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2011-02-27 19:23:37 Ondrej Nykl (pandik1)
RE: hu-ru
# 5424
you can separate the games if you click on "opponents", so you would then have 4 (assuming there's no substitution) files which I believe shouldn't be hard to join into one file.
2011-02-27 01:43:51 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Russia vs. Hungary
# 5422
First of all I would like to congrat Russia their (summary) win over Hungary and to thank both teams (especially captains) for progress in the area of international matches and going further concerning all gomoku community.

I would like to know few things about your match and would appreciate if you could explain it:

1. How has division of groups been made? (theoretically "stronger" vs "weaker", up to captians decision, randomize?)
2. Did you count the result as cumulative from both groups or that were two separate matches?
3. Who prepared the pairing?

and the most important thing:

4. Who wanna play first versus Poland :]

Kind regards,

2011-02-27 01:32:09 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: hu-ru
# 5421

I'm afraid it is not possible to download all games of concrete match pleyed in two groups. I assume you can probably download two archives currently (one archive of player from A team that played whole match and second for another player from B team that also played all games). Maybe later you can join them, I don't know Renlib too well.

In case of EL match situation could be a little bit different. You can probably also download games of one player, but later you would need to delete games from previous matches.

All above is valid if it is still possible to "download all games" from one page in Kurnik statistics. Maybe there is easier way, but I don't know it and also would appreciate any update in this area :)

In case of no possibilty to do it automatically I doubt we can record EL games (someone would need to copy 32 games to RenLib and we all know that EL players, except Zukole, are quite lazy :)).

Kind regards,

2011-02-26 17:37:58 Ondrej Nykl (pandik1)
# 5420

can someone who knows how to convert files from kurnik to renlib make .lib file with games from hungary-russia match? I'd appreciate it.

I also think it would be good idea to save games from every EL match and attach it as a lib file to results. That being said I have no idea if there's any easy way to mass-download all the games so the whole process wouldn't take more than, let's say, 5 minutes.
2011-02-26 14:43:03 Michał Żukowski (zukolepl)
RE: pp for bad behaviour
# 5419
So not 5230 ! :) thx.
2011-02-26 10:54:53 Tomo Dernovšek (jezek_si)
RE: pp for bad behaviour
# 5418
Although you are one of the best players in EL and although you dont agree with the rejection of a re-match of the opposing team, you neednt be offensive to them (#5264;
2011-02-25 15:10:01 Michał Żukowski (zukolepl)
RE: pp for bad behaviour
# 5417

some "LOL" is bad behaviour ?:DDDD
2011-02-25 13:41:56 Tomo Dernovšek (jezek_si)
pp for bad behaviour
# 5416
Committee decided that Jas and Dragon got pp because a member of Committee saw the main chat during and after the match VLH-OYS and it was full of with curses and aspersion written by them. Committe also agreed that messages from some players were also bad behaviour (Zukole(# 5230, # 5264), Lechista(# 5194, # 5199) and again Dragon for using too much sarcasm in his comments).
2011-02-25 12:55:15 Costinas Beniamin (vlh_dragon)
All star and international games.
# 5415
Hello all. The idea is good (and i don't think you need confirmation from other players for that since it's quite obvious) and many players, including myself, would surely love to watch such games. Of course, the part where you actually try to make things happen is quite a nightmare (at least for me it was, so i'm guessing it might bbe the same for others). That is why i respect you (and i'm sure others too) even for trying.

I really hope you succeed into making it possible.

Also, i would like to kindly ask monika to explain my pp for bad behavior. I am really curious where i went wrong. Unless expressing my feelings and thoughts freely as long as i'm not insulting someone is considered bad behavior, then don't even bother! (furthermore i would ask why did zukole get them... but i'm guessing it's the same deed)
2011-02-24 20:24:11 Георги Георгиев (lindross88)
official tournament
# 5413
Is it possible to recover official tournaments playok (example: attilademjan rang 2554 official tournament in 1713)? . Thus promote gomoku and gives everyone a chance to participate
2011-02-23 01:11:45 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Russia vs. Hungary
# 5410
Dear All!

I'm really happy reading about Hungary-Russia match.

As you may know Poland is some kind of pioneer concerning international matches. However, due to responses to my offers like "we will discuss it later...", "we will play with... soon and maybe play with you afterwards" or similar, I was a little bit dispirited, but now I feel once again that there is still a chance for another international matches... and maybe to come back to the Gomoku League of Nations idea in the nearest future, who knows :)

Please remember, that Poland is always ready and willing to play with other countries, as we found it interesting and really impacting gomoku popularity in a positive way.

In case you would like to play with us or discuss international matches issues please do not hesitate to contact me here or by private message at playok. Everything is up to us!

