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2009-02-05 15:23:55 Bollo Levy (diddy)
# 3821

<a href="">euroleague</a>
2009-01-21 11:30:04 Michał Wileczek (ws_vilumisiek)
# 3762
Its should be...

Waxed Soldiers - BG Dragons 23:7 (17:1)

1 runda 6:0
vilumisiek - icko 2:0
jabik - lindross 2:0
ermijo - telrig 2:0
- : -

2 runda 6:2
vilumisiek - telrig 2:0
jabik - icko 2:0
- : lindross 0:2
ermijo - 2:0

3 runda 5:3
vilumisiek - lindross 1:1
jabik - 2:0
ermijo - lindross 2:0
- : icko 0:2

4 runda 6:2
vilumisiek : - 2:0
ermijo : icko 2:0
jabik - telrig 2:0
- : telrig 0:2

wsabikk 6-0
wsermijo 6-0
wsvilumisiek 5-1

lindross88 1-5
telrig 0-6
icko75 0-6

2009-01-18 11:05:04 Георги Георгиев (lindross88)
4 round
# 3758
thanks for fast answer :)
2009-01-17 11:24:37 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: 4 round
# 3755
It is important to read and understand the rules.

6.2.2. If no team creates an offer in first seven days of the round, then the first offer created from 8th day (from monday at 00:01) is automatically accepted.

Match BG-WS.
No team offered a date in first week - if you understand the rules, it is clear where the danger is.
WS offered a date in second week.
Because of 6.2.2, it became autoaccepted.

Now the legal possibility is to offer a withdraw.
That means - go to match date, type in new date/time and press 'Withdraw current approved proposal'.
Then wait for opposing team to respond or for 3 days rule to come into action. If they show no good will or new date is not suitable for them, they can decline it.

But team BG has full responsibility now, because they didn't offer a date in first week, nor were the first ones to offer it in second week.
2009-01-17 08:49:24 Георги Георгиев (lindross88)
4 round
# 3753
of 20.12.2009 can"t (,22,23,25 after 19.00-we have possibility)
dont are approved 20.01.2009
2008-12-30 22:23:35 Paweł Tarasiński (commaestro)
# 3665
I have a request to Committee of EL.

Last friday i left my team, OH. It wasn't misclick, I did it consciously, but it isn't my true will, beacouse of bad emotions I did something what i shouldn't do. I'm sorry and I would come back and play again. I want ask you is it possible exceptionally give me permit for joining during current round?
2008-12-30 14:50:32 Alexey Ritter (cr_Fracass)
RE: Prolonging of round
# 3661
11 of Jan is not a holiday in Russia...
so my team can't play on ADMIN DATE in such situation...
it's a ptoblem to find date - yes, but with prolonging round it's hard to win... in such situation:-)..
2008-12-29 21:14:24 Costinas Beniamin (vlh_dragon)
RE: Prolong the round!
# 3657
i vote for iec :P (i expect you to do the same for my propoasal , on the rules section of the forum :D)
2008-12-29 19:03:36 Ales Rybka (autickocz)
RE: Prolong the round!
# 3653
it makes me happy when you all are happy, make love!
2008-12-29 17:08:36 Tomo Dernovšek (jezek_si)
RE: Prolong the round!
# 3651
Try to find a good date till the Sunday.

Committee hasn't talked about prolong this round yet and this decision is not known, of course... and committee has 5 members... I have my own mind which I can't tell you public in advance.
2008-12-29 16:26:05 András Lőcsei (shuakek)
Prolong the round!
# 3649
Yes, I think prolonging the round would be a good idea, since we can't find a suitable date with Crusaders either.
2008-12-29 16:12:59 Ondrej Nykl (pandik1)
prolong it!
# 3648
And I will be happy if Igor and Attila are happy!
2008-12-29 15:30:53 Attila Demján (scattila)
RE: Prolonging of round
# 3647
I support iec's idea! I would be also happy if thie round could be prolonged with 1 week!
2008-12-29 15:29:53 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Prolonging of round
# 3646
I think for some teams including mine it is pretty hard to find an acceptable date during this holiday period, I think some russian teams have the same problem.
So I suggest to prolong this round for one week. I think, if some captains would support this request, then committee could vote about it.
Any support?

