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Forum: Euroleague - results
2021-03-05 20:29:06 Manó Gyenei (7uptorpe)
RE: Czech Payback E - 7up
# 7221
On 2021-02-10 I offered in the website to play at 2021-02-13. You said on Facebook, that your your team is not avaliable to play at this time. You offered a date and time on FB on 2021-02-11 18:16 to play at next day (2021-02-12 19:00). It is just a little bit more than 24 hours. It is impossible to organize the team during this short time. That was the reason why I offered first in the FB (2021-02-11 19:37). After I have not get an answer on FB, so I officially offered on the website on 2021-02-13 08:50:06 a new date and time to play (2021-02-19 19:00). Your next message on FB was on 2021-02-16. You have not respond on the website and have not shown up the offered date and time.
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