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,

Piotr Małowiejski (Angst)
Captain of the Polish Gomoku National Team

P.S. I really count on match versus the winner of Hungary-Russia competition. And vs the defeated team as well, obviously :D
2011-02-22 01:42:04 Alex Popiel (lolamaza)
Russia vs. Hungary
# 5407
Dear Gomoku Community!

Gergő Tóth and me, Alex Popiel, are glad to announce the long awaited friendly match between Russia and Hungary which will be held on Kurnik (room kaszuny), on February, 26, at 3 p.m. CET. The two groups (four starting players each) play according to the Euroleague format, i.e. 2x32 games, swap2, 10 minute time control, and the no-undo rule.
Everybody are kindly welcome to attend the match and support the competing teams!

Kind regards,
Gergő Tóth & Alex Popiel
Organizing Captains of the National Teams
2011-02-21 09:54:54 Oleg Bulatowsky (logelo0one)
RE: EL All-Star Game? :)
# 5402
It is nice idea, it would be interesting not only participate, but also watch it, so im ready to help. So i can propose qualification idea:
- We have the list of the all players of south and north.
- We divide each list by two groups.
- In each group we choose first four players by round system (it is good because it is no need for players to play at one day, they can decide suitable date for each match at the forum) Maybe, if the number of players in each group will be greater then 10, we can choose players be sweden system, 7-9 rounds.

To form north and south list we should know who is ready to play, so we should inform all playok players (or not only) and ask to write their agreement to play in the special place.
2011-02-17 11:52:36 Andrey Litvinenko (np_popovich)
RE: EL All-Star Game? :)
# 5392
Vlad is right, as for me, i'm so lazy to write some comments about this match!)
Of course it would be interesting to see how guys from north will beat guys from south :)
If look at this, more serious, i'm not sure that qualification will show really the strongest players. At least we need to organize more than 1 tournament to define who is the best.
As for voting, player, who has more friends will get the place in the "dream-team"
Also EL statistic may show us the best players, but from who play in EL only
2011-02-15 18:08:56 Vlad Nipoti (czpaybtc)
RE: EL All-Star Game? :)
# 5390

I agree with the idea of All-Stars and You guys have my full support.

I think a lot of people read this dicussion. They just were lazy to answer or hesitated to express their opinion. What's more, they all like this idea in my opinion.

So ALL EL PLAYERS, don't hesitate and write some comments about it. Don't act like you ignore efforts of Angst and Attila.

There are several posibilities how to set up a team:

a) From EL results and statistics

b) Voting of players in each part( North players vote for North team, South for South team)

c) It's not that bad idea of Sherhan. To make some qualification torunament or something...

Now, we need to find out if it's worth it. Then we can discuss the conditions and rules.

Kind regards,

2011-02-14 20:59:05 Adam Horvath (anakinnmoose)
RE: EL All-Star Game? :)
# 5389
Hello Attila and Angst,

I am very interested in the All-Star Game idea and I am ready to help you with organisation stuff or change some ideas about rules with you guys. And of course i would like to play this match if I am gonna be selected:)

I think that many people are interested too. So people, write here and we can all discuss about that and maybe we can have very good match at the end of Euroleague...

Best regards

2011-02-13 19:56:59 Attila Demján (ycattila)
RE: EL All-Star Game? :)
# 5383

I definitely think people are intersted in the idea. Why wouldn't they?
If people enjoy playing, they would enjoy this match more than a single game I guess. Of course it is possible that I am wrong at this point...

To be honest I am a bit agry and annoyed now. I would not invest any effort of mine into the All-Star game from now on unless I see activity and response from other people, a lot of people, from a lot of countries. It is just so WRONG and disappointing that there are a lot of people who likes to play and compete in gomoku, but way soooo less who is able to do anything for the game and for the international gomoku community. If it stays like this, we won't get any further, and I think the majority of EL players and even other people would like to look at gomoku as a game to be improved. (I feel similar now like when I gave up OGTWC...)

So now, I am encouraging other people who likes Angst's idea to cheer theirselves up and let's cooperate. Even if you don't like the idea, it would be useful to publish your thoughts. If there is no sign of efforts (really really small efforts), I think we all don't "deserve" the fun of All-Star game.

And sorry Piotrek, but if I don't see interest, I would refuse to organize Angst vs Attila teams match, but I am sure Gergo, Gabor or someone else would accept to organize the South part.

Best regards

2011-02-13 16:01:49 anatolie smirnov (sherhan)
RE: EL All-Star Game? :)
# 5381
Ваша идея мало кого интересует из-за того, что большинству не очень то интересно, что какие то люди будут, во что то играть здесь,-это не футбол. Вот если бы вы объявили отборочные состязания для отбора в группы все звезды-уверен популярность предложения во много раз поднялась бы.
2011-02-10 14:09:35 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: EL All-Star Game? :)
# 5373
Hello Attila (and everyone?)!

