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2023-06-02 00:23:31 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Player statistics for current season
# 7329
Hi, this is to let you know that thanks to Pavel Rezny's efforts all problems with the missing stats shall be fixed. Please let us know in case of any identified similar issues. Best regards, Angst
2023-05-25 08:26:57 Vladimir Sinitsyn (vladimirs)
Player statistics for current season
# 7326
Hi, player statistics doesn't include 8th round (only first seven). It is interesting to see all results.
2023-05-16 15:07:20 Zoltán László (scavenger)
RE: Monitoring of Jenő Mucsi
# 7325
It was a complicated situation as the match date was unclear for a long time and there was a language barrier as well. The monitoring was supervised by myself in the beginning and then by Piotr Małowiejski. I informed you and Jenő as well prior to the monitoring. 13.1 also says "once known" - the person of the superviser was only fixed shortly before the match and even then, as described above, we had to share it.
Note that we, as ELC, are trying to ensure fair play in the competition with the tools we have. We don't mean any harm to any of the players, however, by joining the competition all teams have accepted the rules. We act according to our best knowledge in every case, and, once again, we act FOR the players, not against them.
2023-05-14 21:47:49 Csaba Kamarás (owcsaba)
RE: Monitoring of Jenő Mucsi
# 7324
Who was Jenő Mucsi s inspector of this match. And why it was not declared before monitoring- 13.1. says "the details of the match in which the monitoring takes place as well as the name of the inspector."
2023-05-13 20:16:20 Zoltán László (scavenger)
Monitoring of Jenő Mucsi
# 7323
The ELC decided to monitor Jenő Mucsi during the match between Czech Payback and Only We on 14. 05. 2023.
2023-05-13 20:14:58 Zoltán László (scavenger)
RE: Monitoring of Alexander Miroshnichenko
# 7322
As it was postponed again, the monitoring is still in active status for the match between Mind Infinity and Thunderstorm on 14. 05. 2023.
2023-04-29 18:19:01 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Change of time for Admin date
# 7319
Hi Peter!

On behalf of the Committee I would like to confirm that we approved your request and therefore new Admin date is changed, as requested.

This is valid starting from the current round.

Best regards,

2023-04-12 20:14:16 Peter Jonsson (peterjo)
Change of time for Admin date
# 7314

As we now got two Asian players (Korea and Vietnam) we ask to change time on Admin date to 15 00.

If the answer is yes, is it valid from this round (23 April)?

Peter Jonsson, Captain Luffarna
2023-04-02 10:12:09 Zoltán László (scavenger)
RE: Monitoring of Alexander Miroshnichenko
# 7313
As it was postponed again, the monitoring is still in active status for the match between Czech Payback and Mind Infinity on 02. 04. 2023.
2023-02-19 10:55:01 Zoltán László (scavenger)
RE: Monitoring of Alexander Miroshnichenko
# 7307
The postponed monitoring will take place during the match between Dark Team and Mind Infinity on 19. 02. 2023.
2023-01-22 18:51:22 Zoltán László (scavenger)
Monitoring of Alexander Miroshnichenko
# 7306
The ELC decided to monitor Alexander Miroshnichenko during the match between Mind Infinity and Wake on 22. 01. 2023. The appointed inspector will be František Fňukal.
2022-12-13 20:55:44 Manó Gyenei (7uptorpe)
2nd round
# 7301
Dear Committee,
As you declared the rule of the EL is 4.3. One round lasts 21 days. Every round starts on Monday and finishes on Sunday at 24:00 Prague time. There can be some exceptions according to the Committees decision.
So, the first round of the 2022/2023 season was started on 11.28.2022 and should finished on 12.18.2022.
I understand that every teams have finished their on round earlier, but you do not have the power to begin the round earlier without any notice sending to the captain of the teams? What do you think how could you know that we know that the new round was begun? Why had you any notice about beginning the new round? Why do you think we check the website every day in every hour?

We participated, because aceptted the rules you declared on the EL website, but you do not follow it. The decision you made is not fair for every team, because you have not noticed teams after the decision. It is not neccessary to login to the website before the next round is starting ( so there is no chance to inform about any changes about rules or decisions of the Committee).
Please next time sand an email to the captains about the variables.
Thank you
2022-11-20 19:35:50 Peter Jonsson (peterjo)
Luffarna search for two more players
# 7299
Hello everyone!
It seems that it is difficult for us to make a full team all rounds this season as the situation is now. One or two more players will be a big help for us. If you are interested to play for our team , please contact me:

Peter Jonsson, Captain Luffarna
2022-03-03 18:40:31 Zoltán László (scavenger)
RE: Ukraine
# 7281
We condemn the violent actions of Russia in Ukraine. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian members of the community, as well as we think of the Russian members of the community, who probably also mostly feel bad about it and are affected by the consequences already. We hope that peace will be restored as soon as possible.