2008-12-29 01:48:51 Attila Demján (scattila)
RE: New Gomoku Tournament (NT)
# 3642
Good idea!

I really hope that this NT will work without bigger problems.

Good luck;)
2008-12-29 01:09:26 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
New Gomoku Tournament (NT)
# 3641
Hello All Gomoku Enthusiasts!

Having in mind that there are no official tournaments on Kurnik anymore, I would like to invite you to join our initiative of nice and fair private tournaments competition called New Gomoku Tournament (NT in short).

I know that many players resigned from official tournaments earlier, due to anonymous opponents, program players, non-cultural behaviour, etc. I am sure we can organise something better, for us, for all fair gomoku players. It is not possible to avoid every incorrect activity, but why not to try to mininalise it?

Below you can find "NT Rules" and "NT Guidebook" (somehow in FAQ form). If you accept it and would like to join, please confirm it here, according to the rules.

In case of any doubts please do not hesitate to contact me :)Everyone is invited!

"New Gomoku Tournament Rules (NT Rules)"
1. General information
1.1. New Gomoku Tournament (NT) is a cycle of private gomoku tournaments organized regularly on (Kurnik) server, called hereinafter NT Tournaments.
1.2. The aim of NT is to promote gomoku and to provide possibility of fair and cultural competition to enthusiasts of this game.
1.3. Organizers of NT (Organizers - currently players using on Kurnik site nicknames: angst, maestro and zukole), who form NT Committee, decide on every issue not covered by this Rules.
1.4. Organizers reserve the right to modify NT rules or make exceptions to NT rules, in case of reasonable necessity.
2. NT List of Players
2.1. Authorized by Organizers to play in NT Tournaments are just players who are on a specially created list of players, called NT List of Players.
2.2. NT List of Players is updated on a current basis, excluding period starting half an hour before particular NT Tournament and finishing with the end of this NT Tournament.
2.3. Current NT List of Players is equivalent to contact list of Kurnik “newtournament” user.
2.4. Organizers decide on authorization to NT List of Players.
2.5. Every person, who meet at least one of the conditions below, can declare access to NT:
a) is a member of one of the Gomoku Euroleague (EL) teams participating in the current EL season, assuming that during the break in EL last finished EL season is considered as current,
b) has participated at least once in any tournament organized by Polish Gomoku, Renju and Pente Association (PSGRiP)
c) owns Kurnik nickname with more than 500 games played and also not more escapes than 15% of played games (Access Nickname, while it is considered as Access Nickname also nickname used on EL site, in case of fulfilling condition stipulated in the sub-point a) above) and will be recommended by one of the Organizers or by captain of any EL team (Recommending Person)
2.6. To join NT competition it is needed to send an entry using one of the possible ways:
a) EL Forum (
b) PSGRiP Forum (
c) Private message sent on Kurnik site to “newtournament” user or to one of the Organizers.
2.7. The entry shall be marked as “NT entry” and include:
- Access Nickname,
- Nickname designated to play in NT (NT nickname) – nickname on Kurnik site, excluding grey nicknames,
- indication of Recommending Person (in case of fulfilling condition stipulated in the point 2.5.c))
2.8. Entry shall be confirmed by private message on Kurnik site sent to newtournament account by:
a) Person accessing to NT (sent from Access Nickname)
b) Recommending Person (in case of fulfilling condition stipulated in the point 2.5.c), except situation, when Recommending Person is NT Organizer)
2.9. It is possible to play in NT using just NT nickname, which can be changed only with the content of NT Committee, in exceptional and reasonable cases.
2.10. Sending an entry is treated as equal to confirmation of understanding of NT Rules and full acceptance of NT Rules and entry is valid until further notice.
2.11. Organizers stipulate the right to delete player from the NT List of Players in case of any infringement of NT Rules, especially in reference to the point 5 of NT Rules.
3. Time of playing and NT parameters
