation of the committee in these cases should be much more open, they should present their findings and arguments which made them decide. And so should bring the arguments anybody else who has them. We lose the confidence in this competition and there is no other way how to gain it back as the open discussion.


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