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Forum: Euroleague - results
2019-04-08 02:54:07 Ilya Katsev (bromozel)
RE: IS - WTTS walkover
# 7130
To be honest I personally not sure about the precise definition of CEST. For example, I don't know either it doesn't exist at winter or it coincides with CET in winter? Some years ago we also had summer time in Russia but not now. And I know that in Europe this shift also will be canceled in the next years. So yes, we only know that there is summer and winter times in Europe and (probably) they still have difference equal to one hour. But I'm pretty sure that almost nobody knows the name CEST. I know it only because of EL and the fact that we were late on our match 5 years ago, you can read about it lower in this topic.

I don't know how Humans-2015 started their match at CEST time, may be they discussed it with their opponent when they choose the date? I think that it is quite polite to inform your opponents from Russia that your time is changing during this round. We didn't know about it, probably I can google it, but I didn't. In the beginning of the round the time difference was 2 hours between Russia and Europe and we planned to play in admin date, as in previous rounds, at 21:00 by Moscow time.

You decided to leave but you know that we are going in according with the rules. You supposed that we made it (to come at 21:00 in Moscow time) on purpose, but you are wrong, we just did not know that now time is different. But! We know now, that you leaved on purpose, trying to get one point without playing. And this is definitely far from fair play so I see nothing unfair when you will get zero points here.
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