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Forum: Euroleague
2020-12-25 16:42:16 Sandra Jones (sandra)
RE: The decisions
# 7176
Hey homies, I want to put my cards on the table. What many babies in the gomoku community don't understand is that as a researcher in the West, you can easily be kicked out of your job for a racist, sexist, or politically incorrect post. That's something many gomoku players haven't even heard about, for they have always been sitting on their asses in Eastern European countries. A Western researcher must behave like a politician, carefully choosing every word. Even more carefully than Angst does. And now have a look at some jokes I made in my posts for the gomoku and renju communities:

> An Afro-American receives a sharp opening and chooses black. The opponent says, "You are going to lose." "Why?" "Because you are black."

> China, 2017, a labour camp, prisoners are following the AT of the Renju World Championship through a radio. One round is remaining, and Zhu Jianfeng has to play the decisive game, which decides whether he gets gold. A guard finds the radio and confiscates it. So when a new prisoner comes in, they ask him, "What happened in the Renju World Championship?" "I lost."

I cringe to think what would happen if my gomoku posts got connected to my real name and my real-world reputation in the West. That's why I can't reveal my real name. And that's the exceptional circumstances under which I asked for permission to play under a pseudonym.

I did many good things for the gomoku community, including writing many articles, helping organize the WBC, and donating a few hundred euros for the WBC. And I thought the gomoku community could do me such a little favor.
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