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2023-06-01 22:57:56 Alexey Lebedev (wkstealth)
RE: Wild Dragons vs Wake
# 7328
I confirm
2023-06-01 22:56:57 Lukáš Souček (dragonboner)
Wild Dragons vs Wake
# 7327
We agreed to play 04.06.2023 on Sunday at 8 PM (CET time).
2023-05-13 04:06:07 Csaba Kamarás (owcsaba)
RE: Czech Payback - Only we
# 7321
I confirm it.
2023-05-12 23:12:39 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
Czech Payback - Only we
# 7320
We made a deal to play on Sunday at 18:00 (14. 5.).
2023-04-22 11:31:29 Libor Krejčíř (czpaydea)
Czech payback B vs Luffarna
# 7318
Hi, we agreed with Luffarna to play tommorow 23.4.2023 19:00 (CEST).
2023-04-22 08:38:18 Lukáš Souček (dragonboner)
Thunderstorm : Wild Dragons
# 7317
We agreed to play with Thunderstorm to play tommorow 23.4.2023 18:00 (CEST).
2023-04-22 08:28:11 Peter Jonsson (peterjo)
Match Luffarna - Czech Payback B
# 7316
We have agreed to play at 19 00 on Sunday 23 April.
Peter Jonsson, Captain Luffarna
2023-04-21 22:57:33 Tatiana Volkova (1dalida1)
Thunderstorm - Wild Dragons
# 7315
We will play 23-04-2023 at 18:00
2023-03-06 11:36:54 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
RE: Czech Payback - Thunderstorm
# 7312
I confirm our agreement to play 6. 3. 2023 at 20:00.Thx :)
2023-03-05 13:25:39 Tatiana Volkova (1dalida1)
Czech Payback - Thunderstorm
# 7311
ok, let's play at 20-00 tomorrow. Please approve this date here
2023-03-03 09:18:21 Alexey Lebedev (wkstealth)
RE: Czech payback B vs Wake
# 7310
I confirm
2023-03-03 02:14:45 Libor Krejčíř (czpaydea)
Czech payback B vs Wake
# 7309
Hi, we agreed to play Sunday 5th at 18:00.
Come and cheer whichever side you like, if you want;)
2023-02-27 23:36:28 Libor Krejčíř (czpaydea)
Czech payback B vs Wake
# 7308
The match won't be played in the approved date and time, as wkstealth contracted us with a request for a change and we are ok with it. We will write the settled date/time as soon as we will find some ;)
2023-01-22 16:13:28 Alexey Lebedev (wkstealth)
# 7305
We agreed to start our match at 20-00 warsaw time
2023-01-06 20:58:37 Alexey Lebedev (wkstealth)
RE: Wake - Dark Team 08.01.2023, 2:00 pm
# 7304
I confirm
2023-01-06 20:57:42 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
Wake - Dark Team 08.01.2023, 2:00 pm
# 7303
We agreed to play our match on Sunday, 08.01., at 2:00 pm Warsaw/Prague.

Best regards,

2023-01-03 20:14:38 Lukáš Souček (dragonboner)
MIND INFINITY vs Wild Dragons
# 7302
We agreed to play on 8.1.2023 at 7 PM (19:00).
2022-05-01 17:36:34 Csaba Kamarás (owcsaba)
Only We - Wild Dragons
# 7298
We agreed to start at 18:00 01.05.2022.
2022-04-21 23:52:49 Ciarán Lucey (7upkiki)
RE: 7up - Dark Team 23.04.2022, 19:30
# 7296
I confirm it
2022-04-21 23:50:38 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
7up - Dark Team 23.04.2022, 19:30
# 7295
This is to announce that in accordance with the captains' arrangement, 7up - Dark Team match will be played on Saturday, 19:30.

Best regards,

2022-03-26 16:52:51 Alexey Lebedev (wkstealth)
RE: Wake - Dark Team 27.03.2022, 20:00
# 7287
I confirm
2022-03-26 16:50:22 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
Wake - Dark Team 27.03.2022, 20:00
# 7286
We agreed to play our match tomorrow, 8:00 pm Warsaw time.

Best regards,

2022-03-19 18:21:19 Ciarán Lucey (7upkiki)
# 7285
We agreed to play our match tomorrow at 17(03.20)
2022-03-19 18:20:37 Ciarán Lucey (7upkiki)
# 7284
We agreed to play our match tomorrow at 17(03.20)
2022-03-12 13:31:26 Zoltán László (scavenger)
RE: Wild Dragons vs Black and White
# 7283
I confirm.
2022-03-12 13:30:02 Lukáš Souček (dragonboner)
Wild Dragons vs Black and White
# 7282
Match between Wild Dragons and Black and White will be played tommorow 13.3.2022 at 5 PM.
2022-02-23 05:24:38 Csaba Kamarás (owcsaba)
Only We vs. 4KDIE
# 7276
Team Only We and 4KDIE will play today (23th February) at 5PM.
2022-02-11 18:11:05 Alexey Lebedev (wkstealth)
RE: Czech Payback vs. Wake
# 7275
I confirm
2022-02-11 17:47 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
Czech Payback vs. Wake
# 7274
We made a deal to play this sunday (13th) on 19:00.
2022-01-12 14:30:18 Csaba Kamarás (owcsaba)
RE: Thunderstorm - Only We
# 7270
I confirm it.
2022-01-12 14:28:35 Tatiana Volkova (1dalida1)
Thunderstorm - Only We
# 7269
the match will be played on 13.01.22 at 19:00 (Czech time)
2021-12-19 22:44:11 Lukáš Souček (dragonboner)
Wild Dragons vs 5KDIE
# 7267
Team Wild Dragons and 5KDIE will play tommorow 20th at 5PM, date is confirmed, anyway based on other options I confirm it even here!
2021-12-04 19:16:27 Lukáš Souček (dragonboner)
Czech Payback B : Wild Dragons
# 7265
Team Czech Payback B and Wild Dragons agreed to play tommorow 5.12.2021 at 8 PM (CET)
2021-06-20 15:21:35 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Thunderstorm - Outsiders
# 7259
We agreed to play the match today 19:00.
2021-05-23 17:06:54 Marek Gorzecki (alicecooperpl)
Demons and Wizards - Czech Payback D
# 7256
there is a wrong time on the website, so I assume that we are playing at 19
2021-05-21 19:18:35 Alexey Lebedev (wkstealth)
RE: Match Luffarna - Wake
# 7255
I confirm)
2021-05-21 19:01:08 Peter Jonsson (peterjo)
Match Luffarna - Wake
# 7254
Luffarna and Wake have agreed on playing at 19 00 on Sunday 23 May
2021-04-01 14:38:44 Csaba Kamarás (owcsaba)
RE: CzPayB - OnlyWe
# 7226
I confirm it.
2021-04-01 14:37:03 Matěj Holub (czpaypiggi)
CzPayB - OnlyWe
# 7225
Our match is postponed to 18:30. (We'll start 30 minutes later).

This isn't a april fool's joke.

2021-02-13 21:31:52 Ashot Avetisyan (ashot)
RE: Match Luffarna - Mind Infinity
# 7215
hi I have already answered in a personal Peter Jonsson we will play well on 14 February 19.00, thank you
2021-02-13 11:33:54 Peter Jonsson (peterjo)
Match Luffarna - Mind Infinity
# 7214
Hello ! We can play tomorrow Sunday 14 February at 19 00 if it is OK for you. Please let me know today otherwise it can be difficult.
2021-02-10 19:24:52 Robin Holuša (czpaycashew)
Czech Payback C - Only We
# 7213
Teams are agreed on 2021-02-13 , 10:00
2021-02-10 19:04:28 Csaba Kamarás (owcsaba)
Czech Payback C - Only We
# 7212
We made a deal to play our match at 13.02.2021 10:00.
2021-02-03 16:23:37 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: Outsiders : Czech Payback E
# 7211
the match will be played on 6.2 at 17:20
2021-01-29 15:50:20 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Outsiders : Czech Payback E
# 7210
we agreed we dont play today, the match is next week most likely sat or fri, we will let the public know
2021-01-12 10:38:52 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Match Dark Team - Luffarna
# 7202
Thank you. I hereby confirm starting our match at 19:00 today.

Best regards, Piotr
2021-01-12 09:52:28 Peter Jonsson (peterjo)
Match Dark Team - Luffarna
# 7201
I checked with my team and we can start at 19 00 tonight. See you then

Peter Jonsson, Captain Luffarna
2021-01-11 22:50:56 Peter Jonsson (peterjo)
Match between Dark Team and Luffarna
# 7200
We hava agreed to play Tuesday 12 January. I let you know the time for start (between 18 00 and 20 00) as soon as I have found out. I will write it here.
Peter jonsson, Captain Luffarna
2021-01-03 14:58:24 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
Czech Payback vs. Thunderstorm
# 7187
We made a deal to play our match 17. 1. 18:00.

2020-05-08 23:03:30 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Dark Team : Piece of cake.
# 7152
I hereby confirm!

