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2021-05-01 22:52:09 Dmitry Epifanov (owen)
RE: My questions to Alexey Mikhaylov
# 7247
Your questions first.

> does this give you a clue do i know it (since Kozin is an expert on it)?

Nope. It took a minute for you to play 6th move. So here is a clue.

> Ask Kozin or Zoli - in this opening, if someone knows them, white basically has the only possible moves, and counting your variants 1/2 1/10000, etc., is sorry but useless

It is not useless because your 10th is losing. There are no possible moves for white, that's why it is interesting which defending line you chose and why you did it so quickly. Yixin database, maybe?

> 4) By the way, as a trainer, did you practice this opening with Ivan? (I think I know the answer, but maybe it will interest others)

No, we didn't, at least I don't remember. But playing 5th move in 1 second may give you a clue. How do you think, does he know this scheme or no? In general, he knows much more theory than I do, it works both for renju and gomoku. He is young, his memory is good, he is analyzing a lot. I'm too old, my memory serves me worse. How old are you, by the way?

> By the way, what is the actual age of Ivan 13, 15? Let us know the facts.

Danilin is 17 years old now, born 2003.
He was 3rd in Russian High League 2020, I can't explain you how high this result is. But maybe it's enough to mention that in WHR rating (renju) he is higher than any polish player including Mr. Żukowski. They are quite close, Ivan has a rating of 2459 and Michał has 2453.

He is studying renju and gomoku for a long time. His first gold medal on Youth Russian Championship was in 2014 (or 2013? my memory is so weak)

Now several questions from me.

1. Could you please explain your 18th move. What are the variants beneath it? Why did you choose this 18th?

2. Why this 14th? Did you know that it is the only possible move for white? How much time did you spent on this 14?

3. How do you explain 1 minute you've spent on the 6th move?

4. And one more thing.
Could you please tell me about this 6th move. You played this swap2 before in EL. In that game you've found the only possible moves for white, the variant is very complicated, but 10 minutes were enough for you to calculate all the consequences. And with me you've spent a lot of time after my swap2 and played a losing or mostly-losing 6th move. Why?
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