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2012-03-02 17:46:03 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: Removed players
# 6119
There is no need to discuss, I just stated that surname field in player details form should be filled in a way that for russian players surnames should be used and not father names.
Reasons why real name and surname is used might be many, I think the main purpose is to deanonymize and therefore lead to better behaviour and also to be able to recongize in real tournaments that this and this is your opponent from internet and vice versa :)
2012-03-02 17:13:25 Vladimir Sinitsyn (vladimirs)
Incident (Tornado - United, ra04 - tz4)
# 6117
Can't find email address of all organizers. I sent messages via PlayOK site to Tomo and Igor (Iec) with a link of screenshot. Please read and forward to other organizers.
2012-03-02 13:14:39 Игорь Олегович Саделов (igor2405)
RE: Removed players
# 6113
I have added the surname in the profile description. Normally?
PS As far as I understand a surname-name it is entered that the person knew with whom it plays (and that there was no possibility to play to Euroleague simultaneously several nicknames), a name-patronymic like corresponds to both criteria (especially considering that I am familiar with some players of Euroleague and on attempts of participation in internal competitions).
Thus in some countries of a surname in their South European sense aren't used (Iceland and earlier Scandinavians in general), what occurs in this case?
2012-02-29 16:39:50 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: Removed players
# 6108
As I have been writing about russian father's names, I think also igor2405 is another case, as Igor Olegovich in team United doesn't seem like surname for me.
If I am right, please correct it as well.
2012-02-27 18:56:20 Grachik Vardanyan (ra04)
# 6083
there is a function on playok to send screenshot imagination file?))
2012-02-27 16:37:35 Vladimir Sinitsyn (vladimirs)
RE: Incident (Tornado - United, ra04 - tz4)
# 6082
Hello Tomo, please see my PlayOK message with screenshot.
2012-02-27 12:42:23 Tomo Dernovšek (jezek_si)
RE: Incident (Tornado - United, ra04 - tz4)
# 6081
Thanks for information, we will discuse about that. Can you send the screenshot to the members of Committee by email? You can find our emails in our profiles. First we would like to see your screenshot, than we will announce our decision.
2012-02-27 12:03:22 Vladimir Sinitsyn (vladimirs)
Incident (Tornado - United, ra04 - tz4)
# 6080
Dear Organizers of EL!

game ra04 - tz4: bad incident.
Player ra04 have insulted tz4 during the match via table chat (with filthy language). We have screenshot of these messages and several witnesses.
Such behavior is unacceptable here i think.

Please make decision.
2012-02-22 00:07:02 Rudolf Vybiral (mrsend)
approve result of match Midirod x CZ Lay
# 6073
Hello czlPurkys,

you must approve result of 1. round of our match. Mrteuse x czlSpecs is 2:0.

Thx mrsend - Ruda
2012-02-21 12:51:49 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: Removed players
# 6071
the players who were removed by mistake were added back based on committee decision.
Is Alexandr Dmitrievich real name? We use first name and surname in EL site.
Dmitrievich seems like father's name. If it's not a surname, correct it please.
2012-02-20 03:55:27 Roman Belyakov (bashibyzyk)
Removed players
# 6067
Dear Organizers of EL! My friend Alexandr Bogatirev advised me to write about my problem here.I have a little request.I casually removed 2 players from team Tornado(i am captain of this team)...their nick names are indeets and ra04.Please can you restore them to our team?Thank You!
2012-02-19 22:36:12 Alexander Bogatirev (pbayc)
RE: 1 minute Rustournament Final
# 6066

You can watch it :)
2012-02-17 15:25:11 Michał Żukowski (zukolepl)
RE: 1 minute Rustournament Final
# 6060
Bano - Furla 25:20
2012-02-17 13:54:09 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: 1 minute Rustournament Final
# 6059

Could you please inform us on final results? :)

Kind regards,

2012-02-13 19:44:18 Alexander Bogatirev (pbayc)
1 minute Rustournament Final
# 6055
Hello everybody. I want to tell some special information.
On 15 of February, 17-00 Kurnik time will played Final of 1 minute Tournament.
Vladimir Nipoti - Ilya Muratov
(To 25 wins)

The winner will receive 2500 rubles (84$)
2nd place - 1500 rubles.
3rd place (2 players) - Andrey Litvinenko , Denis Osipov (1000 rubles to each)

I would like to invite you all to watch this match)

Alexander Bogatirev.
2012-01-10 11:25:59 Juraj Ďuračka (outpanz)
RE: add player
# 5998
What's wrong with it?

"A captain can accept new player during every even round..."

