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2021-05-05 18:23:07 Sandra Jones (sandra)
Ivan Danilin's statement
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Here's the response by Ivan Danilin himself to the news that Alicecooper questioned the fairness of Ivan's play, as translated by me into English:

-- start of the translation ---

It's not really a pleasure to hear that. I play on my own.

But I go to great lengths to prepare for matches; in particular, I go through 10-15 last games by each potential opponent of mine in which he put an opening, and analyze his openings on a computer. This is why I knew the openings put against me in more than a half of the games played by me as the second player in these two matches. Many players do not just put one and the same opening each time, but also play it wrong, or the opening is unbalanced. I am surprised by people who play one and the same opening each time, often playing it wrong, and then wonder how the opponent could know their opening. This applies to, inter alia, the games against outtiberius, ouups, alicecooperpl, and sawyerpl. I myself strive to play a different opening each time; the seven games played by me as the first player feature six different openings.

Also, I cannot but mention how lucky I was in various ways. Outtiberius failed to block a four. Ouups had the space of the entire board after I didn't manage to convert a decisive advantage into a victory, but he didn't win. Ir0nman had an uncomplicated win, and I saw it, but, for some reason, he lost. Ursuspl built a win for me himself. And in the other game, he could have seized a huge advantage. Alicecooperpl simply gave me the initiative.

Probably, these two factors --- preparation and luck --- indeed somewhat inflate my real playing strength.

-- end of the translation ---

This response was sent by Ivan to his captain, Alexey Mikhailov, in the morning of April 11, that is, on the next day after the match date. Alexey hadn't asked Ivan to provide any explanations. Alexey had merely informed his team that Alicecooper had expressed doubts of Ivan's fairness.

Alexey explained me these details and forwarded Ivan's response to me for translation and publication. Alexey added that he believes that Ivan's response is a perfect answer to Marek Gorzecki and 'other people who are like him in that they can't lose with dignity.'
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