3.1. NT tournaments are organized regularly, three times a week, each time by one of the Organizers on “newtournament” nickname, in days stipulated below and according to the following parameters:
- Tuesday, 21:00: 9 rounds, swap2, 3 minutes per player, Swiss system,
- Thursday, 21:00: 9 rounds, swap2, 5 minutes per player, Swiss system,
- Sunday, 17:00: 9 rounds, swap2, 7 minutes per player, Swiss system.
3.2. In case of serious organizational problems NT Tournament can be established in the same day, however, not later than 30 minutes after deadline stipulated in the point 3.1.
3.3. In case that NT Tournaments will not be played in deadline stipulated in point 3.1. or 3.2., then such NT Tournament is considered as cancelled.
3.4. Organizers do not take responsibility for potential non-accepting to particular NT Tournament players who will not be present in the playing room 5 minutes before the start of such NT Tournament.
4. NT classifications
4.1. Player of the Month title is awarded at the end of every month to NT participant who gained the most number of championship points. Championship points are given after every NT Tournament for:
a) achieving one of the top eight places during NT Tournament, using following key: I place – 10 pts, II – 8, III – 6, IV – 5, V – 4, VI – 3, VII – 2, VIII – 1,
b) gained tournament points (1 point achieved in the NT Tournament = 1 championship point).
4.2. Additionally, half-year classification is managed. Points are counted analogically to point 4.1.a) for places achieved in particular months of a half-year and are increased by 10% of the sum of tournaments points gained in this half-year.
4.3. In case of achieving the same number of points in particular classification period by two or more players higher number of first places in the particular cycle is deciding. In case it is not sufficient to settle this matter, number of second, third, etc. places in this cycle is deciding.
4.4. In the event where rules stipulated in point 4.3. are not sufficient to settle matter of taking places in case of the same gained points number, players are classified ex aequo.
4.5. Organizers stipulate the right to modify NT classification (e.g. in case of deleting player from NT List of Players), however, not later than by one week from the end of monthly NT edition. After that time NT classification is considered as final.
5. Fair-play
5.1. The main rule in force in NT is to follow fair-play rules.
5.2. As behavior not in conformity with the fair-play rules are considered, among others:
- frequent color change into grey (“blinking”) of nickname during the game,
- support of program or other people hints during playing,
- swearing, making fun of other players, using rude words,
- any other behavior not in conformity with commonly accepted rules of fundamental personal culture.
5.3. Behavior not in conformity with fair-play rules will not be tolerated and persons not complying with NT rules can be deleted (temporarily or lifelong) from NT List of Players.

"NT – Guidebook"

What is NT?

NT are regularly organized gomoku tournaments with the main rule fair-play.
When NT tournaments take place and what are NT tournaments parameters?
NT tournaments Take place regularny 3 times a week and are established on „newtournament” nickname. They are played in swiss system, 9-rounds, swap2 version is played.

Tournaments dates and time of playing:

- every Tuesday, 21:00, 3 minutes per player,
- every Thursday, 21:00, 5 minutes per player,
- etery Sunday, 17:00, 7 minutes per player.

Who can play in NT?

In NT can play every participant of current EL competition and any other person who has nickname with at least 500 played games and not more escapes than 15% of played games and who will be recommended by any captain of EL team. Necessary condition is to send entry to NT organizers Accepted players will be on list of players authorized to play In NT (contacts list of „newtournament” nickname).

How to make access to NT? What information shall be included in entry?

Access to NT is by entry in the form of: message EL site, message on site or private message sent on Kurnik to „newtournament” or one of the organizers account.
Entry shall include indication of nickname to play in NT and indication of recommending person (if necessary).
After sending an entry it is needed to confirm it by private message from nickname on which you make access to play, sent to „newtournament” account.

