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Forum: Euroleague
2021-01-05 20:19:29 Sandra Jones (sandra)
RE: The decisions
# 7188
Frantisek, you didn't answer my question whether you trust that Marek Gorzecki aka Alicecopper isn't a cheater. If you trust players who provide real names, then tell us that you trust that Alicecooper isn't a cheater. Come on, tell us. He provided his real name. So tell us that you trust that he isn't a cheater. Can you? Let's see whether you've got the balls to publicly answer this question.

I am astonished by you comparing me with an anonym who "may appear, cheat and then vanish back to the void." I've been widely known in the gomoku community as Sandra Jones since many years ago and have 67 Facebook friends from the gomoku community. I consider some of them to be really good friends and regularly chat with them. Аs a Western researcher, I must avoid any Internet activity under my real name in order to protect my research career, so I chose a permanent pseudonym for the gomoku community. I already donated a few hundred euros for the WBC, did a lot of work to co-organize the WBC, and wrote many articles about gomoku, and I run a Youtube channel about gomoku that has 47 subscribers. The channel is so interesting that people spent as much as one year of viewing time in total. Are you really suggesting I did all that to "cheat and vanish back in the void"?

And I'm disappointed by your failure to see the link between donating money and playing fair. In short, if a person sacrifices own money and time to popularize gomoku, he or she truly loves the game, and such people won't cheat. They know what they are doing, are not driven by a need of self-affirmation, and won't even have subconscious urges to cheat, let alone succumb to them. If you can't understand that, you don't really love the game.
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