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2013-01-14 01:58:08 Gergő Tóth (ycgergo)
RE: el
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despite the Committee's work is not transparent, it does not mean that there is none at all – just to compare, there is almost 2000 comments altogether in the Committee’s private forum. Your opinion (and public opinion as well) about drabos's case is quite obvious, the only problem is that any result opposed to it would mean ineffective and incompetent work according to your thinking. Personally I don't think that involving more and more people just for their opinion and transparency is right, unless they have well-worked out and conspicuous proofs about current cases and ready to help in effective work in such cases.
Zukole's both accusations were very well made, so investigating every aspects takes more time than expected, therefore the whole evaluation and final comments cannot be seen yet. Currently his second accusation is still under consideration. Partly it's because I haven't had time recently, I admit it. I would gladly take some help in it, because one part is quite mechanic and the more data we collect the better decision we can make. The whole process gave me an idea about a survey (yeah, another one :), which will have nothing to do with accusing others but will mainly focus on player's goals, habits and customs in connection with gomoku, but again due to lack of time I have to postpone it. By the way, if you have such analysis or evaluation about drabos's or any other case, which I surmise so after your certainty, please do not hesitate to pass it over.

Kind regards,
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