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Forum: Euroleague
2021-05-02 02:33:12 Marek Gorzecki (alicecooperpl)
RE: My questions to Alexey Mikhaylov
# 7248
1. As white's position is weak (any move you make),
so I decided that I can try if black will be tempted to the middle, and a greater difficulty for them.
2. a) This is not the only possible move, I have also played other moves (I9 or K7).
b) However, people often play 15-K9 hence the 14.
c) I chose quickly out of these three.
3. I was wondering if I should set another 6, in the past, there were also other moves played in this open.
4. It's a long story and not from the Euroleague, but of course.
a) First, I didn't know if I would be able to go to the TGWC.
b) Then it turned out that I can but I had to work for 2 weeks before the TGWC with little sleep and not at home, without a computer.
I had neither the strength nor the ability to prepare for the games at all (and until the last moment I dealt with the organization of the tournament).
c) Besides, I was supposed to go as a replacement, 'vince' was supposed to play, he even paid for a hotel room. I assumed that I would sleep off first, then look at the openings.
Only 3 days before TGWC it turned out that vince is not going, that I have to play all the time.
d) Specifically, in my opening I have developed moves that I have never played in public, or very rarely, when I look at renlib before the tournament, I remember it (as I wrote before, I didn't even have time for that).
With you I only remembered the next move and how complicated it is afterwards, but inaccurate. Since it was obvious that you were prepared for it and I was not, I played a different one.
e) Unfortunately during the TGWC I was so exhausted from lack of sleep that at times it was very difficult for me to play.
For example, in the game
I had a sure win after the 26th move, I saw it, that's why I set it, but after a few minutes, I thought I would not fit (I told Gabor during the game: that he is lucky that I am unconscious)
The same in the game
After move 15 I had a sure win, then I stopped seeing him and put a stone on the other side (I also told Piotr after the game that I had a win)
Sad, but in this state I was :(
I was seriously wondering whether to go to sleep instead of playing MP and blitz, but on the other hand, go to the tournament after sacrifices and not play, both possibilities are wrong.
Theoretically, there was a maestro in the team that he could replace, but it quickly turned out that he had so many other duties (too much like all the organizers (including me)) that he said that he would only do it if someone had to go to the hospital.
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