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Forum: Euroleague
2017-04-14 22:06:31 Sandra Jones (sandra)
RE: The Euroleague Committee is inconsistent
# 7085
It has now been a month since my message below, and there has been no action or reaction by the Committee.

So Mr. Ezupov still plays as "Alexandr Indeets," thereby knowingly and willingly violating the rule, and earned 8 points out of 8 under that pseudonym in a recent EL match played just a few days ago, on Sun 9 Apr.

Likewise, Asandrey still plays as "Andrzej Kostecki" and earned 6.5 points out of 8 in an EL match played on the same day.

And the EL Commitee does not allow me to play under my pseudonym "Sandra Jones," because each player must provide the real name. Hilarious.
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