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2020-12-10 02:48:43 emily panna (akhale)
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# 7153
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청주휴게텔【øpSS41。Net】 ⚔오피쓰 ❁청주오피 ⚔청주스파✹청주건마✱청주안마 ⚔청주키스방
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청주휴게텔【øpSS41。Net】 ⚔오피쓰 ❁청주오피 ⚔청주스파✹청주건마✱청주안마 ⚔청주키스방
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청주휴게텔【øpSS41。Net】 ⚔오피쓰 ❁청주오피 ⚔청주스파✹청주건마✱청주안마 ⚔청주키스방
청주휴게텔【øpSS41。Net】 ⚔오피쓰 ❁청주오피 ⚔청주스파✹청주건마✱청주안마 ⚔청주키스방
2019-12-07 15:02:55 Peter Jonsson (peterjo)
Are you interested to play for Luffarna?
# 7146
Hello Gomoku friends!

This season Luffarna has a problem. We are only four players and it is very difficult for us to find a suitable date when all four of us can play. So, we are looking for two or three more players who would like to take part during the rest of the season. Are you interested or do you know someone else who is? Please contact me at petejonsson(a)
Peter Jonsson, Captain
2019-11-29 18:11:36 Csaba Kamarás (owcsaba)
admin date
# 7145
As a captain of Only We team, I asked you if neccessary please set up our ADMIN date at 15:00.
Thank you
2017-12-17 18:41:42 Alexey Mikhaylov (off_minor)
# 7090
Dear participants of Euroleague, dear captains of teams, dear Committee!
Let me congratulate all on the beginning of a new season, and let me make the official statement (this action is demanded from me - as from the captain - the rules of a tournament).
In our team "Humans-2015" plays Alexander Ezupov from Saint Peter under the creative pseudonym "Indeets". His nick on - "blockforlove". And his profile on the website -
"Indeets" is his creative pseudonym, I repeat.
Thus I have notified all players - our future rivals on identity.
In addition, I will report (duplicate) this information to the captain of the rival-team before the each match (instantly after the publication of the schedule of a tour).
2017-12-17 18:40:33 Alexey Mikhaylov (off_minor)
Официальное сообщение
# 7089
Уважаемые участники Евролиги, уважаемые капитаны команд, уважаемый Комитет!
Разрешите мне поздравить вас всех со стартом нового сезона, а также сделать официальное сообщение (что требуют от меня, как от капитана команды, правила Евролиги).
В нашей команде "Humans-2015" играет Александр Езупов из Санкт-Петербурга под творческим псевдонимом Индеец. Его ник на - "blockforlove". И его профиль на сайте -
Повторюсь, Индеец - это его творческий псевдоним.
Таким образом я установил соответствие, и официально всех об этом уведомил.
Дополнительно, я обязуюсь сообщать аналогичную информацию капитану каждой команды, с кем нас будет сводить жребий, немедленно после публикации расписания каждого тура.
2017-12-17 12:05:30 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Admin date team Outsiders
# 7088
Admin date for our team in the coming season remains at 15:00.
2017-10-28 14:47:41 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
In memoriam Kacper (Dein)
# 7087
I deeply regret to inform you, that Kacper (Dein), Dark Tem member, passed away on 25th of October.

Kacper was a co-founder of Polish Gomoku Renju Pente Association, who played some live tournaments in the past and was very active on the Internet, playing numerous online and offline competitions, not only in gomoku, but also renju and pente games. He played also in the Euroleague since the very beginning and was the very important member of Dark Team, helping us to win gold (2008) and silver (2017) medals.

As Polish and Dark Team captain, I would like to emphasize that Kacper was really friendly, reliable, trustworthy man, with unique playing style. And it was an honor and pleasure for me to be a part of one team together.

Rest in peace, Kacper
2017-04-14 22:42:04 Łukasz Majksner (scammer)
RE: The Euroleague Committee is inconsistent
# 7086
As a participant of the EL and the captain of an EL team, I would like to hear what the EL Committee has to say to what Sandra posted. Why are some players allowed to violate the rule while others aren't?
2017-04-14 22:06:31 Sandra Jones (sandra)
RE: The Euroleague Committee is inconsistent
# 7085
It has now been a month since my message below, and there has been no action or reaction by the Committee.