The EuroLeague Committee
2022-02-28 18:04:36 Mikhael Lomakin (mikle)
RE: Ukraine
# 7279
This is very good news!
I want all the participants of what is happening on both sides to remain alive and unharmed. And the guilty suffered the deserved punishment.
2022-02-28 14:50:11 Alexander Miroshnichenko (fudjin)
RE: Ukraine
# 7278
Thanks for your words. Perhaps my mood would be worse if there was something wrong with me or my loved ones, but I'm still intact
2022-02-26 21:09:14 Mikhael Lomakin (mikle)
# 7277
My country is currently at war with Ukraine. I have always been against any war. I am against the war with Ukraine. But no one asked my opinion when this war started. Guys from Ukraine play here. And the only thing I can do is ask them for forgiveness. Now many Russians are banned from participating in sports competitions. And if a decision is made to suspend me from participating in the Euroleague, then I will make that decision. I am very sorry for what is happening in Ukraine right now.
Слава Украине!
Нет войне!
2022-02-07 22:23:45 Zoltán László (scavenger)
RE: The Fudjin case
# 7273
Dear Sandra,

In accordance with the name, as well as the description of the "Decisions" section of the Euroleague Forum, you can find there information about decisions made by the Euroleague Committee, that in our opinion players participating in the competition should be informed of.

The purpose of this section is not to ostracize or evaluate the attitudes of individual players, decisions and penalties shall not be applied retrospectively in such matters. Note that it is round 4 already. You may be familiar with law expressions "Lex retro non agit" and "Lex prospicit non respicit". He cheated several years ago and even if there was no significant action taken at that time, we consider his self-isolation as a way of serving his sentence.

Currently there is no suspicion on him of cheating, he was monitored in other competitions even, therefore there is no need at all for an official decision regarding the case of Alexander Miroshnichenko.

Kind regards,

EL Committee
2022-02-02 14:23:04 Sandra Jones (sandra)
The Fudjin case
# 7272
Dear Euroleague Committee,

A number of gomoku players are members of a prestigious club. It's the club of players whose noble efforts to improve the quality of Euroleague games by performing an in-game computer analysis or playing on behalf of other players have been officially recognized by the Euroleague Committee. Upon official recognition of his efforts, each new club member gets his name listed on the most sacred page of the Euroleague forum, The Decisions. I believe it's an excellent tradition. You know, Euroleague games abound in mediocre moves and outright blunders because most players are lazy enough to use anything besides their own minds, so it's indeed a great idea to appreciate people who truly care about the game quality and do something about it. A number of true gomoku enthusiasts have been listed as club members, including the Polish champion of 2016, the current highest rated Russian player, and Great Lord Lamaza himself.

But there's a player whose consistent efforts to become a member of that club have been ignored by the Euroleague Committee. His name is Alexander Miroshnichenko, and he is from Kharkiv, Ukraine, and most known as Fudjin. Not only did he use software in the tournament for years in the most obvious way, but he also explicitly admitted on the Russian gomoku discussion forum a few years ago to using software in more than a half of his Euroleague games. Unfortunately, that application for membership in the club has still not been processed by the Euroleague Committee. Being a modest person who never brags about his noble deeds, Alexander removed that post of his after a while, but it was a long while, so many people, including some in the Euroleague Committee, witnessed the post.

I believe that Alexander Miroshnichenko deserved the honor to be admitted to the club, and therefore I am asking the Euroleague Committee to add his name to the Euroleague forum page of official decisions by posting a formal decision to recognize his deeds. While new club members are generally rewarded with a well-deserved rest from playing in the Euroleague, I don't really insist on giving such a reward to Alexander, for he himself took a very long rest before joining the Euroleague back this season. What I insist on is posting an official decision on his case, for that's the only way to avoid double standards in terms of admission to the club as well as to render justice to his tremendous past efforts to improve the quality of Euroleague games.
2021-11-21 23:32:06 Tatiana Volkova (1dalida1)
Admin date for Thunderstorm team
# 7264
Hello everyone! We (Thunderstorm) want to set admin date at 17:00 server time (Prague time)
2021-11-11 10:46:58 Csaba Kamarás (owcsaba)
Admin date for Only We team
# 7263
Hello! Only We team wants to set the time of the admin date at 17:00 server time for the 2021/22 season.
Thank you!
2021-06-30 23:06:18 Zoltán László (scavenger)
BnW vs CzB and some remarks
# 7262
The start time of our match this Sat is shifted to 19:00 as requested by the Czechs.