Best regards,

2020-05-08 19:37:10 Pavlína Brdková (czpaya)
Dark Team : Piece of cake.
# 7151
We agreed on playing Saturday 9th May from 19:00.
2020-05-03 22:58:36 Štěpán Tesařík (czpayroxid)
Czech Payback C : Czech Payback B
# 7150
Both captains agreed, that we will play on May 4 from 19:00
2020-04-16 11:35:21 Alexey Lebedev (wkstealth)
Wake-Czech Payback
# 7149
We will play sunday 19/04 at 18-00 CET
2020-03-07 17:09:24 Csaba Kamarás (owcsaba)
RE: Date Change
# 7148
I as the captain of OnlyWe team, verify the new date and time.
2020-03-07 17:07:12 Horcsin Tibor (deadshot)
Date Change
# 7147
Match date was changed between team Suicide Squad and team Only We, from 2020.3.8 to 2020.3.7 19:00.
2019-05-11 13:12:30 Zoltán László (scavenger)
# 7142
The match is going to be played on Tuesday, 14th May, from 20:15 CEST
2019-05-06 04:39:21 Michał Żukowski (zukolepl)
# 7139
What with this match? They will play during/after last round or temporary draw is final result?
2019-04-14 08:01:21 Ilya Katsev (bromozel)
WayToTheSun - Thunderstorm
# 7138
We will play today at 20:00 Moscow time (18:00 CET, 19:00 CEST)
2019-04-06 13:44:05 Ilya Katsev (bromozel)
# 7121
We will play in admin date, tomorrow at 19:00 CET (21:00 Moscow time)
2019-03-17 13:07:51 Štěpán Tesařík (czpayroxid)
Czech Payback C : Wake
# 7120
We are rearrange our match to 17th sunday 19:00
2019-03-12 23:25:16 Peter Jonsson (peterjo)
Any Idea - Luffarna
# 7119
Is it possible to start at 20 00? Or at least at 19 00.
Peter Jonsson
2019-03-06 17:11:19 Semir Arabo (gmlsemir)
RE: CZ - GML vs. Piece od cake
# 7118
Wtf my phone xD
*will fight
2019-03-06 17:10:35 Semir Arabo (gmlsemir)
CZ - GML vs. Piece od cake
# 7117
We moved our match.
We will Fighting on Wednesday 13.3. 20:15!
2019-03-03 20:32:34 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Admin dates - choice of time
# 7116

You should propose requested admin date for your team and the Committee will consider this request, however if 19:00 CET is not suitable, then 15:00 or 17:00 CET can be considered.

Kind regards,

2019-02-25 11:20:42 Vladimir Sinitsyn (vladimirs)
Admin dates - choice of time
# 7115
Last time we couldn't find good date and got Admin date. It is OK, but why time was 19:00 CET? Or we are in wrong time zone group? How to change it for future?

From rules:
6.9. In case the teams do not agree about match date, the default match date (ADMIN date) is the last Sunday of the round however the exact time depends on group assignment the time zones of the teams. At the beginning of a new EL season The Committee divides the teams into groups according to their assumed time zones. There are three groups with starting times to be used as admin date: 15:00, 17:00 and 19:00 CET respectively. The captains have the right to change their group allocation during the 1st round, until the 2nd Sunday, 24:00, CET. The captains can request such a change during the whole EL season, in case of reasonable circumstances (eg. new players from different time zones joined the team). The Committee will decide about such requests. ADMIN date of a particular match is defined as the earlier from group starting times of both teams.
2019-02-24 09:31:29 Ilya Katsev (bromozel)
No To Co - WayToTheSun
# 7114
Our today match will be at 19:00 CET, the time on the site is wrong
2019-02-02 18:41:49 Vladimir Sinitsyn (vladimirs)
RE: CZ - GML vs. No To Co
# 7113
Sorry, it was interesting for us to play, but we can't find another date for only 1 day (end of round)
2019-02-02 00:19:04 Semir Arabo (gmlsemir)
CZ - GML vs. No To Co
# 7107
We Are really sorry, but we can NOT play tomorrow. I tried to figure out how to play for example only 3v4, but it is impossible. Couldnt we move our match, please :D
I will respect, if you would say no...
2018-12-25 21:31:24 Štěpán Tesařík (czpayroxid)
RE: Check Payback C - Estonian Penguins
# 7106
Hello, I confirm Madli's words.
2018-12-25 18:06:23 Madli Mirme (madli)
Check Payback C - Estonian Penguins
# 7105

This is to confirm that Czech Payback C and Estonian Penguins have decided to play at 18:00 on the 25th of December 2018 (CET).

Kind regards,
2018-06-03 10:43:34 Sednars Sednars (sednars)
Where is kaszuny?
# 7099
Hey! I would like to watch current tournament but I don’t know Where is kaszuny? Could domenowych help? I checked kurnik (playok) And there is No such płace there And there is also No tournament on aby other room And according to What is written on pairing page should be now metch between Piece of cake And Czech Payback C (at 10:00 in kaszuny)...
2018-05-09 20:12:41 Ilya Katsev (bromozel)
RE: WayToTheSun - Dark Team 10.05., 21:00
# 7098
I confirm
2018-05-09 19:27:47 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
WayToTheSun - Dark Team 10.05., 21:00
# 7097
This is to inform that we have just agreed another date for a match between WayToTheSun and Dark Team: tomorrow (10.05.), 21:00 Warsaw time.

Kind regards,

2018-03-23 13:23:59 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Czech Payback B : Outsiders
# 7096
Hello, we agreed to start the EL match of 5th round Czech Payback B : Outsiders on Sun 25.3.2018 at 10:30.
2018-03-21 18:39:40 Madli Mirme (madli)
Dark Team : Estonian Penguins
# 7095
Hello, we agreed to start the EL match of 5th round Dark Team : Estonian Penguins on Wed 21.3.2018 at 20:15.
2018-01-26 11:48:12 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Outsiders : Dark Team
# 7093

I hereby confirm.

Best regards,

2018-01-26 11:47:02 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Outsiders : Dark Team
# 7092
Hello, we agreed to start the EL match of 2nd round Outsiders : Dark Team on Sun 28.1.2018 at 19:30.
2017-04-13 15:01:38 Łukasz Majksner (scammer)
Get Rekt - WayToTheSun
# 7084
We agreed to play tomorrow (Friday 14th April) at 19:00 CEST.
2017-03-24 15:58:43 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
RE: Match date Outsiders - Czech Payback
# 7082
I confirm this deal.
2017-03-23 21:28:01 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Match date Outsiders - Czech Payback
# 7080
We agreed to play on Sun 26.03.2017 at 17:15 Warsaw time.
2017-03-22 21:19:30 Peter Jonsson (peterjo)
Match date luffarna - megalomani
# 7079
We suggest to play on Sunday 26 20 00. In case does not work, lets play at kurnik.

Peter Jonsson Captain luffarna
2017-03-21 22:09:01 Ilya Muratov (wk_bkmz)
RE: Dasha and bears • Demons and Wizards
# 7078
2017-03-21 13:51:43 Łukasz Majksner (scammer)
RE: Thunderstorm - Get Rekt
# 7077
I initially forgot about time change in Poland - the match is going to be played as agreed earlier - 18:00 CET (20:00 Moscow time; in fact 19:00 CEST / Warsaw time).
2017-03-21 12:40:19 Alexey Lebedev (wkstealth)
RE: Trump Army vs Wake
# 7076
I confirm (on 26th 19 CET = 20 Moscow time)
2017-03-21 10:00:44 Tauri Purk (eurogomoku)
Trump Army vs Wake
# 7075
Hi, we have agreed with captain of Wake to play our match on 26th of March 19 CET
2017-03-20 13:04:34 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
Dark Team - WayToTheSun; 26.03.; 18:30
# 7074
Hello All!

We agreed with WTTS captain to play our match on Sunday, 26th of March, at 6:30 pm (Warsaw time).

Kind regards,

2017-03-19 19:19:36 Tatiana Volkova (1dalida1)
RE: Thunderstorm - Get Rekt
# 7073
The 26 of March at 18 00 will be ok.
2017-03-19 17:34:54 Łukasz Majksner (scammer)
Thunderstorm - Get Rekt
# 7072
We agreed to continue our match on Sunday 26.03.2017 18:00 CET.
2017-03-19 16:19:27 Marek Gorzecki (alicecooperpl)
Dasha and bears • Demons and Wizards
# 7071
Hello Ilya, I propose 25.03.2017, 15:00
2017-02-19 16:48:17 Marek Gorzecki (alicecooperpl)
RE: Re: Igor Eged, One more comment
# 7053
Oleg I respect You very much, thats why I write now a serious explanation of why I am against.

Your case is indefensible to me for one reason:
You demand for Yourselves special rights, other than for all.

And just to be clear, if Dasha.. did it maliciously and deliberately, it is a shame for them (the greater shame for Them that They have good players)
2017-02-19 15:28:17 Marek Gorzecki (alicecooperpl)
RE: Re: Igor Eged, One more comment
# 7052
1 we know the admin date and agreed to the terms and conditions at start
2 but in this round, we can not play in it
3 So the committee: force opponent to play another day
4 and if not, we resign
PS enemy is evil incarnate because he wants to play as a date in the rules

somehow I do not feel confident
2017-02-19 12:43:43 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: Re: Igor Eged, One more comment
# 7051
Dear Alex,
just a short reply to the questions:

1) no, we didn't decide based on any furla's speculations and the usage of a term misuse is a subjective opinion

2) hard to speak for everyone, people have their own opinions, some can consider it lack of maturity, some selfishness (as some players in your team would really prefer to have the chance of playing with strong opponents further, but ok they can still join other teams), it doesn't change much whether it's a bluff or not, also bears have used the same "threat", but these are not real threats to others, you are just hurting yourselves, the competition will survive even without teams that care so much about their pride or one, in their opinion, unfair loss than about the bigger picture and chance to play with the best.
I personally didn't know and gave to it like 65%-35% leaving-not leaving.

And one more remark.
May be you have misread, but I want to point out there is a difference between "possible lack of good will" and "proven lack of good will", where it's not easy to prove the latter.

You could have chosen to stay and rather come up with some good suggestions and rule changes that would prevent situation like this happening in the future.

That's for now, my statement at least to some questions.
2017-02-19 12:11:05 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Re: Igor Eged, One more comment
# 7050
Hi Alex,

As far as I understand your quite long and in fact reasonably looking message, there is only one argument against the Committee decision - misuse of the Rules by Dasha and Bears.

I think what was written by Igor additionally to short decision of the Committee was rather his personal opinion not our formal statement, but the truth is that there was one major issue with this case - more or less visible lack of willingness to find a compromise regarding the match date from DaB side (as otherwise probably suitable date would be find and there was no case at all).

Nevertheless, I wonder if you tried to look at this case not from yours, but from the Committee's perspective and to answer such questions as: should particular team play in any date that there are 4 players available, but maybe is not optimal from other perspective? even if there is no real problem with such a date, does it mean that it's not this team choice when to play? knowing that opponents can have problems with gathering full line-up, does it necessarily mean a need for agreement to play 3vs3 or 2v2?

