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2017-03-15 11:01:25 Monika Kolouchová (olsava)
RE: server crash
# 7070

We are sorry, but the server failure on Sunday was not at the side. We use for faster connection serious external server, which had a technical problem on Sunday evening. There were kicked out all cca 10 000 people, connected to that server at that time...

That kind of failure happens rarely (that server had been running at least last 2 moths continuously) and it was really bad luck, it happened at the worst moment...

In my opinion we already repaired all important bugs and we are not going to make any next improving during this EL season. The gameroom was running without any known failure or crashing down from 25.1... I dont know server without any failure as time goes on...

Kind regards,
2017-03-15 01:19:08 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
2 rounds prolongation
# 7069
I am publishing here the first part of the decision where the voting has been completed - the Committee has agreed to prolong the round for 2 weeks in this special case, so hope teams can find an agreement or then play in the admin date of the second week.
More details later after we finish our voting.
2017-03-13 21:36:14 Emma Jellve (grizzlywoman) server crash - PROTEST
# 7066
I fully agree with Łukasz and I will not play if this isn't fixed. Even if that means we get a walkover. I'm so tired of this. We as teams need to be able to have some control over when we play, and a week to reschedule is ridiculous. Most of us don't have an enormous amount of time to play because of work, school family etc. So we need notice when we are going to play.

I don't mean to be rude, but this is totally unacceptable.

Kind regards,
2017-03-13 18:31:48 Łukasz Majksner (scammer) server crash - PROTEST
# 7065
Ladies and gentlemen,

I, as Get Rekt captain and gomoku player at the same time, would like to manifest my objections about as Euroleague server and disrespectful behavior of Euroleague Committee.

Everything started in the last quarter of 2016 when Euroleague Committee made a questionable and in effect reprehensible decision to move Euroleague playing server from ( to newly created and untested after 12 years of Euroleague being played on the former. The decision has been made without any sort of consultation, not even team captains were asked about their opinions on this matter. As a result all players interested in Euroleague had to agree with this decision and start playing on a new server which they had not known. To conclude this part, in my opinion by making this decision Euroleague Committee showed its direspect towards players and their needs.

The 2016/2017 season of Euroleague competition started and meanwhile we could observe many bugs and Piskvorky creators' constant attempts to fix them - here I would like to appreciate their hard work and willing to make the site as good and solid as possible. Unfortunately due to the lack of their experience bugs kept appearing from time to time. The climax has happened yesterday, in the 5th round, when 4 matches at once were played with over 60 players online on The server crashed and admins were unable to fix the issue quickly. The server was down for about 2 hours and thus none of interrupted matches could be continued. Euroleague Committee decided to prolong the round for additional weak, just as stated in the rules.

My team and I disagree to play the interrupted match this week on We find it highly unfair and disrespectful not only to us, but also our opponents - Thunderstorm, and all other teams (and more importantly - players themselves), who suffer because of the whole situation. We are fully aware of losing the match by walkover (-:+), but we will never agree to be treated like cheap pawns in your ridiculous chess game. Dear Committee, please start thinking about the participants' need, not only those you have, otherwise one day you may have to play Euroleague within your five-member squad.

And last but not least, we would like to postulate:
1) moving the Euroleague playing server back to ( or an other working and stable gomoku playing site;
2) prolonging the 5th round of Euroleague by at least two weeks;
3) asking at least team captains about any major decisions made to the rules/playing conditions.

We have been saying that the site hasn't been working since the beginning and we haven't been listened to. Euroleague should have been moved back to kurnik from the start. We hope that you will listen now.
2017-03-13 17:33:16 Tatiana Volkova (1dalida1)
What about the other site
# 7064
Of course it's unreal to find a day to play games within a week (6 days if we want to be precise). Our team have a suggestion to play all games on the other site (some players don't like playok because there is no fischer there, piskvorky isn't
reliable). On the site there is everything and fischer too.
2017-03-13 17:20:56 Tauri Purk (eurogomoku)
RE: piskvorky - failure - proposition
# 7063
2 weeks should be fine yes. Would it be just one match with this issue, then 1 would be ok, but right now I believe 6 matches are affected by this. Very unlikely that all of them will get satisfactory agreements when there are only a few days remaining.
2017-03-13 16:47:54 Marek Gorzecki (alicecooperpl)
piskvorky - failure - proposition
# 7062
In connection with the server failure,
my first suggestion is to extend the 5 round about 2 weeks
(1 may not be enough)
2017-03-12 20:10:20 Pavel Laube (kedlub)
RE: Site doesn't work
# 7061
The server is running again. We are sorry for inconvenience.
2017-03-12 20:02:55 Łukasz Majksner (scammer)
RE: Site doesn't work
# 7060
Yes, we will find a suitable date, if our match is re-arranged on (, not
2017-03-12 19:25:02 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: Site doesn't work
# 7059
yes it's true, our match was played and interrupted too.
30 minutes are up, the round will be prolonged for one week, hope teams can find some suitable dates.
2017-03-12 19:09:30 Tatiana Volkova (1dalida1)
Site doesn't work
# 7058
At 20.50 this site stoped working, we didn't finish 1 round. As I understand we must wait for 30 min, but then what should we do? Today is the last day of the 5th round.
2017-02-23 12:45:31 Monika Kolouchová (olsava)
RE: Rules request
# 7057

Playing with 3 letter nicks is fixed now.

