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Forum: Euroleague - results
2019-04-08 00:47:09 Zoltán László (dtzoli)
RE: IS - WTTS walkover
# 7125
The admin date was 19:00, we waited 30 minutes for you to come, it is CEST in almost all European countries, including Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and so on. You came at 20:00 and you claim walkover. I am pretty sure you exactly knew that we have CEST, you posted here one day before the match that we play at 19:00 CET - nobody reads this forum almost, especially not few hours before the match. You declined all offers of mine, thus 19:00 admin date remained, though the site indicated 10:00. It all looks like you did everything on purpose and try to achieve the match point this way. I'm very sorry about it and also sorry to miss such a match, but the admin date was 19:00 and only our team attended the match, thus we won by walkover.
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