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2022-02-02 14:23:04 Sandra Jones (sandra)
The Fudjin case
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Dear Euroleague Committee,

A number of gomoku players are members of a prestigious club. It's the club of players whose noble efforts to improve the quality of Euroleague games by performing an in-game computer analysis or playing on behalf of other players have been officially recognized by the Euroleague Committee. Upon official recognition of his efforts, each new club member gets his name listed on the most sacred page of the Euroleague forum, The Decisions. I believe it's an excellent tradition. You know, Euroleague games abound in mediocre moves and outright blunders because most players are lazy enough to use anything besides their own minds, so it's indeed a great idea to appreciate people who truly care about the game quality and do something about it. A number of true gomoku enthusiasts have been listed as club members, including the Polish champion of 2016, the current highest rated Russian player, and Great Lord Lamaza himself.

But there's a player whose consistent efforts to become a member of that club have been ignored by the Euroleague Committee. His name is Alexander Miroshnichenko, and he is from Kharkiv, Ukraine, and most known as Fudjin. Not only did he use software in the tournament for years in the most obvious way, but he also explicitly admitted on the Russian gomoku discussion forum a few years ago to using software in more than a half of his Euroleague games. Unfortunately, that application for membership in the club has still not been processed by the Euroleague Committee. Being a modest person who never brags about his noble deeds, Alexander removed that post of his after a while, but it was a long while, so many people, including some in the Euroleague Committee, witnessed the post.

I believe that Alexander Miroshnichenko deserved the honor to be admitted to the club, and therefore I am asking the Euroleague Committee to add his name to the Euroleague forum page of official decisions by posting a formal decision to recognize his deeds. While new club members are generally rewarded with a well-deserved rest from playing in the Euroleague, I don't really insist on giving such a reward to Alexander, for he himself took a very long rest before joining the Euroleague back this season. What I insist on is posting an official decision on his case, for that's the only way to avoid double standards in terms of admission to the club as well as to render justice to his tremendous past efforts to improve the quality of Euroleague games.
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