We added turning off private messages and tiling table windows to our TODO list. They are still more critical things, we need to do first. Thanks for your suggestion.
2017-02-19 20:04:29 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: Rules request
# 7055
And also that playing with 3 letter nicks is still not fixed, the game doesn't start.
2017-02-19 20:03:52 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Rules request
# 7054
I have 2 requests:

1) it should be possible to turn off private messages, it's very bad when they pop up during a game, I misclicked because of them in one game, fortunately in lost position, but it has some psychical impact anyway

2) for best comfort when observing games, I suggest the table windows could be tiled (new icon in windows caption for example), as when one changes use browser window size, he has to arrange them over and over again and tiling would be optimal to use all space.
2017-01-25 15:25:41 Monika Kolouchová (olsava)
Help us test the new gameroom version!
# 7030
Hello all!

We have succesfully repaired the new version, but we want to ask
volunteers to test it first.
The link to the new version is:

Its up to you, if you will use the current or the new version of gameroom. You can play on it or just be an EL watcher. You can anytime go back to current version, when something will go wrong...

Please report me every bug via offline messanger on home page (to nick "olsava").
2017-01-16 12:06:11 Monika Kolouchová (olsava)
RE: lots of bugs during Dark Team-Wake game
# 7029

Yes, in the new version is some critical bug which we miss while testing it in few people, despite the fact we tested it for 3 week during Christmas... :(

We have put back the old version with repaired messenger already and we are going to find out, what happend.

Be patient please, we are doing our best...

Best regards,
2017-01-15 21:52:44 Alexey Lebedev (wkstealth)
lots of bugs during Dark Team-Wake game
# 7028
during our game, Jan 15th 19-00CET, there were lots of bugs, starting at the end of 2nd round.
1) players couldn't see when move was done (for example, second game between dt_angst and wkwasted) - wkwasted needed to refresh page every second to have at least some idea of what's happening. Other example - first game between wk0artifact and dt_peaceman. same bugs later in other games.
2) wkwasted won first game against dt_peaceman, but site thinks that 5 in row is not a win -
3) wkwasted and dt_peaceman had problems starting second game - they both clicked "Start", but game didn't start. They had to recreate the table to start the game.
4) even other players couldn't see what was happening at some tables and even who played at the table
5) in players section, some players were shown without any rating. Of course not critical, but a sign of system problems

All these bugs make playing normal game impossible - players can't focus on a game, they have to refresh pages, ask others if everything is ok, etc. all the time. Please, make the site work stable or move EL back to playok.
2017-01-12 10:06:40 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Two problems (01/01/2017)
# 7023
Hi Monika!

Great news!

I wish you sufficient time and patience to keep improving in accordance with players' requests :)

Best regards,

2017-01-09 18:11:27 Monika Kolouchová (olsava)
RE: Two problems (01/01/2017)
# 7022

There is a new version of gameroom released on There are some improvements (faster connection, better game history, player sorting (by rank or nick), automatic table sorting, nicer design,...) and we have repaired main known bugs as well.

The instant messenger and player profile should already work without problems.

Best regards

2017-01-02 13:57:29 Alexey Mikhaylov (off_minor)
RE: Two problems (01/01/2017)
# 7019
Thanks for the answer.
All of us hope that on the server will play interestingly and comfortably.
The problem with service of messages is a regular problem. I described the mechanism of this mistake in the last message.
All the best, Alexey.
2017-01-02 13:08:11 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Two problems (01/01/2017)
# 7018
As you can see below people responsibe for read this thread and I believe they always try to react in the best possible way.

I understand that there are "long-term" and irregular bugs that appear from time to time. In the second case the reaction is not easy as there is sometimes stuation that it can be individual case of particular players or reasons are hard to diagnoze.

Neverthless, please do not hesitate to write here your opinions as they can lead us all to better and better server (as ideal server probably will never exist).

Kind regards,

2017-01-02 10:33:45 Alexey Mikhaylov (off_minor)
Two problems (01/01/2017)
# 7017
Yesterday during the match "Humans-2015" - "Luffarna" there were two problems.
1. Between 16:00 and 17.00 (CET) was total falling of the server. All games (2) of the 1st round played at this moment were destroyed. Fixing of the current situation in these games didn't record in results. We were forced to play these games after the 4th round "from clean page".
2. The instant messenger between participants of the game room is periodically destroyed. You press on a nickname of the player to which you want to send the message, but the window with the "profile" and "send the message" buttons isn't created on the screen. You have to leave the game room, and again return to it - the messenger begins to work again. It is very inconvenient, distracts from a game and captain's duties.
3. Someone from Euroleague Committee reads our claims? There is no feedback.
Happy New Year for all! And beautiful, interesting games in Euroleague!
Best regards, Alexey.
2017-01-01 14:08:25 Monika Kolouchová (olsava)
Statistics and lost internet access
# 7016

Statistics are now accessible for all users (without needs to be logged in).
When you lose your internet connection, you already have 3 minutes to reconnect.

Best regards

2016-12-21 17:25:36 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
# 7015

Short request from Polish side - is this possible to make a change allowing access to player's statistics with no need to log in?

I think it's small (I don't know if this is also easy from technical point of view), but important improvement to be made, making all captains and other players life much easier :)

Best regards,

2016-12-05 12:17:33 Vladimir Sinitsyn (vladimirs)
Bug with lost internet access
# 7011
Yesteday we played our games (No To Co - Get Rekt) and had some problems.

Grizzlywoman lost internet connection sometimes and got loss in 10 secs. It is strange. We should have some time to reconnect (1-2 mins).

Games were replayed. But it is not confortable.
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