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2017-03-13 22:54:18 Sandra Jones (sandra)
The Euroleague Committee is inconsistent
# 7067
Hi everyone,

I would like to highlight how inconsistent the Euroleague Committee is when it comes to enforcing Rule 2.4, which states that each participant must provide his real name.

On the one hand, when I asked the Committee for a permission to exceptionally play in the Euroleague on the pseudonym "Sandra Jones" instead of my real name (see for details), the Committee decided to stick to the rule, simply saying, "We cannot accept you at this moment without changing the rules."

On the other hand, the Committee willingly and knowingly lets some notorious name cheaters play on their false names. A few examples:

1. "Alexandr Utkin," who is actually Alexander Ezupov (Александр Езупов) from Saint-Petersburg. His Euroleague nickname is blockforlove, and he recently changed "Alexandr Utkin" to "Alexandr Indeets," which is still not his real name. Looking at Google's cache, I see that he played on "Alexandr Utkin" at least 68 games in the season 2011-2012, at least 70 games in the season 2012-2013, and at least 60 games in the season 2015-2016. On Sun 5 Feb 2017, Ilya Katsev publicly made it clear that on that day, the Committee members were already aware of the name cheating, and said that Ezupov would be penalised for it. However, no action has been actually taken by the Commitee, and Ezupov was de-facto allowed to play, and actually played, on his pseudonym "Alexandr Indeets" on Sat 11 Feb 2017 in a match of his team "Humans-2015."

2. "Andrzej Kostecki," whose Euroleague nickname is asandrey and who is widely known as Ankst. (Do not mix him up with Angst.) The name he provided is highly unlikely to be real. Suffice it to say that he provided a different name, Lukas Kotlarski, on his profile on to participate in discussions on the Russian gomoku discussion board. When I asked him about that, he publicly replied on the board, "They are only names." Yet no action has been taken, and "Andrzej Kostecki" is still listed as a member of the team "Asgardia Pride."

3. "Piotr Kamieniak," whose Euroleague nickname is assassin and who is widely known as Czamber. The fact that "Piotr Kamieniak" is not his real name is more or less widely known to the gomoku community, but he has already played 6 games on "Piotr Kamieniak" in the Euroleague this season.

4. While the above example are very recent, I cannot resist mentioning an old one - "Olga Buzova," who played at least 112 games in the Euroleague. Olga Buzova is actually a Russian celebrity, so it was very obvious that the name was nothing but a bad joke, but the Committee did nothing.

I have nothing but to shrug my shoulders.
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