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Forum: Euroleague
2021-04-29 00:09:42 Dmitry Epifanov (owen)
RE: To Pavel Laube
# 7241
Hi, Pavel!

> Plus this was not a public discussion as far as I know

At least three players told me about this situation despite I'm not playing EL at all. One of those was a Committee member asking me to write a few words about Ivan's skills because I'm his coach. Is it a public discussion or not?

And one more thing. I've made a brief analyze of one game between alicecooper and Ivan. Feel free to read it on and check everything written there. Two main facts are:
1. Ivan made several unoptimal moves; for example, he missed an easy win (easy for a computer). He played a very human move instead.
2. alicecooper made 100% his moves with Yixin's first line (including a couple of non-human moves) but lost mainly because Yixin's first line was too bad.
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