It looks that people are interested EL All-Star Game idea in a very limited way :)

Hence, I propose to organize it in a form of Attila's vs Angst's Friends match basing mainly on below proposed conditions (all details would be agreed by us then) :D

I suppose I can manage North team and you shall be responsible for South part.

What do you think?

Or maybe we should just resign? Shall we make people happy against their will? :/

Best regards,

2011-01-28 19:48:56 Attila Demján (ycattila)
RE: EL All-Star Game? :)
# 5340
Hey Angst and everyone,

I have been thinking about the same idea before but was lazy to publish it, so I am glad you did it!:)

Mostly I agree with you concerning the details but it has some point which I think need to be discussed:

- Deciding the 2 teams. Your ide about North/South is cool and given. But we should be sure that the current EL players of north and south are about same skillfull. I think the 4 leading country of EL are Russia, Poland (NORTH), Czech and Hungary (SOUTH), these 2 are about the same strength though South might be a little bit weaker. With the additional countries you wrote, we can probably make it equal. I am not sure, lets hear other opinions!

- System of play. I think 2x4 vs 2x4 is good, we already played in such system, in nation vs nation games and it worked fine I think. I would add that A and B groups should be same strong, not making team A the ultimate best and B containing the 2nd 4 best players.

- Selecting players. Probably the most difficult point concerning officiality and efficiency. I disagree with Angst that the top 4 making highest % of wins should be the first 4 players in a team. It is just simply because anyone from weaker teams can qualify here. The main problem with this is that we all play with different opponents, some always play with strong opponents, some always play with weak ones, so some wins and some loses don't have the same value and meaning of skill. But still, on the other hand, we shouldn't make these All-Stars team only based on voting. So how to do it? What others think?
Voting is fine, if we make all trustworthy people vote (most captains, most players from top teams, EL committee and then everyone else).
Or we can add some extra qualifying preferences, few quick examples below:

- Each country (fe. countries which has 10 or more players playing in EL) can delegate 1 player (letting all countries be represented),
- The top 4 players making the highest winning % above 40 games in this season, but ONLY FROM THE TOP 5 teams fe.
- The best 2 players from the winning team
- Making 2 captains and let them choose players, from selected players base simultanously (maybe bad idea:))

Date you suggested is fine, though I would make it 2PM instead of 10AM.

I hope this idea will work out after we hear more opinions and that we gonna have a nice ALL-STARS match at the end of the season.

Best regards,

2011-01-28 00:29:39 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
EL All-Star Game? :)
# 5339
Dear EL Players,

I was wondering few times what is the most powerful team in EL history. As it is really hard to choose, I'm quite sure that it is possible to create stronger team than ever played EL or even two such teams :)

Selecting players to your team you sometimes look at nationality, sometimes just skills are decisive factor and sometimes you prefer to play just with people you know personally (it is possible that many teams were created by mixing above mentioned things ;)).

I'm sure you can imagine your dream-team having no limiting restrictions. What I would like to propose is to organize EL All-Star Game at the end of this season. It is quite popular in many sport disciplines and professional leagues (e.g. NBA), why shouldn't we have our own All-Star Game?

I have initial concept of EL All-Star Game. My idea is to organize it exactly one or two weeks from last Admin date (Sunday, 10:00 Kurnik time) in a form of two EL matches played in parallel. That means both teams would consist of 8 players divided into 2 groups and in All-Star Game every player would play 8 games (2 times with every player from one of opposite’s groups) .

Currently there is more or less 168 players registered (I count only players from playing teams) and I found it reasonable to divide EL into North and South Parts for the All-Star Game purposes. Assuming that North include all countries which most of territory is above the middle of Poland we shall divide them as below:
North – Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden (approximately 83 players)
South - Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine (approximately 85 players)

How the line-ups shall be determined? I think that it could be mix of EL statistics and EL community preferences. I suggest that first group of each Part shall include 4 players that will have highest % of wins at the end of season (from at least 40 games). Second group would be chosen by all EL Players in voting procedure starting from the beginning of the last round and finishing at the end of season or 3 days before All-Star Game. It is up to players how they select, but they can vote just for their Part players according to their own will (skills, popularity, friendship, etc.). I suggest that every player has 5 equal votes and to the second group will go players with the higher number of votes.

Obviously, you can also vote for players that have safe place in the first group. This is time for another idea – Captains of North and South. They shall be selected from current EL Teams Captains and determined by place of their teams at the end of season.

Currently, having in mind above rules, North would have in the first group dt_peaceman, np_popovich, ohjkomd, vlhfire and their Captain would be Alicecooper. In the South Team first group would include mranakinn, ycgergo, ycsky, whmartez (Captain - Gabor).

