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Forum: Euroleague
2021-04-28 22:40:44 František F┼łukal (payzel)
RE: To Pavel Laube - 2
# 7239
Hey, you wrote ''By the way Ivan Danilin provided his explanations to the Committee''. I might have gotten this wrong, but did anyone from the Commitee ask you for any explanations? I get it, it is a serious accusation, but if the conversation was merely between you and Marek then whats the deal - being it me, I would have asked him, why he thinks so and which moves exactly were the "program" moves. But once he only contacted you and wasnt yelling this into the world, there is no way he could have unjustifiably stain anyones reputation or ''hurt their feelings'' and there is no need to make a big fuss over this. Marek as an individual can have whatever opinion he wants, he can contact the Commitee and only when Commitee finds something suspicious, it becomes a thing. (btw this whole string was started with your own comment)
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