All this questions are related with sportsmanship, but for me this is a little bit different fair-play issue than some kinds of cheating, like using program, databases, giving advices or playing under false nickname. For some it maybe very similar, but in general I can't agree with calling it misuse of the Rules, at least creating a need for the Committee to react.

Going deeper, we had few propositions from Oleg, but all of them were pushing DaB to choose solution suitable for Lords and creating pressure on the Committee, suggesting that maybe it should force somehow DaB to accept one of them, regardless of its compliance with the existing Rules. Moreover, there was a threat of leaving the EL brought to the table.

We tried to use mediation, nevertheless it failed. At the end there was decision to be made. And in any aspect it was sure that this decision will be on favour of one of the teams involved. But in this particular case Rules are clear.

Admin date was questioned, but I don't see any alternative solution to be proposed by anyone. I'm sure (also basing on personal experience) that teams sometimes suffer in effect of this rule, but no-one proposed anything better yet and I think that thanks to this rule walkovers are more seldom than it would be if two teams would be obliged to find a compromise. Moreover, you know few months before that once per three weeks your availability can be necessary (what is obviously not possible sometimes, but can't be treated as a surpise).

What is the worst here is the fact that such a nice competition, with established prestige and long-lasting presence in gomoku community, is suffering with some personal (or almost political?) conflicts that could make people forget what is this all about - rivalry, but on board, thinking, but about where to put next stone, development, but of analytical skills, not the diplomacy or politics.

I really regret that this happens and believe that your decision is not final and your arguments regarding live champions/winners presence in your team will at least encourage you to reconsider your position. I respect your consistency here, but let's forget about all what is around and let your players play - for community's sake.

Kind regards,

2017-02-19 02:29:40 Alex Popiel (lolamaza)
Re: Igor Eged, One more comment
# 7049
Dear Igor,
Dear members of the Committee,

I have kept silence over some time now, as I did not want to get back to squabbles, which I would have done seeing all this. And so I passed my captaincy to Oleg, a person of much higher patience and decency than those of mine. Now, seeing his attitude and being aware of the negotiations and he Commitee's unreadiness to take actions and listen to common sense, I see I have made a mistake by placing this burden onto Oleg, as even he cannot bear what is going on, nor can he stand double-standard decisions of the Committee and has stated our readiness to quit the competition that we had found exciting for many seasons and were willing to participate in.

For my part, I agree with this and now would just like to reply to your “one more comment”:

>> During the process of investigation I have learned that the cause of this possible lack of good will to make compromises from the team of Dasha and bears

So you operate with such notions as lack of good will, right? Does the fact that a team cynically misuses a rule (in this case, the admin date rule) and does not even try to hide their unwillingness to decide the winner in play not bother you as a member of the Committee, the organ created to enforce the rules and make wise decisions in case outrageous things happen? Is this correct?

>> is that quite large group of players including members of Dasha and bears have problem with player lamaza as they still consider him unfair.

Am I the team? It is about live – you do like this word indeed – players who cannot play, not me. Show me another one team with such honourable live players. Do many teams now feature people with honours such as vice-champion of the world? Or, maybe, Polish championship winners? Or, maybe, TGEC winners? We have them all. Do you want them all to quit because of Furla’s everlasting lust for power and his weird fear before my humble person? Do you know who Furla actually is and what his tasks from his Zhirinovsky’s LDPR party are (just check the Wiki on what it is)? Involve more and dominate them in order to make them vote in case of necessity. Running a gomoku group in seems to him the only field he can shepherd followers in. Another strong leader would indeed be a straw in the eye. And so a company launched several years ago, which involved quite a few people, some of them not having anything to do with me at all, some of them being threatened by those who launched it. Anyways, we all saw the “results” of the Committee investigation and now the case is closed.

Now, back to my person: I have played in the EL since 2009 leading my team to results that none of the other competitors could show in this period of time, including three Champion titles. Why have you started to care so much of my fairness if this “large group of players” could have proven my unfairness long ago – if only they could – and turned to this argument now? Maybe just in order to motivate your approval of the cynical misuse of the admin date rule just 20 hours before the match? Why wouldn’t the Committee just acknowledge that the argument you have just brought forth is intended to withdraw attention from the gap in the regulations that the Committee has failed to either fill with an array of better solutions or neglect it in order to make the match happen?

>> So here I have to ask the community, why haven't players/team captains really mobilized to some protest and removal of this player from EL rather than his presence now leading to situations like this.

A good question! I will gladly hear more about it, see above. But, anyways, what connection does my humble person have with the misuse of the rules by Furla? Will Dasha and Bears agree to play 2 vs. 2 against logelo0one and loraficus tomorrow at 7 pm if I quit (our other players can’t play due to objective reasons already stated by our captain)? I don’t think so. They want a point more than they want to play.

>> Also my advice to Alex, if you are really innocent

Go to the Holy Church and prove you are one.

>> and would like this general opinion to be changed, I suggest you should finally visit some live tournament and prove your playing level, I think that would be the best way to fight with all this.

I don’t want to fight it, and I believe those who trust me need no further proof and those who don’t won’t be persuaded even if I top all the bills live.

Now, my questions (1, 2) that go to you as a member of the Committee and, as you have been as kind as to give me advice, my advice (3):

(1) Have you made your decision not to stop Dasha and Bears from an obvious misuse of the rules (and I know you are of the same opinion) only basing upon Furla’s speculations?

(2) Did you think that “The Lords of XO” blackmailed the Committee and bluffed saying they’d quit if the Committee does Furla’s bidding?

We did not, because allegations are allegations, and misuse is misuse.

(3) Your as a member of the Committee's task is to run and moderate the season, follow common sense where rules don’t apply, get misused, or are not sufficient, and never to read tea leaves. There are special Sinti/Roma agencies who run the latter business.

Again, I apologize before the teams we have played in rounds 1-3 for wrong pairings for rounds 2-4 because of our victories.

We quit.

Enjoy Furla & Co.!
2017-02-18 20:47:58 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
One more comment
# 7048
During the process of investigation I have learned that the cause of this possible lack of good will to make compromises from the team of Dasha and bears is that quite large group of players including members of Dasha and bears have problem with player lamaza as they still consider him unfair.

So here I have to ask the community, why haven't players/team captains really mobilized to some protest and removal of this player from EL rather than his presence now leading to situations like this.

Also my advice to Alex, if you are really innocent and would like this general opinion to be changed, I suggest you should finally visit some live tournament and prove your playing level, I think that would be the best way to fight with all this.
2017-02-18 20:33:24 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: Admin date issue
# 7047
as the teams were already informed via other channels, the decision in short form is:

The Committee has decided that Dasha and bears vs The Lords of XO match in the current round has to be played on admin date, Sunday, 19.02.2017 at 7 pm CET.

Now my comments:
It was tough to choose from 2 solutions, where each would hurt one team.

Unfortunately the committee can use decision different than the one in rules only in exceptional cases.
And in fact situations like this have already happened, although the protest wasn't possibly official in all cases or so vehement, also Alice mentioned some situation with possible lack of good will from, by coincidence, your team.

If you mention now some unfair posts in some forum from a player from your opponent, we can check if we can give some pp or something for that based on rules, but that would be different case.

Unfortunately the match date mechanism has its flaws, but nobody invented anything better here so far.

So if you have some ideas how to change the rules, we are open to propositions.
2017-02-18 17:44:56 Oleg Bulatowsky (logelo0one)
RE: Admin date issue
# 7046
Dear Committee,

On account of your silence, I take it you have not made a decision that would shatter the grounds of the EL rules within the same season and/or round and hence the admin date and time remain the same. Otherwise you would have come with a statement in the Decisions part of the Forum. We will obey your choice.

We will regret to learn about your decision and we will quit if we cannot find the 4th player, as we consider it humiliating to be forced to play 3x4, without our best players, against the strongest Russian lineup in the EL ever summoned in quest of and EL title.

Thus, our team (a three-time winner of the EL with two winners of Polish championship and two vice-champions of the world on the squad, two of which not being able to take part on the admin date and time in this round due to objective reasons) will just disappear, as we have all agreed in case the admin date (and which is a lot worse, TIME) will be kept, before the publication of the post of 15.02.2017.

However, back to the case: if the force of the rules within a season (even if they are obviously unfair) and the hazard of changing them within a season and/or round remains an obstacle, I would like to draw your attention to the following facts that directly apply to the rules that are in force and are not to be changed now:

- The team "Dasha and Bears" obviously jeopardizes rule 13.1 (fair play, check the Russian forum in []: "Нет, естественно мы им сделаем все в пику, чтобы им было как можно более неудобно" [benirvana, 17.02.2017, 09:54: "No, for sure we will do all the worst to them, so that they feel least comfortable"]). From the forum message cited, it becomes obvious that the disagreement on date and time was cynically stipulated on purpose.
- Rule 5.2 clearly states that "A team match between two teams is played with two, three or four players of each team," without any further provision how many players MUST play in the match from both sides; nor does it state who, when and under what circumstances is to decide the numbers, that is, captains, players, or the Committee.

Considering the above, I address you, as you perfectly understand the moral aspect of the problem: should you view it impossible to change the admin date (please also consider TIME) rule within this round (it will need amendments later on anyways for the purpose of avoiding its misuse), please review an option of enforcing rule 5.2's treatment that will help keep the match of at least 3x3 for the history of the EL. I hope none of you would mind watching it.