In case players selected to the second group are the same as in the first group it is up to Captain’s decision in which group they should play in EL All-Star Game. Moreover, Captain has to choose reserve players (at least 4) in case some of selected players can’t or refuse to play. If situation requires this, Captain can also add new players to their team (e.g. at the beginning of match there is less than 8 players), however always just from EL playing teams and its Part.

Final result of EL All-Star Game (obviously not the most important thing ;)) will be determined by sum of points gained by all players of one Part (from both groups).

I think there is no possibility to agree date of such match between both teams which line-ups can be unpredictable, so the best idea seems to fix it as 10:00 Sunday (it looks like best time as there were no protests against admin date) one week or two weeks from last round’s admin date.

I hope I introduced my idea in a clear way, however if you have any doubts please do not hesitate to ask me :)

The most important thing is if you (especially top players) are interested in participating. It would be for us all, for good and interesting games and for gomoku (and EL) popularity! With no interest from players there is no sense to organize it.

What do you think? I’m waiting for you suggestions & support!

Kind regards,

2011-01-16 13:46:28 Marcin Wojtasiński (ohhhjasiu)
# 5312
Against the decision of the committee I want only to express that, despite the verdict, I'll watch the next game vlhfire, because his way of thinking is similar to the movements of the program.
I just need to learn that the decision of the committee is correct.
I greet opponents team and I think that the situation between us will be friendly again.
I greet, Martin.
Good luck in the next rounds.
2011-01-14 02:12:30 Mateusz Miśkiewicz (krmorph)
NEWS ! ! !
# 5279
Who know player : kuras ?
In the game can u offer draw, then he is crusherd.. :)
2011-01-11 16:04:54 Marcin Wojtasiński (ohhhjasiu)
To Mystartx
# 5249
Hello, I don't understand what your post mean... Is it kind of blackmail??? If yes i think that is so pathetic. Situation of your team's member will be decide by objective committee and then You can say something. Do You think that is everything all right when You talk about your ,,team leavin'" before results?? Regards, Marcin.
2011-01-11 15:21:30 Tomasz Matyja (mctruskawek)
RE: Results
# 5247
Season: 2010/2011, After round: 2 (2010-11-22 to 2010-12-12)

Sorry, doesn't matter
2011-01-11 13:58:13 Tomasz Matyja (mctruskawek)
# 5245
In Actual results

SD and MOC have got "0" in score. It's something wrong in statistic... We drawed our match
2011-01-11 00:36:52 Claudiu Hulea (vlh_mystartx)
My statement
# 5241
Hello all,

Sorry to have to bother. In the case that my team gets a negative verdict could not continue and the outcome of the game I see myself forced to leave the competition because of lack of fair play.

I wish you continued success.

This is my decision and I will not change.

Thank you for your understanding.

Claudiu Hulea
Valahia Team member
2011-01-10 23:41:07 Costinas Beniamin (vlh_dragon)
Our official statement.
# 5240
I write on fire's behalf, since he's in the army as from today (so is f4lc0n... according to finnish law). I think, as i've seen written here, that the moves which resemble to fire 6_8 (i don't know about other programs, because i don't have them) are not a good argument since they were FORCED moves (most of them). I seriously doubt that fire would use any programs. I see nothing more to say regarding this matter.

However, i have to add this mean remark.
I've seen some publicity about a show called "desperate housewives". Their attitude kind of reminds me of that commercial.
1st, they do everything they can so we can't have a full team (i will remember you, they refused any of my offers, which were not few, and this round had 4 weeks). I must admit, i made the stupid mistake of trusting in their fair play, and i've told them from the begining that the admin date is very bad for us.

2nd they grab the "cheater .... he killed kenny! you bastard!" thingy.

I am wondering (as i usually do) how far would you go for a meanless win against us ? How much nerve do you people have ? :)

I only have one request regarding the comitee. Don't judge as last year's kr - team mollo (which i have to bring into discusion) was far from being a fair decizion (no ... i didn't forget, and i am sure i am not the only one).
2011-01-10 20:02:57 Marcin Wojtasiński (ohhhjasiu)
Oh Yeah Squad
# 5226
Hello, its me - jas. If it's possbile i can analises too. I know, my RENLIB was doing after match with Valahia and only 2 hours, but it was last day of this round and i tried be fast... If committee give our team more time we can do RENLIB with 9 games of vlhfire when we think he played with programs... And i only please captain of Valahia - Adifek. Man, please - dont write to my friend in team with bad words on playok... I can paste here when You have talked with malutki3000 (ohlechista) and You say some really bad words... So try to be more friendly, is it possible? Thanks.
Regards, Jas.
2011-01-10 19:50:09 Adrian Czychowski (ohlechista)
# 5225
,,OH YEAQ SQUAD team is ready to analises if last is not much hard evidence. We can do everything, only say what. We can analise everyone move and show that is from program. Can be? " BY HENRY:If it's neccesary we can make library of other 2 games when it's possible that Fire used program. Regards OYS
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