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2013-01-13 22:45:52 Piotr MaƂowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: el
# 6518
First of all, I haven't suggested that Ondik took part in "funny nicknames" story. I'm just curious how should look such protest against cheaters.

Sceondly, I still don't see answer to my basic question. What competence shall be used in this particular case? Should I know all the existing programs to be able to decide what to do if this is clear what program could be probably used and what is the comparability? Why is so? Moreover, the fact I'm relatively weak player must mean I don't know programs? Taking into consideration current EL rules you should be aware of the fact that it is not so necessary as our role is not to look for programs, but to decide in situations of accusations.

I don't think that publishing all data is really best thing for such "investigations". On Polish Forum I tried to explain my reasons, especially to the accuisng one. It wasn't formal statement of Committee and this is why I don't treat it as necessary to publish it also here.

Finally, I don't really understand difference between Furla's and Kedlub's proposal. In my opinion there are only two possibilities until we won't find something better: 1) to establish another formal body which will be giving its recommendations to The Committee (let's call it Anti-cheaters Committee) including high-class and trustful players (chosen by Committee or selected in regular voting) that have enough experience and deep gomoku knowledge to be trustful in this matter, 2) survey in Furla's or Kedlub's way - to be decided later how it should work exactly (both solutions).

I mentioned it before - cheaters are cheaters - is Gonzalez someone's idol in Kurnik? I really doubt it, but he and his followers are still present. I don't believe that without formal exclusion they will stop their activities, especially if we take into consideration people well-known in our community that we can hear or read rumours about.

Best regards,

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