Best regards,
Oleg Bulatowsky on behalf of "The Lords of XO"

P.S. Please consider that the lines of the EL team members have been decreasing drastically over the past years. And you will contribute to this process by letting “Dasha and Bears” misuse the rules and forcing one of the top teams out through outrageous mistreatment. Will your silence and admin date rule blind obedience make the EL season better? Will it raise the level of competition and trust into the Committee’s common sense? Had laws described and prescribed everything in this world, no-one would have invented lawyers and courts whose work is meant for the common good. Please take this into consideration.
2017-02-16 08:43:57 Marek Gorzecki (alicecooperpl)
RE: Admin date issue
# 7045
And more
In one of the season because of an accident server match Daw-LO does not ended,
I asked to play at a different time, You do not agreed to !
and now You want another date?
(And case "we can not find date" vs real server failure is pathetic)
2017-02-16 08:26:52 Marek Gorzecki (alicecooperpl)
RE: Admin date issue
# 7044
1 all players agreed to the terms and conditions
2 date of administration of the game is clear for all teams and formerly known
3 so I can not fault the captain Dasha and Beers, He has the full right
4 of course, a pity if You can not find another date, but no one can be surprised by date, and demands for special rights is out of place

PS I was forced to play admin in the past not once,
but did not complain of this, if the rules were fulfilled
2017-02-16 01:33:48 Ilya Katsev (bromozel)
RE: Admin date issue
# 7043
Hello, Oleg

I'm answering here on behalf of EL Committee.
First, we are sorry for this delay with the answer. We discussed this situation a lot and have chosen option 4 from your list - try to find some solution for this case.
I'm authorized by the committee to discuss concrete variants with the captains of both teams (Ilya Muratov and you), so we will discuss the situation tomorrow.
2017-02-15 22:37:54 Oleg Bulatowsky (logelo0one)
Admin date issue
# 7042
Also, one more typo in the last sentence, where I meant the last option (not the third)
2017-02-15 21:42:17 Oleg Bulatowsky (logelo0one)
Admin date issue
# 7041
I apologize for some typos: the dates are, of course, 2017, not 2016.
2017-02-15 19:04:03 Oleg Bulatowsky (logelo0one)
Admin date issue
# 7040
Dear all,

My team "The Lords of XO" and me are concerned about the upcoming match with the team "Dasha and bears".
The reason for this is our complete inability to reach any reasonable compromise with the captain of the team "Dasha and Bears" with respect of the date and time of the match. While I informed Ilya Muratov about the inability of our 2 top players (namely adif and gergo) to play on the admin date as soon as I got informed about it (the rounds first weekend), all my proposals were turned down. With great respect could I understand why the opponent team was unable to play on weekdays because of work, it was somewhat surprising to hear "Dasha and Bears" refuse to play on the 2nd weekend and around the noon of the 3rd weekend using different excuses (extract of the personal conversation can be delivered to the Comittee)

As the captain of "The Lords of XO" and on the behalf of my team, I will respect any decision made by the Comittee in this case. As a member of the gomoku community and participant of the EL, however, I would greatly await an exciting match between my team and "Dasha and Bears", pephaps the strongest russian team to ever be lined up for the EL, as it promises (a great contribution to the development of the online competition). The last thing I expect of the Comittee is that it will let this fixture become a bureaucratic farse and not happen not to take place due to objective reasons from our side and the objective reasons from the opponents side.

One of the virtues most cherished by the european culture is flexibility. And so we would like to show that we are ready to be flexible. We hope that "Dasha and Bears" can kindly review their position and show their willingness to cooperate by letting the game to decide who is better, not who is luckier by providing a full line-up at a predecided time. We want to kindly request the parties involved ("Dasha and Bears" and the Comittee) to come to a decision which option will make better for the game.
- The teams are scheduled to play 10:00-11:00 18/19.02.2016 (4 vs. 4)
- The teams are scheduled to play 15:00-19:00 19.02.2016 (3 vs. 3)
- The Comittee extends the current round by one week and sets the admin date to next Sunday
- Any other plausible option offered by the Committee to solve this issue
- The Comittee agrees to accept our step-down from the competition, recalibrates the results of the previous rounds, and takes it into consideration that none of the players of "The Lords of XO" will take any further part in the EL.
We would greatly appreciate your feedback as soon as possible. In case the third option is chosen we bring our apologies to the teams we played with in the first 3 rounds who's coefitients we have affected.

Sincerely yours,
Oleg Bulatowsky on behalf of the Lords of XO
2017-02-14 23:58:43 Oleg Bulatowsky (logelo0one)
Admin date issue
# 7039
I regret that some of my remarks were taken by some respected members of the gomoku community on their own account. My intention was, on the contrary, to direct the attention of the gomoku community to the critical shortcomings of the "Admin Date" rule, not to accuse any specific team or person. Therefore, I have expected to receive a feedback that would deal with the general idea of my message, posted almost 7 days ago and so far left without any official response. We all care about the future, and now the closest future is the match that may crucially affect the final standings of the season. My team and I would in this respect be extremely grateful to the Comittee who is in charge of the competition and to the respectful captain of "Dasha and Bears" for their most careful assessment of the current situation with the fixture "The Lords of XO" vs. "Dasha and Bears".

Sincerely yours,
Oleg Bulatowsky on behalf of the Lords of XO
2017-02-12 23:28:04 Marek Gorzecki (alicecooperpl)
RE: Admin date issue
# 7038
You probably not made an effort to examine too close
for example
YES we prefer admin
BUT i ask team if they can play in date proposed by opponent
and i LET system accept proposition (NOT admin) (as my mates agreed)

so please exclude me and my team from such "cynicly" "violence"
becouse it is NOT TRUE
please next time be more accurate

2017-02-12 23:26:27 Michał Żukowski (zukolepl)
RE: Admin date issue
# 7037
Gelo, nice joking.


PS (this round) was played today.
2017-02-10 10:55:45 Ilya Katsev (bromozel)
RE: Дата матча "WayToTheSun" - "Humans-2015"
# 7036
I confirm
2017-02-10 10:27:47 Alexey Mikhaylov (off_minor)
Дата матча "WayToTheSun" - "Humans-2015"
# 7035
Дата проведения матча 4-го тура "WayToTheSun" - "Humans-2015" согласована капитанами обеих команд - суббота, 11 февраля. Начало матча в 18.00 по Пражскому времени (20.00 по Московскому).
Date of a match of the 4th tour "WayToTheSun" - "Humans-2015" is agreed by captains of both teams - Saturday, February 11. The beginning of a match at 18:00 on the Prague time (20.00 on Moscow).
2017-02-09 22:45:58 Oleg Bulatowsky (logelo0one)
RE: Admin date issue
# 7034
Dear Tomo,

Thank you for your feedback. My message was solely based upon the message exchange which is available online. I will ask Alex about the exact circumstances of your conversation.

Back to the current state of affairs: you have replied as the captain of the Slovenian Dragons. What would you reply as a member of the Committee?
2017-02-09 18:59:23 Tomo Dernovšek (jezek_si)
RE: Admin date issue
# 7033
I reply as the captain of SD and not as a member of the Committee.

Oleg, if you dont know all the facts, it would be better to be quite. I remember that we agreed to play on (the last?) Saturday, but noone from your team came. You could easily win with 3 players only, couldnt you? Lamaza obviously forgot to inform you about agreed date or changed it. It was his mistake, sorry. When the time was over, I informed the other member of the Committee, Angst, who was on-line and played their match. He published the news on the Polish form. (You can check there if this was last Saturday or not.) After w.o., I think, but I am not sure, that Lamaza wanted to play on another (admin) date. If he really asked me, I am sure, that I tried to inform my teammates, but we wouldnt have 4 players. We had problems to have 4 players all the season. Number of our players in each round: 4, 3, 5, 4, 3, bye, 4, +- (Lords), 1 (-+). And Lords: 5, 4, 4, 5, 5, 5, 4, -+ (SD), 5. Who really had problems to play with 4 players than?

Btw, we played in the season 2013/14 as well. I have dialogue with Lamaza on FB, when we tried to find a good day. If you want, I can publish it, that you can see if SD really tried to avoid your proposal or not.

Do you still think, that SD smelt the blood? I expect your apology.
2017-02-08 13:38:53 Oleg Bulatowsky (logelo0one)
Admin date issue
# 7032
Dear Committee,
Dear All,

I believe it is time to raise the question of the admin date, the issue invented as a panacea for squabbles that have often occurred over the course of date & time arrangements in the EL. It is good indeed to have an effective tool for reducing opposite opinions and either side’s stubbornness to a common denominator, and the Committee came up with this regulation some time ago. However, we can see that this mechanism, originally meant for the common good, is being cynically misused and has now turned into a tool of violence (sometimes being referred to as “date common to all”): (this season) (this round) (this round) (last season)
In the cited instances, one team looks for options, whereas the other one, sensing the smell of blood (as it becomes clear that the opponents can’t play on the admin date & time), enforces the right to get a free point no matter the cost. A good example would be our round 8 story with the Slovenian Dragons in the season of 2014/2015 ( when all excuses were used to squeeze a point of the situation, which could not otherwise be earned in play. Fortunately, that enforced walkover of ours did not affect the final table standings.
However, 2 months before that, Demons and Wizards enforced their right to use the admin date against us (, as they had known our captain couldn’t play and the rest was off-shape and had to cancel activities previously planned, and earned the point that decided the whole season. Now, a similar situation is going on: Dasha and Bears disagree to step off the admin date & time (19.02.2016, 19:00 CET), as they are uneager to cooperate. It has been communicated to them that two (loadif, lovage) out of our first four cannot play because of work shifts, another one (lozawrat) is traveling on the plane, and the rest has not been active for many months. Furthermore, another starting four player (lolamaza) will be on a duty trip to Georgia, 3 hours East from the CET. Still, our colleagues strangle the rule over our necks mentioning “preparations” as an excuse for using the evening time, although we have come up with quite a few date & time offers, including the old admin date at 10:00 CET on the 19th. The fact is that we just can’t play if the match starts after 14:00 on the 19th––not because of our stubbornness or wish to cut the opponents’ time to prepare (5 hours cut off 3 weeks––what a huge difference!), but because of objective reasons that can be confirmed with official documents upon request of the Committee.
Gentlemen, it is a matter work, something objective that people have to do to make their bread and butter and pay the flat. At stake is one of the matches that will decide the whole season, and we would like to ask the Committee to review this situation and help us find a solution that will prevent the misuse of the EL rules and provide for the decision of the season in play, not in negotiation boxes of the site.

Sincerely yours,
Oleg Bulatowsky on behalf of the Lords of XO
2017-01-13 22:20:15 Alexey Lebedev (wkstealth)
RE: Dark Team - Wake; 15.01.2017, 19:00
# 7025
Yes, we'll play at 19-00 CET on Sunday, 15th
2017-01-13 22:19:07 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
Dark Team - Wake; 15.01.2017, 19:00
# 7024

We agreed with Wake's captain to play on Sunday, 15.01., at 19:00 Warsaw time.

