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2013-01-13 23:57:11 Pavel Laube (kedlub)
RE: el
# 6519
If you don't understand the difference than I really don't know how to describe it more clearly. But I try. I don't agree with some non address popular opinion poll ostracism. I propose voting only in case of clear accusation when it will be clear who is accused, why is he accused and which evidences there are. Then the players who feel competent can argue their point in the public discussion. (Ideally in Drabost case I would like to see at least the results of the analysis, used method, comparation of Drabost % and % of some of the best players and records of his live games or opinions of people who know him)
After that I think every player can make his opinion based on solid arguments and even if they don't know any program they can decide fairly.
That is why this needs to be open discussion and open investigation. The former system with secret investigation of EL committee proved to be ineffective and I don't see any reason why to keep it like that. If you do, please tell me. You can't avoid speculation about someones cheating anyway and this way it becomes at least clear if it's justified or not. We need to be transparent and open. I see the voting of captains as a bit extrem solution, but in our situation, considering the so far activity of committee and comparing to the other proposals, I see it as a quite reasonable solution. Also I think the result which leads to punishment should be probably higher then 50%, therefore I suggested 60. The committee can (and should) of course give its stance. I hope this way can also encourage people to be more active and maybe bring additional arguments and evidences.

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