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Forum: Euroleague
2013-09-26 22:03:58 Vladimir Nipoti (angrypanda)
# 6684
Dear gomoku players,

GomokuWorld and the Euroleague Organizers are happy to invite you to the open tournament “Euroleague Open 2013”.

Euroleague is the most prestigious competition on the Internet. Through the years many and maybe all the excellent players who achieved something in that game participated in Euroleague. The 3 World champions played it, all the European champions took part. Players who showed their abilities not only in the live competitions, but as well on the Internet and players who never played a live tournament, almost all the players who were more or less interested in that game took part in the competition.
Therefore, we invite you to attend this open tournament for everyone who is trustworthy and fair.

It doesn’t matter if you are young, old, great or less experienced player, gomoku or renju player or if you have never played EL, just come and enjoy the atmosphere of our friendly international community!
Many excellent players from the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Russia already confirmed their participation.

We ask you to come with the most known nick.

If you think you don’t know nick Bano or he doesn’t know you, write your name +the most known nick on the forum of your country ( gomoku,, hungarian fb group etc) and if your nick is not on this list:, contact my coordinators (angst, zukole, bayc, furla, gergo, attila, ants) who will check and confirm you. All other known players are allowed to play.
The event will be held online on on Sunday 29.09.2013 at 19:00 CET (21:00 Moscow)
The parameters: 7min per player, 9 rounds, swap2 rule.

How to get to the tournament room? Just log in to gomoku and at the top of the page you will ses "tournaments" in your language. Go there (If you want to play old version "click" on JAVA and then open the tournament room) and then you will see the tournament organized by "bano"

Hope to see you all there!

GomokuWorld and Euroleague Organizers .
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