Due to 3-days rule we can't confirm appropriate date in match date section.

Kind regards,

2017-01-02 22:17:16 Ilya Muratov (wk_bkmz)
RE: WayToTheSun - Dasha and bears
# 7021
2017-01-02 20:08:03 Ilya Katsev (bromozel)
WayToTheSun - Dasha and bears
# 7020
We decide to play our match at January 5, 19:00 Prague time (21:00 Moscow time)
2016-04-02 20:25:14 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Demons and Wizards : Outsiders
# 7006
Both teams agreed to play at 15:00 tomorrow on 03.04.2016.
I also agree to play 3 vs 3 if the opponents ask us before the match.
Thank you.

I am also suggesting in the committee that committee should officially publish the list of team admin times at the start of the season and after each change.
2016-03-28 18:41:44 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
Czech payback games
# 7004
Our teams are going to play 31. 3. at 20:30.
2016-03-05 16:48:17 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: Outsiders - Dark Team 06.03.; 11:00
# 7002
I confirm, thanks.
2016-03-05 16:47:30 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Outsiders - Dark Team 06.03.; 11:00
# 7001
OK, finally we agreed to play tomorrow at 12:30!

Best regards,

2016-03-03 21:41:11 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: Outsiders - Dark Team 06.03.; 11:00
# 7000
Yes, I confirm.
2016-03-03 21:39 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
Outsiders - Dark Team 06.03.; 11:00
# 6999
Dear All,

We agreed to play our match on Sunday, 2016-03-06, at 11:00 (instead of 15:00).

Kind regards,

2016-02-18 20:46:22 Alexander Miroshnichenko (fudjin)
RE: Last Frontier vs Get Rekt
# 6997
Yes. I confirm.
2016-02-18 20:44:45 Łukasz Majksner (scammer)
Last Frontier vs Get Rekt
# 6996
We will play our match this Sunday 21.02.2016 18:00 CET.
2016-01-22 14:43:02 Alex Lisyutin (bugry75)
RE: Wake-Thunderstorm
# 6988
2016-01-22 14:41:28 Alexey Lebedev (wkstealth)
# 6987
We agreed to play 2016-01-24 at 17-00 CET
2015-12-27 17:48:57 Alex Popiel (lolamaza)
match date
# 6986
I confirm.
2015-12-27 17:43:49 Ilya Katsev (bromozel)
The Lords of XO - WayToTheSun
# 6985
Hello! we agreed to play our game tomorrow at 20:15 CET
2015-12-19 09:08:15 Alexey Mikhaylov (off_minor)
Humans-2015 - Last Frontier
# 6983
Hello. Our team accept this date of a match: 19.12.2015 at 20:00 CET (or 22:00 Moscow time).
2015-12-18 21:06:50 Alexander Miroshnichenko (fudjin)
Last Frontier - Humans-2015
# 6982
Hello, sorry, but we didn't manage to agree the date on the site in time. Our game will be tomorrow(19.12.2015) at 20:00 CET or 22:00 Moscow time.

2015-11-21 14:39:34 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
The Lords of XO : Outsiders
# 6980
We agreed to play 22.11, 21:00 (in EL messages and then facebook).
In case of 3 players there is agreement to play 3 vs 3.
2015-05-18 14:27:13 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
czech payback vs. Polar
# 6973
match date:today at 19:00, dobrocin.
2015-05-17 17:39:50 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
czech payback vs. Polar
# 6972
We are going to play our match tomorrow evening...match time is still under discussion.
2015-04-27 20:31:14 Michał Żukowski (zukolepl)
RE: Outsiders - Demons and Wizards
# 6968
10,5 without walkovers. It's correct and many times were a identical situations ;)
2015-04-27 20:23:40 Ilya Katsev (bromozel)
RE: Outsiders - Demons and Wizards
# 6967
So you really played 4 rounds, not 3? Anyway it is better to change the result because now it is definitely wrong (10,5 points and 1:0 as the result of the match)
2015-04-27 18:38:44 Michał Żukowski (zukolepl)
RE: Outsiders - Demons and Wizards
# 6966
You are a captain since some years and do not understand it? ;)

We played 3x3, but system was 4x4 without a pause. 18 real games + 12 walkovers (6 for us and 6 for Outsiders)and 2 -:- (no player vs no player).
2015-04-27 15:04 Ilya Katsev (bromozel)
RE: Outsiders - Demons and Wizards
# 6965
I did not understand, why DW got 1 point for this match? They did not gain 16,5 points.


5.8. A team wins the match if its players gain at least 16,5 game points, then it is awarded with 1 tournament point. A team which players gain exactly 16 game points, gets 0,5 tournament points. A team which players gain less than 16 game points, gets 0 tournament points. If both teams get less than 16 game points (e.g. in case of playing 3 vs 3 players and in other cases), both teams get 0 tournament points.
2015-04-25 14:00:05 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: Outsiders - Demons and Wizards
# 6964
Yes, I confirm our agreement.
2015-04-23 23:15:44 Michał Żukowski (zukolepl)
Outsiders - Demons and Wizards
# 6963
We will start 26.04 at 15:00.

2015-03-14 14:34:31 Tomo Dernovšek (jezek_si)
RE: JoKeR - WayToTheSun (question)
# 6950
17.00, CET
2015-03-10 22:30:08 Michał Żukowski (zukolepl)
JoKeR - WayToTheSun (question)
# 6949
System message: There is no offer in the first 14 days of the current round. The admin date will be used. What hour is correct for this match? 15/17/19?
2015-03-08 14:56:28 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Outsiders : choose your moose
# 6948
The match was not played, Outsiders had 2 players on EL nicks, opponents had no players on EL nicks, but anakinn was there and we agreed that we will try to find a date next weekend.

Our first offer is same time, 14:30 next weekend 15.3.
2014-04-06 20:50:21 Łukasz Majksner (gmusiek)
RE: 9th R: Light Team - Company
# 6878
I confirm.
2014-04-06 20:48:17 Bogdan Brachaczek (kampl)
9th R: Light Team - Company
# 6877
The match will be played on Tuesday 8.04.2014, 18:00 CET.
2014-03-28 23:56:52 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
RE: 4 Outsiders : Czech Payback
# 6862
aproved :)
2014-03-28 22:58:21 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
4 Outsiders : Czech Payback
# 6860
The match will be played on Sunday, 15:00 KT.
2014-03-07 16:08:19 Andrey Litvinenko (pblitvinenkoa)
RE: Polar Bears - Dark Team 9.03., 17:15 CET
# 6846
Yes, we agree :)
2014-03-06 13:07:37 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
Polar Bears - Dark Team 9.03., 17:15 CET
# 6845
According to the agreement of captains EL match between Polar Bears and Dark Team will be played on 09.03. at 17:15 CET.

I would appreciate confirmation from Andrey.

Kind regards,

2014-02-15 12:40:13 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
FF - Lords of XO 16.02., 17:00 CET
# 6829
To avoid any doubts I would like to remind on behalf of EL Committee that according to the Committee's decision published in the message #6689 on 16.10.2013 in case of Final Fantasy - The Lords of XO match in this round appropriate admin date is 16.02.2014, 17:00 CET (regardless of what is shown in the "Current round" section. We will try to make necessary change there as soon as possible, if only technical aspects will enable us to do so).

Best regards,

2014-01-24 15:36:34 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
Czech Payback - WayToTheSun
# 6818
new matchdate deal: Saturday - 15:30, dobrocin.
2014-01-05 15:49:53 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
Payback derby II.
# 6757
We are going to play 5.1. 2O14 at 19:00.
2013-12-24 13:38:28 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: Tvoje SMRT - Thunderstorm
# 6756
No problem, the result can be changed if they play.
2013-12-24 12:28:08 Michał Żukowski (zukolepl)
RE: Tvoje SMRT - Thunderstorm
# 6755 ;)
2013-12-24 09:40:04 Yuriy Kraubner (yurius)
Tvoje SMRT - Thunderstorm
# 6754
Jan, I am member of team Thunderstorm. We didn't see your message. When you can play? May be we can find good date!
2013-12-23 12:22:34 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
Payback derby
# 6753
I ´ll write here our match date after our agreement about it...we don´t know still :)
2013-12-22 17:41:10 Jan Kosař (10tornado10)
# 6751
Ok, thank you.
2013-12-22 15:52:12 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: Date
# 6750
It counts as an offer, but based on rules you reacted too late, date was accepted and you haven't offered a withdrawal in time.

So now it depends on good will of the other team and also on their availability, basically you should ask them about possible dates and select one from them.
If they cannot play anymore or you cannot play on the date they will offer, they win by walkover.

Also you should try to contact them via some other channels, the same would have been useful before the original match date when you found out you cannot play, because they very likely haven't read this and came to the match in the accepted date and time.

Also it's useful to watch the offers from the start of the round and communicate with the other team using the Match Date section.
2013-12-20 17:11:49 Jan Kosař (10tornado10)
# 6749
I wrote that one day before we had to play game with Thunderstorm so it doesn't count, do it?
2013-12-16 22:50:32 Michał Żukowski (zukolepl)
RE: Date
# 6746
2013-12-16 15:00:18 Jan Kosař (10tornado10)
# 6745
How does it look? For my team I offer 27 or 28.12.
2013-12-14 22:02:03 Jan Kosař (10tornado10)
Tvoje smrt : Thunderstorm
# 6741
Hi, we have to play with Thunderstorm tomorrow, but our team can't play. Is possible make a agreement for different day in next week? Forward I say we can't play on Thursday - Saturday.

2013-12-05 21:18:46 Jan Kosař (10tornado10)
# 6732
I confirm.
2013-12-03 10:06:40 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Dark Team - Tvoje smrt
# 6727
I just realized I put November instead of December in my message below.

It should be obviously 05.12.2013, 21:30 CET.

Best regards,

2013-12-01 00:16:36 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
Dark Team - Tvoje smrt
# 6723
Dear All,

According to the agreement of captains Dark Team - Tvoje smrt match will be played on Thursday 05.11.2013, 21:30 CET.

I would appreciate if Jan could confirm it here.

