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2022-12-13 16:41:31 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
2nd round 2022/2023
# 7300
We decided to start the second round one week earlier as the first round was already finished, second round last 4 weeks instead of the usual 3.
If you wanted to add some players, we will allow this during the first week of the second round, please contact the committee in such case.
2022-01-12 00:57:26 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
pairing for 3rd round 2021/2022
# 7268
The committee has decided to assign a BYE in the pairing for 3rd round of EL for the team MIS_3 after their two walkovers. Unless they inform us they want to continue playing during this round, they will be removed from the competition before the next round.
2021-06-14 16:50:16 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
EL decision about Ferenc Rostas
# 7258
The player of the team "MIND INFINITY." Ferenc Rostas, nickname mi_rostas, is punished with one round ban (valid for the last - 9th round of this competition) for extremely rude behaviour. If this kind of behaviour of the same player repeats in this competition in the future, the punishment will be harder and might result in an indefinite ban.
2020-12-26 15:00:16 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Sandra Jones final EL Committee decision
# 7180
The EL Committee has decided to revoke its previous decision on Sandra Jones and finally she is not allowed to play under a pseudonym in the EL season 2020/2021.

On 12.12.2020 the Euroleague Committee decided, after receiving the requested proof, to approve Sandra Jones as a player in the competition and accepted her wish to play under her pseudonym, without revealing her real name. After the decision was made, taking into consideration the complaints from the gomoku community and the fact that there was a discrepancy in the assessment of the situation among the EL Committee itself (inter alia regarding the speed and completeness of the decision made), the Committee decided to reconsider the Sandra Jones case.

After re-examining the situation, including asking for the opinion of the captains of participating teams (excluding the one interested), a refusal decision was made regarding the possibility of Sandra Jones playing under a pseudonym.

The key factor here was the roots of the Euroleague and the fundamental rule regarding the non-anonymity of players participating in the competition. Feedback from the captains was a decisive argument (the EL Committee decided that minimum 60% of captains should support Sandra’s wish to join under a pseudonym, which was not reached).

The above decision is final for the current season, however, we are open to further discussion and a potential change of our position in the future. Of course, it is still possible for Sandra Jones to use the current EL rules (including point 2.4) and then to join the competition in accordance with the standards in force.

The main argument is that a possible consent could only be made in the application of point 15 of the EL Rules, and ultimately the EL Committee assessed that the conditions were insufficient to consider this situation as "exceptional circumstances" case.

Finally, we would like to sincerely apologize Sandra Jones for changing our decision and giving her unnecessarily hope to join the EL competition.

We are aware that Sandra’s activities can be perceived diversely, but we appreciate her general attitude and contribution to the development of gomoku. We would like to emphasize that our intention was certainly not to mislead or cause confusion, and we count on understanding this situation, which we treat as a difficult decision to put the interests of the entire community over the interests of the individual.

We also apologize to the MIND INFINITY team for the late communicating of the final decision, and the entire gomoku community for delaying the start of the season.

Once again, we are truly sorry for any inconvenience and controversies we caused.

The EL Committee
2020-12-13 23:35:32 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Delayed start of 2020/2021
# 7158
The Committee postponed the start of EL season 2020/2021 by one week, so it starts on 21.12.2020.
2020-12-12 21:43:16 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Decision about 'Sandra Jones'
# 7155
The Committee decided to exceptionally allow Sandra to play under her pseudonym, after approving the requested evidence of Sandra being a real person.
2019-04-08 20:38:33 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: 8th round 2018/2019
# 7136
* the round was prolonged by one week
2019-04-08 20:37:25 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
8th round 2018/2019
# 7135
Pairs for 8th round were made using temporary draw in the match of 7th round INNERSTRENGTH - WayToTheSun, the 8th round was also prolonged by one round.
2018-01-31 13:22:39 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: 2nd round 2017/2018
# 7094
The player asandrey (Andrzej Kostecki) refused to give proofs of his real name, thus based on rules he is expelled from the competition and his first round games were set to -+.

In result of this the committee has decided to set the first round match result ASGARDIA PRIDE - Thunderstorm to -+, because this change results in team ASGARDIA PRIDE having less than 2 players at the start of the match (and my personal remark : added to that, not even a theoretical chance for any points from this match anyway plus extra penalty points).
2018-01-10 01:19:21 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
2nd round 2017/2018
# 7091
Pairs for second round were made using temporary draw in the first round match result ASGARDIA PRIDE - Thunderstorm because of problems in match pairing and substitutions.
The committee will decide during the secound round about the final result and this will be included in the table before making third round pairing.
2016-03-12 15:26:16 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Decision - case valdaunika
# 7003
Due to justified suspicion that player valdaunika provided false name in the registration process, the Committee decided to punish him/her with 5 penalty points (in accordance with point 2.4 of the Rules).