Hopefully nobody gets banned on an open forum. Hopefully irrelevant content will be removed.

I would also like to wish great successes in the future for Ivan Danilin, hopefully we can see more young players like him in EuroLeague (and also in other competitions, both online and offline).

Let's have some sort of peace and enjoy the game :)
2021-05-06 15:03:52 Marek Gorzecki (alicecooperpl)
RE: sandra jones
# 7253
As I wrote here, during the DaW-CzP match, sandra organized a show of hatred towards me.
But I also asked questions :) Here are the quotes:

22:18 alicecooperpl: thats you played program and cheat, every is on polish forum
22:18 Sandra: no, i never cheated when i played under any nickname known to be mine
22:20 alicecooperpl: not only, you are proven cheater :)
22:21 alicecooperpl: but sure you can play live and show us :D
22:25 Sandra: alice, experiments in bieniasze performed under a totally secret nickname do not count as cheating.
22:26 alicecooperpl: buhaha :) experiment - play wth prog
22:27 alicecooperpl: this troll is more stiupid that my neighbours dog
22:27 Sandra: i never cheated when playing under a nickname known to be mine, such as sandra113, morninglight, etc

22:46 Sandra: i can type whatever i want, and this will never affect my real-life reputation :)

Conclusion: This cheater and liar believes that if he/she cheats so that no one knows - it does not count :D. And that, as an anonymous, he/she goes unpunished.

Besides, is it a forum for Euroleague players?
Why is a troll not playing here not banned yet?
2021-05-05 18:23:07 Sandra Jones (sandra)
Ivan Danilin's statement
# 7252
Here's the response by Ivan Danilin himself to the news that Alicecooper questioned the fairness of Ivan's play, as translated by me into English:

-- start of the translation ---

It's not really a pleasure to hear that. I play on my own.

But I go to great lengths to prepare for matches; in particular, I go through 10-15 last games by each potential opponent of mine in which he put an opening, and analyze his openings on a computer. This is why I knew the openings put against me in more than a half of the games played by me as the second player in these two matches. Many players do not just put one and the same opening each time, but also play it wrong, or the opening is unbalanced. I am surprised by people who play one and the same opening each time, often playing it wrong, and then wonder how the opponent could know their opening. This applies to, inter alia, the games against outtiberius, ouups, alicecooperpl, and sawyerpl. I myself strive to play a different opening each time; the seven games played by me as the first player feature six different openings.

Also, I cannot but mention how lucky I was in various ways. Outtiberius failed to block a four. Ouups had the space of the entire board after I didn't manage to convert a decisive advantage into a victory, but he didn't win. Ir0nman had an uncomplicated win, and I saw it, but, for some reason, he lost. Ursuspl built a win for me himself. And in the other game, he could have seized a huge advantage. Alicecooperpl simply gave me the initiative.

Probably, these two factors --- preparation and luck --- indeed somewhat inflate my real playing strength.

-- end of the translation ---

This response was sent by Ivan to his captain, Alexey Mikhailov, in the morning of April 11, that is, on the next day after the match date. Alexey hadn't asked Ivan to provide any explanations. Alexey had merely informed his team that Alicecooper had expressed doubts of Ivan's fairness.