Best regards,

2013-11-27 17:15:22 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Date
# 6722

Thank you for your message.

I believe we will be able to find another date or admin date will be used.

Best regards,

2013-11-27 16:44:24 Jan Kosař (10tornado10)
# 6721
Tvoje smrt can't play Today. Is it possible to cancel that and change it for date: 5.12 - 21:30?

Jan, Tvoje smrt
2013-11-09 15:19:05 Ilya Katsev (bromozel)
WayToTheSun - Luffarna, time in 18:00
# 6707
Our match will be tomorrow at 18:00 CET, we cannot change the time on this site because of 72 hours rule.
2013-04-13 20:28:54 Gergő Tóth (ycgergo)
RE: rockfall - Cicafanok
# 6663
I confirm it on behalf of Cicafanok's captain. After a short talk rockfall allowed us to find a new date, which will hopefully be appropriate for both teams.
2013-04-13 16:35:24 anatolie smirnov (sherhan)
rockfall - Cicafanok
# 6662
Opponents have not appeared, suggesting the new date of the match-20.04 17.00
2013-03-09 17:22:01 Marek Gorzecki (alicecooperpl)
RE: Demons - Pandas
# 6635
True :)
2013-03-09 17:12:41 Miroslav Háša (zyngapanda)
Demons - Pandas
# 6634
Hey, I'd like to inform you about the match you're looking forward to, Demons and Wizards - Violent Pandas. We're going to start tomorow 10/3 at 17.45.

See you there.

2013-03-03 17:59:48 Michał Żukowski (zukolepl)
RE: Violent Panda:Demons and Wizards
# 6632
I confirm :-)
2013-03-03 17:55:51 Vladimir Nipoti (angrypanda)
Violent Panda:Demons and Wizards
# 6631
Unfortunately, we have to announce that the match would not be played today. The date of the match will most probably be the following Sunday and the precise time will be published here in the upcoming days.

Kind regards,
2013-03-02 16:34:47 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
RE: Czech Layback - Luffarna
# 6627
I confirm this deal. Purkys
2013-03-02 16:15:05 Peter Jonsson (peterjo)
Czech Layback - Luffarna
# 6626
Hello! We suggest to play on Sunday March 10 18 00 instead.
Peter Jonsson Captain
2013-01-11 11:16:43 Tomo Dernovšek (jezek_si)
RE: Slovenian Dragons 1 - Dark Team
# 6499
I confirm beginning time 20:00, CET.
2013-01-10 22:27:57 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
Slovenian Dragons 1 - Dark Team
# 6498

According to the agreement of captains Slovenian Dragons 1 - Dark Team match will be played in agreed date (12.01.), but at 20:00 CET.

Kind regards,

2013-01-05 19:32:15 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
# 6463
Yes, of course, we made a deal:)
2013-01-04 21:33:19 Tomo Dernovšek (jezek_si)
# 6461

There are some technical problems. I can not accept or decline a new proposal in the match date and 3 days is not over. Unfortunately I cant accept your proposal because I m not sure if we would have 4 players. See you on Sunday at 19:00, CET! I hope, it is not so bad for you.

2012-10-20 15:43:03 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
RE: czech layback vs cicafonok
# 6357
We have arranged with Ferenc this match date: 28.10. at 19:00.

2012-10-14 11:56:28 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
czech layback vs cicafonok
# 6347
Hi, czech layback can´t play today and I´ve made agreement with Rostas, that we will try to find out another date to play...and we can´t make withdraw, so, we will write new date of the match on this forum. Thx

2012-05-14 20:51:47 Adam Horvath (anakinnmoose)
Violent pandas x Black magic
# 6280
The match between Violent pandas and Black magic will be in the room Dobrocin
20.5. at 18:00.

2012-05-01 21:37 Ilya Katsev (lobromozel)
RE: LXO vs. DT
# 6249
I confirm.

2012-05-01 20:46:10 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: LXO vs. DT
# 6248

I confirm it and would appreciate confirmation also from LXO captain to make it fully formal :)

Kind regards,

2012-05-01 20:42:42 Alex Popiel (lolamaza)
LXO vs. DT
# 6247
The match between The Lords of XO and Dark Team will be held in the room Dobrocin on Thursday, 03.05.2012, at 19:30 KT.
2012-04-28 12:46:09 Ilya Muratov (wk_bkmz)
RE: LXO vs. FF
# 6240
I confirm
2012-04-28 12:20:22 Alex Popiel (lolamaza)
LXO vs. FF
# 6239
The match between The Lords of XO and Final Fantasy will be held in the room Dobrocin on Sunday, 29.04.2012, at 18:20 KT.
2012-04-22 19:45:08 Aleksander Nowak (com_an_24)
# 6237
Hi Luffarna!

We will play in Dobrocin - room Rabity has been closed.
The other parameters game unchanged.

Regards an_24 & Company
2012-04-21 10:20:28 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Easy Riders - Dark Team
# 6231
Hello Easy Riders,

We were waiting for 15 minutes in the first date you proposed. I assume we finally will play on 29.04. at 20:00 CET, as you were not present today.

Kind regards,

2012-04-20 14:28:49 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Easy Riders - Dark Team
# 6230

Finally I can confirm that playing tomorrow at 10:00 is better for my team.

Please inform me if this proposition is still valid. In other case we will try to be ready on 29.04. at 20:00.

Best regards,

2012-04-17 19:34:04 Vladimir Sinitsyn (vladimirs)
RE: Barca - United
# 6227
Yes, it is correct.
2012-04-17 19:32:22 Yury Kraubner (bnavarro)
Barca - United
# 6226
Game Barcelona - United will start in April 19 at 18:30 in dobrocin
2012-04-17 00:51:57 Csaba Kampos (ermclander)
RE: Easy Riders - Dark Team
# 6225

I proposed in a message two new date 3 days before, and i still waiting for respond.

Kind Regards

2012-04-14 19:27:46 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
Easy Riders - Dark Team
# 6216

Date proposed and accepted during 3-days rule is really uncomfortable to my team.

I hope we can find good date for both teams.

Best regards,

2012-03-29 23:32:16 Marek Gorzecki (alicecooperpl)
Dark Team - Demons and Wizards
# 6190
Yes, i confirm.
2012-03-29 23:19:16 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
Dark Team - Demons and Wizards
# 6189
Hello All!

I just would like to announce that we decided to play our match with Demon and Wizards one day later - that means 01.04.2012, 11:00.

Above mentioned change is agreed with D&W captain.

Best regards,

2012-03-16 10:48:56 Aleksander Nowak (com_an_24)
The date of match!
# 6160
Sorry - but let's start at 19:30.
Thanks :)
2012-03-16 10:33:18 Valery Kondratev (pvalkon)
RE: For The Pioneers!
# 6159
Thanks, Aleksander. Good luck
2012-03-16 10:28:27 Aleksander Nowak (com_an_24)
For The Pioneers!
# 6158
Ok - we agree to play on Sunday 18-th March, 19:00 KT, room Kaszuny
Good luck.
Regards an_24
2012-03-15 23:19:53 Michał Żukowski (zukolepl)
United vs Czech Layback B
# 6157
When is this match?
2012-03-11 18:21:11 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
Czech Layback vs Masters of Ceremony
# 6155
this match will be play in Kaszuny instead of bienasze...
2012-01-30 12:32:11 Valery Kondratev (pvalkon)
Final Fantasy vs The Pioneers
# 6029
Match Final Fantasy vs The Pioneers will be at 18:30 (the same day)
2012-01-28 12:04:39 Bretislav Krcek (czldenim)
Czech Layback vs Czech Layback B
# 6027
Hi, we will play at 18:00 in Kaszuny.
2011-12-21 15:57:23 Adrian Czychowski (bmadixon)
Black Magic - The lords of XO
# 5954
However, no match will take place on this day
2011-12-21 15:42:33 Adrian Czychowski (bmadixon)
Black Magic - The lords of XO
# 5953
Match EL between Black Magic or The lords of XO will be on 24December Saturday cl: 14:00 Because we have problem with this shit: (date/time is not 72hours since now)
2011-11-26 14:54:39 Adam Horvath (anakinnmoose)
RE: Czech Layback vs.Violent Pandas
# 5870
ye we made a deal :)
2011-11-25 15:45:59 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
Czech Layback vs.Violent Pandas
# 5867
Czech Layback and Violent Pandas just made a deal about new match date...our teams will play 27.11. 2011 at 18:00 (rabity).
2011-11-22 13:04:09 Csaba Kampos (mclander)
# 5856
Ok, its still allright for us.
2011-11-22 11:56:10 Alex Popiel (lolamaza)
RE: thu
# 5855
Our apologies.
7 p.m. will not be alright, as all of the team members, as this week shows, are either at work or still study.
Let's play at 9 p.m. the same day.
2011-11-19 03:38:43 Andrey Litvinenko (np_popovich)
Czech Layback B - North Pole
# 5847
Czech Layback B vs North Pole will play 2011-11-26 at 18-00 KT
2011-11-17 12:28:51 anatolie smirnov (sherhan)
Dark Teams-rockfall
# 5842
Dark Teams-I have confirmed your offer
2011-11-15 21:58:20 Alex Popiel (lolamaza)
RE: The Lords of XO vs. Easy Riders
# 5840
Very well.
Good luck and see you on the pitch!
2011-11-15 21:20:33 Csaba Kampos (mclander)
# 5838
Ok, it's allright, for us.
2011-11-14 22:42:27 Alex Popiel (lolamaza)
RE: The Lords of XO vs. Easy Riders
# 5827
I am afraid, this date is not possible for us. One day before, on the other hand, on Thursday, 24.11.2011, 19:00 KT, would be good.
2011-11-14 21:28:27 Csaba Kampos (mclander)
RE: The Lords of XO vs. Easy Riders
# 5825
If possible, we want to play a week later: 2011,Nov. 25
2011-11-14 14:52:46 Alex Popiel (lolamaza)
The Lords of XO vs. Easy Riders
# 5824
Due to some misunderstanding and the automatic date approval, the fixture between The Lords of XO and Easy Riders did not take place in the time planned, as the Easy Riders only had 1 player in the room, while the 2nd one only appeared 20 minutes later. Despite our right to close the round with the Easy Riders' walkover, I would like to state that my team is willing to play this fixture anyway, e.g., on Friday, 18.11.2011, at 19:00 KT (CET).
Waiting for the Easy Riders' response.
2011-05-16 15:13:38 Andrey Sviridov (cr_spartak)
RE: cRUSaders : Demons and Wizards
# 5654
See you at 20-30.
2011-05-16 12:14:12 Marek Gorzecki (alicecooperpl)
cRUSaders : Demons and Wizards
# 5653
We agree with Andrey (cr_spartak) to play dobrocin ~ 2011-05-16 20:30 instead of 20:00
2011-05-04 08:05:51 Andrey Sviridov (cr_spartak)
# 5622

Please refer to "The decisions" thread to see the Committee decision about this case and possibilily to play a rematch.
2011-05-01 17:04:53 Alex Popiel (lolamaza)
# 5602
Here I shall quote the last messages of the discussion.
Alice made a proposal, I commented on it and came up with mine listing the conditions required. No one responded, thereby accepting them.
Brandishing fists after the fight never proves anyone's might.

