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Forum: Euroleague
2013-01-12 19:00 Alexander Bogatirev (pbayc)
# 6504
Hi, everyone. I'll be brief.
I wanna tell about possible innovations in EL.
It is the limit of players in one team, who have no experience in live games.

Firstly, it will enable to assess the abilities of the players more better. We will compare the online level of understanding of game with their actual live performances.

Secondly, it will stimulate some players finally to take a part in live-tournaments.

I propose to introduce this rule in the EL next season.
I think committee can designate limit of 5 or 4 players who have no experience in live games.
It can be changed to 4 or 3 at EL season 2014/2015.
We can take into account renju live-tournaments too.

Kind regards,
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