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Forum: Euroleague
2021-04-24 17:36:31 Marek Gorzecki (alicecooperpl)
RE: To Euroleague Committee and Alexey M
# 7231
1. I was the last one to play tokyo_jazz, all my bandmates warned me that they felt like they were playing with the program, so was I.

2. After the game, on the table I wrote to tokyo_jazz only ':)'

3. On the chat I politely thanked the opponents team for playing also with ':)'

4. Privately I wrote to captain off_minor to talk to tokyo because the games look dirty, he asked what would I do or a protest? - I replied that it was too early (after all, I am a serious and logical person, without an analysis of games and confirmation, I will not accuse anyone of 100%)

5. I have not written so far due to lack of time and I decided that whether I publish the analyzes a week or a month later does not matter.

6. I am surprised that if off_minor had any requests - he did NOT contact me PERSONALLY, I only found out that he tells fairy tales to other people and to the gomoku committee.
off_minor: it's hard to trick someone in the face? make it easier for those who do not know the situation?

7. During the match I spoke politely, with a smile, without any hysteria, without any nasty words, (and privately) factually that I had doubts.
a) Therefore, I find the request for an apology bizarre.
b) I consider the attack on me, insults and twisted actions as an indirect confirmation of our suspicions.
c) The suggestion that I have hurt a player so much that you have to leave the Euroleague is simply ridiculous and hysterical.
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