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2021-01-13 06:47:55 Sandra Jones (sandra)
RE: Sandra vs. PSGRiP
# 7206
Okay, it's time to address a new portion of allegations by our old man :)

1. I never demanded payment or another benefit from the PSGRiP and never threatened the PSGRiP to reveal any secret information. I would qualify as a blackmailer if I had done those two things at once, but I did none of them.

What actually happened is the public discussion referenced to by Usiek below. Everyone can follow the link provided by him, read the discussion, and make his or her own judgement. For convenience of the readers, I am posting the link once again:

When that public discussion was underway, I also had some private conversations with Usiek, the president of the PSGRiP, on the subject of that public discussion. Alicecooper seems to be alleging that I blackmailed the PSGRiP in those private conversations. To clarify the issue, I encourage Alicecooper to publish any private messages of mine and try to explain how he sees there any demands of benefits or any threats to reveal any secret. I believe I didn't make such demands and such threats.

2. Stepan Tesarik and Zoltan Laszlo indeed said I had done something that sounds like blackmail, but their statements actually refer to my recent offer of online tournaments with monetary prizes in return for a permission to play in the EL under my pseudonym. C'mon guys, no way can an offer of money or benefits in return for something qualify as blackmail. Everyone is free to offer anything in exchange for anything.

3. I strongly disagree with the notion that all captains who voted yes didn't know me well. Igor Eged and Piotr Malowiejski are excellent counterexamples.

4. The statement that I ''started gomoku 'career' by cheating people and played with the program'' is highly misleading because I never cheated while playing under known nicknames of mine. What actually happened is a few very brief experiments performed by me with programs in Bieniasze, the main playing hall on Kurnik, under totally secret nicknames created specifically for those experiments and used exclusively for them. I was a novice back then and simply wanted to get some answers about cheating by trying walking in a cheater's shoes. How strong are programs? Is cheating detectable by experienced players? Is it possible to cheat in one-minute gomoku? I didn't violate any rule, for there's no rule on Kurnik to prohibit using programs. Later I myself told people about those secret experiments and their outcomes, otherwise the community wouldn't know.

5. Alicecooper wrote on this forum about me, "This individual should not be admitted to the Euroleague under any conditions." However, a few weeks ago he wrote on this forum something very different, "If you play Euroleague with the camera on the back and the screen, I support it." Is it normal for Polish mature men to flip-flop like a landed fish?

Alicecooper, I apologize in advance for asking a personal question, but do you have a spouse or a gf? I'm asking because your overall behavior looks like that of a lonely man. I know a lot about psychology and want to understand the root cause of your behavior. This might help me improve our interaction.
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