Alexey explained me these details and forwarded Ivan's response to me for translation and publication. Alexey added that he believes that Ivan's response is a perfect answer to Marek Gorzecki and 'other people who are like him in that they can't lose with dignity.'
2021-05-05 17:37:57 Sandra Jones (sandra)
RE: MMA schedule: Fight dates, TV channel
# 7251
Dear admins, could you please remove the spam about MMA? It makes our forum look not good.
2021-05-04 07:56:37 tononim gfhyj (playfive)
MMA schedule: Fight dates, TV channel
# 7250
Watch Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier 3 Live Stream UFC 264 Fight online free #UFC264 returns on Saturday, July 10, 2021 on
2021-05-04 07:43:51 tononim gfhyj (playfive)
RE: My questions to Alexey Mikhaylov
# 7249
2021-05-02 02:33:12 Marek Gorzecki (alicecooperpl)
RE: My questions to Alexey Mikhaylov
# 7248
1. As white's position is weak (any move you make),
so I decided that I can try if black will be tempted to the middle, and a greater difficulty for them.
2. a) This is not the only possible move, I have also played other moves (I9 or K7).
b) However, people often play 15-K9 hence the 14.
c) I chose quickly out of these three.
3. I was wondering if I should set another 6, in the past, there were also other moves played in this open.
4. It's a long story and not from the Euroleague, but of course.
a) First, I didn't know if I would be able to go to the TGWC.
b) Then it turned out that I can but I had to work for 2 weeks before the TGWC with little sleep and not at home, without a computer.
I had neither the strength nor the ability to prepare for the games at all (and until the last moment I dealt with the organization of the tournament).
c) Besides, I was supposed to go as a replacement, 'vince' was supposed to play, he even paid for a hotel room. I assumed that I would sleep off first, then look at the openings.
Only 3 days before TGWC it turned out that vince is not going, that I have to play all the time.
d) Specifically, in my opening I have developed moves that I have never played in public, or very rarely, when I look at renlib before the tournament, I remember it (as I wrote before, I didn't even have time for that).
With you I only remembered the next move and how complicated it is afterwards, but inaccurate. Since it was obvious that you were prepared for it and I was not, I played a different one.
e) Unfortunately during the TGWC I was so exhausted from lack of sleep that at times it was very difficult for me to play.
For example, in the game
I had a sure win after the 26th move, I saw it, that's why I set it, but after a few minutes, I thought I would not fit (I told Gabor during the game: that he is lucky that I am unconscious)
The same in the game
After move 15 I had a sure win, then I stopped seeing him and put a stone on the other side (I also told Piotr after the game that I had a win)
Sad, but in this state I was :(
I was seriously wondering whether to go to sleep instead of playing MP and blitz, but on the other hand, go to the tournament after sacrifices and not play, both possibilities are wrong.
Theoretically, there was a maestro in the team that he could replace, but it quickly turned out that he had so many other duties (too much like all the organizers (including me)) that he said that he would only do it if someone had to go to the hospital.
2021-05-01 22:52:09 Dmitry Epifanov (owen)
RE: My questions to Alexey Mikhaylov
# 7247
Your questions first.

> does this give you a clue do i know it (since Kozin is an expert on it)?

Nope. It took a minute for you to play 6th move. So here is a clue.

> Ask Kozin or Zoli - in this opening, if someone knows them, white basically has the only possible moves, and counting your variants 1/2 1/10000, etc., is sorry but useless

It is not useless because your 10th is losing. There are no possible moves for white, that's why it is interesting which defending line you chose and why you did it so quickly. Yixin database, maybe?

> 4) By the way, as a trainer, did you practice this opening with Ivan? (I think I know the answer, but maybe it will interest others)

No, we didn't, at least I don't remember. But playing 5th move in 1 second may give you a clue. How do you think, does he know this scheme or no? In general, he knows much more theory than I do, it works both for renju and gomoku. He is young, his memory is good, he is analyzing a lot. I'm too old, my memory serves me worse. How old are you, by the way?

> By the way, what is the actual age of Ivan 13, 15? Let us know the facts.

Danilin is 17 years old now, born 2003.
He was 3rd in Russian High League 2020, I can't explain you how high this result is. But maybe it's enough to mention that in WHR rating (renju) he is higher than any polish player including Mr. Żukowski. They are quite close, Ivan has a rating of 2459 and Michał has 2453.

He is studying renju and gomoku for a long time. His first gold medal on Youth Russian Championship was in 2014 (or 2013? my memory is so weak)

Now several questions from me.

1. Could you please explain your 18th move. What are the variants beneath it? Why did you choose this 18th?

2. Why this 14th? Did you know that it is the only possible move for white? How much time did you spent on this 14?

3. How do you explain 1 minute you've spent on the 6th move?

4. And one more thing.
Could you please tell me about this 6th move. You played this swap2 before in EL. In that game you've found the only possible moves for white, the variant is very complicated, but 10 minutes were enough for you to calculate all the consequences. And with me you've spent a lot of time after my swap2 and played a losing or mostly-losing 6th move. Why?
2021-04-30 23:08:13 Marek Gorzecki (alicecooperpl)
RE: My questions to Alexey Mikhaylov
# 7246
Alexey, I have questions

1. In a private conversation, I politely told my doubts.
You demanded an apology and punishment for me.
Then you spat on me publicly here on the forum.
Do you fight for Euroleague standards like this?
Do you consider your behavior appropriate?
Or maybe you have something to tell me?

2. You have repeatedly emphasized here: 'young' 'newcomer'
Do you think that: is someone young or old, tall or short, fat or skinny etc, is related to cheating? seriously?
By the way, what is the actual age of Ivan 13, 15? Let us know the facts.

3. I feel exactly as payzel wrote: you made a public scandal out of a private conversation that no one knew about.
For what purpose?
To intimidate and censor? So that no one would even dare to say anything about Russian players?

4. Or maybe you used it as an excuse to leave the Euroleague and not play? (this is what it looks like)
Many were waiting for the result of your match against Czech Payback. I was curious if it would be 8-0, or a change of style and 0-8

Do you have the courage to answer these questions?

Sincerely, Marek
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