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Forum: Euroleague
2021-01-09 22:39:41 Sandra Jones (sandra)
RE: The decisions
# 7194
Frantisek, my dear young idealistic Czech friend, it looks like you really believe in principles :) When I was your age, I was as naive as you are. Let me shatter your world with one simple question. Let's suppose a billionaire comes and says he wants to donate one million dollars for gomoku under the condition that he be allowed to play in the EL under a pseudonym, because he is a famous billionaire and doesn't want his gomoku results to be discussed in tabloids. To stay on the safe side, he refuses to reveal his name to anyone in the gomoku community, but provides compelling evidence that he's a billionaire and that he has already donated a lot of money to various charities. Will you be against accepting his offer? You said in your last post, ''I treat the thing as a general principle, if it was anyone else, I would act the same.'' So will you act the same? Really? Will you really reject one million dollars? Will you really walk away from such an opportunity to secure funding for truly attractive monetary prizes in gomoku tournaments for years? And if not, what will you do if half a million dollars is offered? What if quarter a million is offered? How much money is enough and why?

Also, I believe my question about Alicecooper is right on point. Your argument is, ''I don't trust anonyms.'' So let's see whether you trust non-anonymous players. If you don't trust them either, your argument isn't worth a plugged nickel. Alicecooper is a non-anonymous player. Do you trust that he isn't a cheater? Yes or no, please. If you dodge this question once again, I'll take it as a no. If you trusted him, you would just say so.
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