2011-01-15 02:32:38 • Marek Gorzecki (alicecooper_pl) (reply) Reply to # 5291
RE: break in match
# 5302
1) i agree with cr_partak: it is bad idea to back to past
2) i understand that Lords have to right to use rules for their best business
3) but i understand too, anger of my team mates as they are convinced about win

so i apologize for any of my bad words (and my mates)
and propose to play rematch after this season (for sure that both teams will find time)

2011-01-15 08:01:42 • Alex Popiel (lolamaza) (reply)
A Peace Treaty
# 5303
Dear Members of the Respected Community:

Leaning upon the current EuroLeague rules, The Lords of XO have refused the rematch offers coming from Demons and Wizards, and our primary motivation was that the time limits proposed (i.e. playing a rematch between the forthcoming rounds) were dissatisfying for us, let alone the imperative attitude chosen by our conversation partners which we found somewhat insulting.

However, given that this is the first time our opponent team are approaching us without cavils and with a reasonable offer, I believe that no reasons exist not to make advances towards a halfway solution that could satisfy the teams involved and the community. Indeed, if either or both teams keep on pursuing tournament aims at the end of the season and the additional 0.5 points could suffice for the title, an agreement can be reached in order to play the long awaited rematch by request of one of the captains.

I believe that the path to mutual respect is the only way to keep everybody happy and move forward in partnership, not squabbles.

Best regards,
Alex Popiel
2011-05-01 12:01:04 Michał Żukowski (zukolepl)
RE: Demons and Wizards-The Lords of XO
# 5600
This gentlemen's agreement is among the lords players :-)? I heard nothing from Alice about agreement. Otherwise i consider that this agreement is very funny, you want play or not want. Sentence, that you play if "a 0.5 point deficit for the victory in the competition after the result of the 9th round" ( so only if we win with you cube and you win both matches ) in my opinion is devoid of the spirit of fair play.

2011-04-28 11:58:45 Alex Popiel (lolamaza)
RE: Demons and Wizards-The Lords of XO
# 5587
As an afterthought to what our captain stated, I would like to mention that, as a result of the debates, we reached a gentlemen's agreement: the re-match will take place if the additional half a point will mean the title for any of our teams at the end of the season. In other words, should DW or LXO have a 0.5 point deficit for the victory in the competition after the result of the 9th round, we will gladly take part in the re-match.

2011-04-23 12:47:03 Michał Żukowski (zukolepl)
RE: Demons and Wizards-The Lords of XO
# 5567
has our possible match any importance for the final result or no ?:)

Mhm ;-)
2011-04-23 05:56:37 Ilya Katsev (lobromozel)
RE: Demons and Wizards-The Lords of XO
# 5565

I propose to discuss this possibility after the season. We don't want to play during the last round, because there is no sufficient time to prepare to two matches. Moreover, after the season we will see, has our possible match any importance for the final result or no.
2011-04-21 22:58:59 Marek Gorzecki (alicecooperpl)
Demons and Wizards-The Lords of XO
# 5564
Hello The Lords of XO

As I understood decision
we can play our match if You still agree,
and if we can find apropiate date.
What do You think about for example 8.05.2011 12.00?
2011-03-06 19:23:32 Csilla Vassné B. (th_vacsi)
GDC : Trojan Horse
# 5438
Hello !

We were waiting for GDC a quarter of an hour, they didn't come.

vacsi and TH
2011-02-06 18:12:04 Martin Sýkora (suchuch)
Team GDC didn´t come
# 5368
Hi, I´m writtig because of the fact that the team GDC didn´t come in date. Our witness - videotonfcf, I have print screen too. We can play this match in other date, if the team GDC will want. Martin Sykora
2011-01-25 15:45:45 Costinas Beniamin (vlh_dragon)
RE: You Cube - Valahia
# 5336
Sure, I understand. See you at the agreed time and date.
2011-01-25 14:01:19 Gábor Gyenes (ycgabor)
RE: You Cube - Valahia
# 5335
Hi Costinas,

Unfortunately, I can't play on friday:( I think other Cube mates don't want to play in 3 vs 4. But I would be peaceful, if we can play on the agreement date.
2011-01-24 21:39:12 Costinas Beniamin (vlh_dragon)
You Cube - Valahia
# 5334
Hello Gabor and You Cube members. If you could play friday, we'd appreciate it. So i propose friday at 18:00 KT.

This is just a friendly request. It is a better date for us, but if you can't there's no problem.
2011-01-23 19:30:04 Aleksander Nowak (com_an_24)
Company - Midi Rod !
# 5332
We would like to accept date offered by MD, but I am not able to. Don't have this option now.
Regards an_24
2011-01-23 13:27:10 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Czech Layback - Outsiders
# 5331
The match will start 15:00, one hour later.
2011-01-22 06:41:23 Aleksander Nowak (com_an_24)
Team Midi Rod MG
# 5329
Ok - we are ready to play in the proposed deadline.
Good luck :)
Regards an_24 & Company
2010-12-11 00:47:24 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Czech Layback - Dark Team
# 5106

Thanks for understanding :) I'm waiting for our good games!

Best regards,

2010-12-10 19:27:25 Bretislav Krcek (czldenim)
RE: Czech Layback - Dark Team
# 5102
Hi Angst, OK, we will be ready at 21:00. Sorry for the late reply.
2010-12-09 00:19:20 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
Czech Layback - Dark Team
# 5098
Dear Bretislav and all Czech Layback Players,

I would like to kindly request you to agree to play our match later than 20:00 at Sunday.

Due to unexpected circumstances the later we play the better for us. If it is possible for you, we would prefer to start at 21:00 (or even 21:15-30). I hope it is acceptable for Czech Layback.

I would appreciate your prompt reply.

Thanks in advance for understanding.

Kind regards,

2010-12-03 07:53:25 Andrey Sviridov (cr_spartak)
OH YEAH sqad - cRUSaders
# 5091
Hello all!

We agreed to play at 2010-12-05 10:30. I pay attention because we have changed time of start to earlier hours.
2010-11-09 16:48:52 Tomo Dernovšek (jezek_si)
RE: 7 Outsiders : Slovenian Dragons 1
# 5036
Thanks, Igor.
I confirm that day.

Bye, Tomo
2010-11-09 14:43:26 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
7 Outsiders : Slovenian Dragons 1
# 5035
Hello Slovenian Dragons 1,
if you insist on playing in evenings, we have one possibility to play tomorrow, 10.11.2010, 19:00 kurnik time.
Please, write an confirmation here asap.

2010-05-08 16:46 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
RE: Czech Layback vs The Lords of XO
# 4895
Hi Alex,

oka, Confirm, we will play on may 11, Tuesday, at 20:00 CET.

2010-05-08 16:42:33 Alex Popiel (lolamaza)
RE: Czech Layback vs The Lords of XO
# 4894
Dear Jan,

In the temporary absence of our captain, I am forced to take on his duties this time to agree on the date and time of our match.

We suggest that our fixture takes place on May 11, Tuesday, 20.00 CET.

2010-05-08 00:47:03 Ilya Katsev (lobromozel)
RE: Czech Layback vs The Lords of XO
# 4893
I will ask our players and we will answer, during this day.
2010-05-07 23:47:40 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
RE: Czech Layback vs The Lords of XO
# 4892
Hi, unfortunately we can´t play this day...we have to find another date. So, when you can paly except of next Friday?
2010-05-07 13:19:02 Ilya Katsev (lobromozel)
Czech Layback vs The Lords of XO
# 4891
Hi. I propose to play at May 14, 20:00
I'm waiting for confirmation from the captain of Czech Layback.

(the reason is next: we found that one of our players cannot play at May 8)
2010-03-27 10:08:17 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
RE: Czech Layback - Company
# 4707
Hi rakdar,

so, You ´ve accepted our withdraw proposal in the end a and we will play this Sunday at 18:30? I ´m asking cus u told me before u can´t play this date...just to be sure. Thx.

2010-03-26 17:32:23 Jan Purkrábek (czpaypurkys)
RE: Czech Layback - Company
# 4706

thank you for your understanding! We can play next week on Thuesday(begin at 20:00 or later) or on Thursday (begin at 18:00 or later). We can also play on Friday and next weekend...but U told me you can´t play these days cus eastern. But we can´t really play this Saturday and Monday...
So, which date dou you prefer?

King Regards,

2010-03-25 20:51:52 Dariusz Białkowski (com_rakdar)
Czech Layback - Company
# 4701
We ask about application 3 deadlines of game in next week convenient for your team

Kind regards,

2010-03-19 21:22:01 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
# 4672

I have informed my teammates. I hope at least 3 of them will come.

See you tomorrow!

Kind regards,

2010-03-19 14:07:21 Gergő Tóth (bcgergo)
# 4670
Hi Piotr and Dark Team!

20-03-2010 15:00 KT seems appropriate, hope no problems will accur, let's have a good fight!
2010-03-18 08:40:35 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
Dark Team - Barbe Cube date
# 4666
Hello Gergo & all Barbe Cube players!