"Even" means 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th.
2012-01-10 11:00:56 Alex Novopetrovskiy (bkorneev)
RE: add player
# 5997
Why then written paragraph rules 8.1?
2012-01-09 09:29:56 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: add player
# 5996
3rd round is not even, 4th is.
So you can join a player after the result of your match in 4th round will be approved and the player can start from 5th round.
2012-01-08 23:00:41 Yury Kraubner (bnavarro)
add player
# 5995
"8.1. A player can join chosen team anytime. A captain can accept new player during every even round, however only after his team's match is finished in this round"

Our game in the round is over! why can not we add a player?
2012-01-06 10:22:50 anatolie smirnov (sherhan)
RE: Angst's 10th Anniversary Tournament
# 5991
I-barbos and long play there, but only on Sundays. :)
2012-01-06 10:10:29 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Angst's 10th Anniversary Tournament
# 5990
It wasn't standard tournament, but I really think about some kind of repeat.

However, you can still compete in a very similar cycle of tournaments ("Newtournament") that is established from 2008 (we play on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 21:00 and on Sundays at 17:00) and it is especially open for EL players.

So I hope to see you there on Sunday! :)

Kind regards,

2012-01-05 12:00:24 anatolie smirnov (sherhan)
RE: Angst's 10th Anniversary Tournament
# 5989
хотя в принципе такой турнир уже проведен. :)
2012-01-05 11:45:45 anatolie smirnov (sherhan)
RE: Angst's 10th Anniversary Tournament
# 5988
Спасибо за турнир! Есть предложение сделать его регулярным. Только внести изменение в организацию. Разбить его на 3 лиги с ротацией по принципу футбола. Участники занявшие 3 или 5 последних мест вылетают в 1 или соответственно 2 лиги и наоборот. Первоначально провести турнир, чтобы определить составы этих лиг.
2012-01-04 16:09:21 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Angst's 10th Anniversary Tournament
# 5987

Please don't forget about my tournament - not more than 4 hours left :)

Best regards,

2012-01-03 14:14:59 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: 2 games in one room
# 5985
Yes, it is.

That's even better for fans to watch two matches in the same time :)

It is also possible to change the room before match starts.

Best regards,

2012-01-03 13:44:07 Yury Kraubner (bnavarro)
2 games in one room
# 5984
Hi! On January 8, will be 2 game at 18-00 in room Rabity: Violent Pandas - Demons and Wizards and Company - Barcelona. Is it possible to conduct 2 games in one room?
2012-01-03 09:54:45 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: penalty points
# 5982

It means that if all your players will gather 30 penalty points together, your team will be punished with walkover.

Best regards,

2012-01-02 21:27:25 Csaba Kampos (ermclander)
penalty points
# 5981
I got this message:"Sum of all players PP" is the cummulative sum of positive penalty points of team members for the whole season; 30/60/90/... = team walkover in the next round.

What does it mean exactly? We well start with disavantgate in the next round?
2011-12-23 10:05:46 Alexander Bogatirev (pbayc)
the final of Russian Tournament 2011
# 5967
Hello. I want to say that today will be held the interesting event in gomoku`s on-line world - the final of Russian Tournament 2011.And I would like to invite you all to watch this match.
Alex Popiel and Konstantin Nikonov will compete for the title of the best russian gomoku player online.
Alex was the winner of this tournament season 2010. He is a member of team Russia online at international games, player of EL team "The Lords of Xo" which won 3rd place in the Euroleague season 2010/2011.
Konstantin Nikonov has become actively to play gomoku online only in this season.But he shown good results.And this is not surprising, because he has over 30 years of playing in Renju live tournaments. His best results:
- Russian vice-champion in 1993
- USSR champion in team (3 times), Moscow champion and cup holder, Russian champion via mail (envelope).
- winner of Russian first leagues twice.
- In 1996 Russia win the First team world championship. He was a captain of that team.
His last big victory was in 2010, when he had become the winner of Russian Championship renju High League. Now he has 7 dan of renju.
It will be great match.
Rules - 10min Swap-2, play up to 4 wins.
23.12.2011 20-00 Moscow time (17-00 playok time) ,
room - "rabity".

Friendly, Alexander.
2011-12-23 09:45:10 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Angst's 10th Anniversary Tournament
# 5965

Thank you for your message and your interest.

Frankly speaking I forgot about many time zones in Russia (I thought there is maximum 3 hours difference). I know it still quite late, but I needed to find some kind of compromise as it is standard working day (in other days there are official or NT tournaments and during weekends many EL matches are played) and could be hard to pay earlier.

I hope that at least some of Russian players will be able to compete. I will try to find better date next time if such situation occurs.

Best regards,

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