Moreover, (s)he is not allowed to play until his/her identity is proven (way to prove is to be proposed by Last Frontier team captain and must be approved by the Committee) or real name provided.

Every further game played by valdaunika without prior Committee authorization will be punished with walkover. This decision comes into force in the moment of its publication.
2015-02-01 16:59:31 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Decision - case Łukasz Majksner
# 6944
Based on the declaration of Łukasz Majksner (current team: The Strongest, nick: mischievous), in which he admitted that he was continuously using gomoku software during his games in Euroleague matches, the Committee decided to ban him for 9 rounds and set all his previous games’ results to -/+.

The ban is effective immediately, he isn't allowed to play until the end of this season including the already running 4th round and in the first three rounds in the following season.

At this moment we are changing his individual and also correspondingly the team results for this season, changes will be included into the standing and pairing after 4th round is finished.
2014-12-17 14:38:03 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Decision - round 3
# 6939
Based on the committee decision 3rd round in season 2014/2015 will be extended by one week during x-mas season. Change will be processed by the administrator within short time.
2013-02-05 22:14:44 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Decision - case drabost
# 6592
Taking into account the new evidence EL Committee has examined Drabost case once again and this time found him guilty of using program (during first two rounds of current season).

According to the Committee's decision Drabos Tamas (Cicafanok team) is not allowed to play in four consecutive EL rounds. All his games from first two rounds will be set as -:+ and results of Cicafanok's matches from rounds one and two will be changed accordingly.
2013-01-26 23:56:17 Ales Rybka (autickocz)
# 6557
In the last days, the committee and the administrators of Gomoku Eurolegue had to solve the most problematic case in the whole history of the competition. Here we would like to describe our findings and conlusion.

Case description:
We have the evidence that in the last season (2011/2012) Alex Popiel (lolamaza, team The Lords of XO) played during the match Final Fantasy vs. Violent Pandas instead of Denis Kachaev (ffsnow, team Final Fantasy). Moreover, Alex Popiel, Oleg Bulatovsky (logelo0one, team The Lords of XO) and Denis Kachaev helped Kirill Koval (psoer, The Pioneers) in the match The Pioneers vs. North Pole, but Alex Popiel had the final word regarding the moves in this match. Iliya Muratov (fflightning, team Final Fantasy) knew about the cheating but he did not report anything.

We asked Alex Popiel and he denied all accusations mentioned above. We got a letter from him in which he questioned our evidence and showed how it could have been purposely changed. We can’t provide more information, because we have not been allowed to publish the evidence.

We discussed if the evidence and all information, that we got, were sufficient for taking a decision as much as possible in the online world. We decided that all accusations are based on truth, therefore we decided to punish all involved players because we think it was just the top of the iceberg and we dealt with very sophisticated way of cheating, that influenced the results from the previous season. But we took in the account the extenuating circumstances. We decided to postpone the decision regarding the results from the previous season because we prefer to close another case of cheating.

1. Alex Popiel is forbidden to play in Gomoku Euroleague any game from the day of the decision and for next eight rounds (valid even for the next season).

2. Denis Kachaev and Iliya Muratov are forbidden to play any game in Gomoku Euroleague for next three rounds starting from the day of the decision (it is not valid retroactively).

3. Because Kirill Koval is no more an active player, he is forbidden to play any game in Gomoku Euroleague for three rounds by the time he would start playing again.

4. Oleg Bulatovsky is forbidden to play any game in Gomoku Euroleague for next two rounds starting from the day of the decision.

5. All the games from the matches from the season 2011/2012 affected by cheating will be set as +/-. The match points and the final standing will be changed according to the new match results.

We took the decision according to our best knowledge and conscience after long and exhausting discussion because we understand that the demonstration of the cheating in the online world is very difficult. You might start talking about conspiracy, changing of the evidence. But leaving this case without any punishment would simply mean that we tolerate the cheating.

We hope we will not have to solve such case anymore because non-fair behaviour discourage people from playing in Euroleague. Our common goal should be spreading gomoku and make our renju and gomoku community bigger.