If your proposition is still valid, we can play on this Saturday at 15:00. I can't propose it in the match date section as it is closer than 72 hours to offered date.

I would appreciate if you could confirm it here as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

2010-03-13 11:53:07 Ilya Katsev (lobromozel)
RE: Date of the match
# 4654
Okey, let's tomorrow at 10:00 in kaszuny room.
2010-03-12 10:02:30 Pavel Šikula (czlkolecko)
RE: Date of the match
# 4653
I am not sure, that four players from our team can play in the evening! We must use admin date (Sunday, 14th, at 10.00). At admin date can play 4 our players!
2010-03-11 23:35:55 Ilya Katsev (lobromozel)
RE: Date of the match
# 4650
Better later than 17.00
2010-03-11 23:16:17 Ilya Katsev (lobromozel)
RE: Date of the match
# 4649
No, sorry, it is too ealry!
We are ready to play later than 14:00. What about it?
2010-03-11 22:19:07 Pavel Šikula (czlkolecko)
RE: Date of the match
# 4647
And what about Sundy morning? At 9:30?
2010-03-09 20:44:27 Ilya Katsev (lobromozel)
RE: Date of the match
# 4643
Okey, thanks for the explanation.

And our proposition about the date of the match Czech Layback B - The Lords of XO is:
Sunday, 14th, at 19:00
2010-03-08 20:46:53 Monika Kolouchová (olsava)
RE: Date of the match
# 4641
I think, it will be without problem if both captains will agree a new date here on forum.
2010-03-08 20:46:17 Tomo Dernovšek (jezek_si)
RE: Date of the match
# 4640
6th round is prolong due to technical reason for 1 week. If teams cant find an acceptable date, admin date is Sunday, 14th, at 10.00.

If »Match date« doesnt work, you can agree with your opponent on this forum.
2010-03-08 20:02:52 Ilya Katsev (lobromozel)
Date of the match
# 4639
Hey, admins!

We want to choose a possible date of the match (Czech Layback B - The Lords of XO).
How can we make it???
2010-03-06 16:20:35 Ilya Katsev (lobromozel)
RE: Czech Layback B - The Lords of XO
# 4631
Sorry, I found that 20:30 is too late for us.
2010-03-06 15:11:04 Vlad Nipoti (czpaybtc)
RE: Midi rod vs. Klub Rzeszow
# 4630

What does it mean you cant play today? We were agreed and everyone from our team planned this match today and now, few hours before the match, you say you cant play ? Why u didnt tell it before ?
2010-03-06 13:34:01 Pavel Šikula (czlkolecko)
Czech Layback B - The Lords of XO
# 4629
We will play 7.3. (tomorrow) at 20:30. I wont change it but there were problems with server and now I cant change it because od 72 hours rule!
2010-03-06 12:12:24 Michał Wileczek (krvilumisiek)
RE: Midi rod vs. Klub Rzeszow
# 4628
We cant play today. Sorry.
2010-03-06 08:55:41 Monika Kolouchová (olsava)
Midi rod vs. Klub Rzeszow
# 4626
Hej Michal, we were agreed, that we will play today at 17:00 as you have proposed, but now I can see, you changed the date yesterday. What does it mean? It´s a mistake or you realy want to change the date? All my teammates are ready to play today...
2010-02-02 15:39:21 Dabija Ovidiu (st0dd0)
match date with czlb
# 4550
Yes, of course. Thanks. We really can't play on the 3rd of February.I'll propose the change right now.
2010-02-02 10:01:53 Pavel Šikula (czlkolecko)
RE: match date with czl B
# 4549
We can play 4.2. but not at 20:00. But 20:30 is for us possible! Our team will come 4.2. 20:30. Is it OK?
2010-01-29 18:56:04 Dabija Ovidiu (st0dd0)
match date with czl B
# 4535

As far as I understood we have to write here first a message before change an approved match date. i havent' got time at the proper moment to accept or decline the offer so the three days rule made it's victims. we'd like to play on 4th of February instead of 3rd of february if it is ok.

Thanks and best of luck to all teams.

Ovidiu Dabija aka. st0dd0
2010-01-29 13:57:56 Miroslav Háša (czlgregi)
Midi Rod NG - Luffarna
# 4534
We will not play on Saturday at 19:00 but at 20:00, thanks.
2010-01-19 16:30:04 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: Outsiders - BarbeCube
# 4505
Hello Gergo and Barbe Cube!

Yes, we agreed about this date of our match, I confirm this.
Looking forward to nice and interesting games between our great teams!
Hope it won't be scheme opens that decide but our fighting spirit and strong will :)

2010-01-19 16:05:59 Gergő Tóth (bcgergo)
Outsiders - BarbeCube
# 4504
Dear Iec and Outsiders,

As we have talked about the date of our match, I ask you with respect to accept our agreed date. If I am right, this thursday (21 of Jan) at 18:00 is good for our teams. So I ask you and EL committee to accept my offer and let us play the coming game at 18.00, Thursday.

Thank you and wish nice and fair games!
2010-01-05 15:34:10 Attila Demján (bcattila)
RE: Euroleague Final Four 2010 Schedule
# 4456
Paris, here we comeee:)
2010-01-04 05:19:31 ViNZ de la Fuente (vinzt2f)
Euroleague Final Four 2010 Schedule
# 4444
The Euroleague Top 16 Draw was scheduled on January 18, 2010 in Barcelona, Spain. The Top 16 finalist determine the lucky teams to play for the Euroleague’s Final Four Paris, France.
Visit for your option tickets at face value.
2009-12-21 12:15:21 Attila Demján (bcattila)
RE: Valahia - Barbe Cube
# 4408

I must go away on the 22nd, I won't be home all the day. I am sure we can find a date during January 3...
2009-12-20 09:43:39 Costinas Beniamin (vlh_dragon)
Valahia - Barbe Cube
# 4399
Hello , i talked with Attila , and he said 22 is good for him , and i remember you said it's good for you also (Gergo) . What is the problem now ?

If not 21 , 22 nor 23 ... I don't think we can find a date :)
2009-12-18 09:12:06 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: Dark Team - Midi Rod withdrawal
# 4388

Thank you for understanding and your attempt. I hope that despite our problems we will be tough opponent tomorrow.

Kind regards,

2009-12-18 08:34:18 Monika Kolouchová (olsava)
RE: Dark Team - Midi Rod withdrawal
# 4386
Hello Angst and Dark Team!

I have not talked with all my teammates yet. But according to what I already know I can say, that your new date won´t be suitable for us because of christmas holiday. Sorry.

Monika & Midi Rod
2009-12-17 20:32:45 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
Dark Team - Midi Rod withdrawal
# 4385
Hello Monika and Midi Rod team!

I would like to propose another date for our match: 27.12.; 16:00. We find it as much better than previously agreed.

Please consider our proposition. In case proposed date is not suitable for your team, we would play as agreed.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

2009-12-07 14:45:53 Andrey Sviridov (cr_spartak)
cRUSaders - Attack Team (withdrawal)
# 4322
Sorry Pawel. I have to ask you to overlook again my first proposal. If your team is able to play on Tuesday, maybe Thursday also will not be problem? For us it is much better to play Thursday 19-30.
2009-11-30 22:30:59 Vlad Nipoti (czpaybtc)
Czech Layback B - Midi Rod NG
# 4307

I would like to anounce, that midi ng will probably not be able to play against CZL B tomorrow.

I wanted to catch your captain before, but did not suceeded.

We propose to play one weak after.

Thank you and Sorry.

Best Regards,

2009-11-10 10:25:21 Michał Wileczek (krvilumisiek)
RE: Klub - Out
# 4240
Thx for games & good luck in next rounds.

Klub Rzeszow - Outtogetyou 23:9

Round: 1 (4:4)

1 krjabik : paul1992 2 : 0
2 krmorph : fastfive 1 : 1
3 krcrosslet : hobemagi97 1 : 1
4 krvilumisiek : eurogomoku 0 : 2

Round: 2 (8:0)

1 krjabik : fastfive 2 : 0
2 krmorph : eurogomoku 2 : 0
3 krcrosslet : paul1992 2 : 0
4 krvilumisiek : hobemagi97 2 : 0

Round: 3 (7:1)

1 krjabik : hobemagi97 2 : 0
2 krmorph : paul1992 2 : 0
3 krcrosslet : eurogomoku 1 : 1
4 krvilumisiek : fastfive 2 : 0

Round: 4 (4:4)

1 krjabik : eurogomoku 1 : 1
2 krmorph : hobemagi97 1 : 1
3 krgrajko : gellyk 2 : 0
4 krminuta : fastfive 0 : 2

Klub Rzeszow
• krjabik 7/8
• krmorph 6/8
• krcrosslet 4/6
• krvilumisiek 4/6
• krgrajko 2/2
• krminuta 0/2

• eurogomoku 4/8
• fastfive 3/8
• hobemagi97 2/8
• gellyk 0/2
• paul1992 0/6
2009-11-09 11:06:07 Paul Väljataga (paul1992)
RE: Klub - Out
# 4238
Today is best! See you then!
2009-11-08 22:54:17 Michał Wileczek (krvilumisiek)
RE: Klub - Out
# 4237
OMG X2, we can play also tomorow in your date 2009-11-09 at 19:00 if you want.
2009-11-08 21:55:37 Michał Wileczek (krvilumisiek)
RE: Klub - Out
# 4236
OMG, we forgot about Independence day in yours date. I gave new prop. F***&sry
2009-11-08 21:08:34 Paul Väljataga (paul1992)
RE: Klub - Out
# 4235
Good luck ;)
2009-11-08 20:13:19 Michał Wileczek (krvilumisiek)
RE: Klub - Out
# 4234
It's ok. RTL & Eurosport will be broadcast live this match. Lets get ready to rumble! ;]
2009-11-06 18:54:38 Paul Väljataga (paul1992)
RE: Klub - Out
# 4224
Hi. Sorry, week-ends are not very good for us. We proposed 2009-11-09 at 19:00. Hope it's good for you.
2009-11-04 19:52:14 Michał Wileczek (krvilumisiek)
Klub - Out
# 4205
Hi, 2009-11-08 at 18.00 its ok?
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