Who are NT organizers?

NT organizers are polish players: Angst, Maestro i Zukole.

Is there any classification In NT? In which way?

In NT players are classified In the monthly and half-year cycles. In monthly their points gained in particular tournaments are summarized plus bonus points (for taking place from 1 to 8, respectively: I place - 10 pkt., II-8, III-6, IV-5, V-4, VI-3, VII-2, VIII-1).
In half-year bonus points for places taken AT the end of particular months are summarized plus 10% of all points gained during all tournaments of this half-year.

Is it possible to be deleted from the list of players?

Yes, in case of infringement of the rules, eg. swearing, using playing program, etc.

Are there any restrictions concerning nick to play in NT?

NT nickname can not be grey.

What is a difference between NT and official tournaments?

The main difference is about players. Non-cultural Or not fair behaviour are not be tolerated. Moreover, every player can use just one nickname.

Kind regards,


P.S. I hope EL admins will join too. As soon as any NT site will be ready we will go there :)
2008-12-24 23:56:59 Jan Bazika (czlsapek)
Merry Christmas
# 3624
Ok, I also wish Merry Christmas and successful New Year to all gomoku players here, surely instead of our future opponents :-)

2008-12-24 08:43:02 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
Merry Christmas
# 3615
I wish you all a Merry Christmas!!! :)

2008-12-24 00:58 Costinas Beniamin (vlh_dragon)
Merry Christmas
# 3614
What about my proposal from "the rules" section ? :P
I mean , i asked first .
2008-12-24 00:23:55 Ales Rybka (autickocz)
RE: Statistics
# 3613
Hi, I asked pavel, there is nothing wrong. Your games from last match against zakon havent been approved, so they havent been counted in the statistic.

You played 3 matches (5/6, 8/8, 5/8). So the results should be 18/22. Without 2 your games it is 17/20. The games will be counted after aprroving from both captains.
2008-12-23 22:37:38 Michał Żukowski (zukolepl)
Merry Christmas
# 3611
May the Peace of the Lord fill your soul
May the Love of God fill your heart
May the Light of the Lamb shine upon your path
May Hope Eternal guide you through the world
May Christmas remain with you each and every day.
2008-12-23 20:46:39 Ales Rybka (autickocz)
RE: Renju World Cup
# 3609
If you mean Renju World Championships so it will be held in Pardubice, Czech republic from Aug 2 till Aug 14. Czech renju federation orgnizes it.
2008-12-23 16:43:28 Vlad Nipoti (czpaybtc)
# 3608
There is something wrong with statistics. I played 22 games and got 18 points... in stats there is 17/20 although the second captain didnt approve the result. Also some other players have different numbers than they played. Can Ales or Pavel do something with it?
2008-12-23 12:35:13 Andrey Sviridov (cr_spartak)
Renju World Cup
# 3607
Does anybody know terms and location of this event?
2008-12-21 21:50:36 Георги Георгиев (lindross88)
3 round
# 3599
Bravo of Dark team unique team are
2008-12-20 08:19:09 Stanislav Hyzik (fststenly)
# 3587
2008-12-17 17:05:49 Vlad Nipoti (czpaybtc)
RE: 3 round
# 3574
Yes but if captain is irresponsible and childish, What's more, he doesnt speak english...
2008-12-17 14:35:36 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: 3 round
# 3571
Would be nice if team in case of ending its participation lets the organizer know, we might add some punishment for such players for future seasons, if they decide to play again... Because now until they get enough walkovers to be removed some other teams will get unnecessary +- again.
2008-12-17 12:50:10 Vlad Nipoti (czpaybtc)
RE: 3 round
# 3567
But question is also if the opponent-Attack team play current round, as I know they won't. In my opinion the captain Pawel Kosek gave up participating EL...
2008-12-16 19:33:30 Георги Георгиев (lindross88)
RE: 3 round
# 3561
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