New registration


2022-11-06 19:42:29  Start of a new season
Dear players!

Registration for teams in season 2022/2023 is open.
Deadline is until the start of the season on 28.11.2022.

We are staying on with the same time control as in last season (10+3).

For joining the league captains of teams have to visit the page 'My Team -> Edit team' and set the checkbox 'My team wants to play in the current season 2022/2023'.
Teams will appear in 'Playing teams' after administrator confirms them.

Teams can pick from 3 default admin dates, 15:00, 17:00, 19:00 server time, in case a team wants a different one than 19:00, team captain has to post a request in main forum thread here.
There were some rule changes especially regarding player monitoring, so be sure to check the rules before joining.

See you soon in interesting matches!

Igor Eged & the EL committee