The members of the committee: Vladimir Nipoti (Czech Republic), Piotr Malowiejski (Poland), Igor Eged (Slovakia), Tomo Dernovsek (Slovenia), Gergő Tóth (Hungary)
The administrator: Ales Rybka (Czech Republic)
2011-05-03 12:11:02 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Committee decision about the match DW-LO
# 5618
1) Captains of Demons and Wizards, The Lords of XO, North Pole and You Cube need to approve this rematch in 7 days from publication of this decision. If one of those captains doesnt approve this match (or doesnt reply to this message), the Committee doesn't agree with this match. The captains can vote just with »yes« or »no« without any conditions.
2) If all abovementioned captains approve this match, it will be played in the period of 3 weeks after the 9th round is finished, considering the valid rules.
2011-04-12 23:41:09 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Committee decisions after 7th round
# 5550
Committee agreed to prolong 8th round by one week.

It was confirmed that nicknames Ohlechista and Mcpus were used by the same person. The Committee decided to punish player Ohlechista - Adrian Czychowski with 3 rounds ban taking effect from current round which means that he cannot play in 8th and 9th round of this season and in 1st round of next season.

The Committee agreed to change results of all Mcpus games to -:+ and all MastersOfCeremony team matches results accordingly.
Because of PPs from these matches team MastersOfCeremony receives also walkover in 8th round.

There are no changes in OH YEAH sqad results, as Ohlechista joined this team as the first one with his real personal data.

We would like to apologize for late decision, however the case was not easy and careful consideration was necessary.
2011-01-14 12:36:57 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Committee decisions from 3rd round
# 5285
III/A Ani za prase-rockfall

Rockfall made 3 substitutions.
Correct (4th round): tomas56-hucwot +/-, +/- (instead of 0:2). Final result 7:25 (instead of 5:27); 2pp for rockfall

III/B Program accusuation case Valahia-OH YEAH sqad

Based on received data committee decided to keep the current result of the match, the evidence was not considered to be sufficient at this moment.
Everyone is free to provide more input, evidence, more analysis, facts about the match.
In case significant evidence would appear, committee has the right to reopen the case.

III/C Demons and Wizards-The Lords of XO

Match was interrupted by server failure. For 4th round temporary draw was inserted into pairing program.
The match should be replayed, committee is currently discussing about conditions, time frame, match date and obligation to play this match.
This case is not closed yet.

I/E Russian Alert-MastersOfCeremony

The committee subsequently found incorrect substitutions in the match Russian Alert - MastersOfCeremony.
Both teams made three substitutions, which are not in accordance with the rules, so these games do not count.
Vladimirs-Mcjoyoman -/+,-/+ (3rd sub. for RA); Rafurla-Mcbasniowy +/-, +/- (3rd sub. for MC)

Final result is 21:11 (instead of 22:10). Both teams get 2 pp.


Also result Ani za prase : Trojan Horse from 2nd round was corrected to 9:23 (instead of 8:24) based on input from players.
All the changed results should be also fixed in betting competition.

Committee is also considering awarding some PPs to some players for inappropriate behaviour.
2010-12-13 23:11:03 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
3rd round is one week longer
# 5133
Committee agreed to prolong the third round by one week, it ends 9th January.
2010-04-20 14:39:46 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
# 4842
Hello all!

Most of you already know that because of recent server crash and bad backup solution our site lost some data from database.
We need to add missing match results now. Everything is prepared, we can start now.
I ask all captains for help, please fill in missing results for all rounds in menu Infos - actual results.
In front of match of your team in every round you see a dot - special link, where you can insert game results again.
Please use the correct order of games, as played in actual match, u can look up in kurnik history if you are not sure.
After one captain has entered the result, the other one needs to approve.

Thanks for help!
2010-01-03 10:16:27 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Committee decisions from 2nd round
# 4439
II/A pp for players

Ws_suczkins, atsnieznyy - they use abreviations, the names are visible in older nicks, but this is a violation as they played using them - 5pp, article 2.5.
Bcattila - was graying repeatedly - 5pp, 11.4

II/B Team Mollo

Committee decided that Team Mollo gets 8 pp for 8 nonplayed games in the 2nd round. They dont get 5 pp according to the rule 5.2 (playing with 3 players the whole match), because they played their match with 4 players.

II/C CZL B – new player

Committee decided not to allow them to join new player.
- CZL played their match in the 2nd round on th 1st.Dec. They had enough time (almost 2 weeks!) to add a new player, but they asked today (15.12) – too late. 3rd round started on Sunday, 13.12. at 24.00 (rule 4.3). Furthermore, they are not begginers and dont play in EL the first season and they have enough players.
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