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Forum: Euroleague - results
2019-04-08 02:07:09 Zoltán László (dtzoli)
RE: IS - WTTS walkover
# 7127
The fact that you did this on purpose, however, is not quite irrelevant.
You play EL for years, you know about CET - CEST, everyone knows about it, actually. Matter of fact, the rule that all matches must be arranged in CET is dead - both EL tradition and current practice ignore it straight; all teams except WTTS had accepted it and played their matches in this round, you can check it. According to you, all matches were played one hour earlier in this round, (and will be played in next rounds as well, I bet) so everyone violated this rule? Nah, we all know about CET and CEST, including you and I'm pretty sure that you did what you did on purpose, yet I just don't know what the actual goal could have been, since we are 2.5 points ahead. In my personal opinion it was not a quite noble act, but anyways, the date was 19:00 and you did not attend the match, thus we won by walkover.
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