So Mr. Ezupov still plays as "Alexandr Indeets," thereby knowingly and willingly violating the rule, and earned 8 points out of 8 under that pseudonym in a recent EL match played just a few days ago, on Sun 9 Apr.

Likewise, Asandrey still plays as "Andrzej Kostecki" and earned 6.5 points out of 8 in an EL match played on the same day.

And the EL Commitee does not allow me to play under my pseudonym "Sandra Jones," because each player must provide the real name. Hilarious.
2017-03-24 13:37:59 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
Finishing the round
# 7081
Hi all,
it seems most matches will be finished/replayed this weekend.

If possible, please inform others about the match times in the Dates forum.

The already finished games before the server crash do count, only the unfinished games or games that have not been started yet have to be replayed.

Teams should try to come with the same players, but if it's not possible and both captains agree, some exception from the substitution rule would be possible.

We hope there won't be more problems with the playing site, but if that would happen, the teams are allowed to play/finish their match on playok based on mutual agreement, if possible with the same nicks, if not, ideally one captain should put the match result in with EL nicks and the second one confirm the result so we don't have to deal with it afterwards.

Unfortunately there is no fisher control on playok, so I suggest to play 10 min per player, or if both teams agree, it can be also 15.
2017-03-14 01:00:18 Łukasz Majksner (scammer)
RE: The Euroleague Committee is inconsistent
# 7068
If it's true and Euroleague Committee lets players who violate the rules play and additionally is inconsistent about that (some "chosen" players can do it, others can't), then I have only one thing to say:

Euroleague Committee has to be changed.
2017-03-13 22:54:18 Sandra Jones (sandra)
The Euroleague Committee is inconsistent
# 7067
Hi everyone,

I would like to highlight how inconsistent the Euroleague Committee is when it comes to enforcing Rule 2.4, which states that each participant must provide his real name.

On the one hand, when I asked the Committee for a permission to exceptionally play in the Euroleague on the pseudonym "Sandra Jones" instead of my real name (see for details), the Committee decided to stick to the rule, simply saying, "We cannot accept you at this moment without changing the rules."

On the other hand, the Committee willingly and knowingly lets some notorious name cheaters play on their false names. A few examples:

1. "Alexandr Utkin," who is actually Alexander Ezupov (Александр Езупов) from Saint-Petersburg. His Euroleague nickname is blockforlove, and he recently changed "Alexandr Utkin" to "Alexandr Indeets," which is still not his real name. Looking at Google's cache, I see that he played on "Alexandr Utkin" at least 68 games in the season 2011-2012, at least 70 games in the season 2012-2013, and at least 60 games in the season 2015-2016. On Sun 5 Feb 2017, Ilya Katsev publicly made it clear that on that day, the Committee members were already aware of the name cheating, and said that Ezupov would be penalised for it. However, no action has been actually taken by the Commitee, and Ezupov was de-facto allowed to play, and actually played, on his pseudonym "Alexandr Indeets" on Sat 11 Feb 2017 in a match of his team "Humans-2015."

2. "Andrzej Kostecki," whose Euroleague nickname is asandrey and who is widely known as Ankst. (Do not mix him up with Angst.) The name he provided is highly unlikely to be real. Suffice it to say that he provided a different name, Lukas Kotlarski, on his profile on to participate in discussions on the Russian gomoku discussion board. When I asked him about that, he publicly replied on the board, "They are only names." Yet no action has been taken, and "Andrzej Kostecki" is still listed as a member of the team "Asgardia Pride."

3. "Piotr Kamieniak," whose Euroleague nickname is assassin and who is widely known as Czamber. The fact that "Piotr Kamieniak" is not his real name is more or less widely known to the gomoku community, but he has already played 6 games on "Piotr Kamieniak" in the Euroleague this season.

4. While the above example are very recent, I cannot resist mentioning an old one - "Olga Buzova," who played at least 112 games in the Euroleague. Olga Buzova is actually a Russian celebrity, so it was very obvious that the name was nothing but a bad joke, but the Committee did nothing.

I have nothing but to shrug my shoulders.
2017-02-01 22:35:59 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
New IRP Season
# 7031
Hello All!

Registration for new IRP season is opened ( and EL players are more than welcome!

Please share this info in your countries! :)

Kind regards,

2016-11-28 10:04:38 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
admin date team Outsiders
# 7010
Our default admin date is Sun 15:00 server time of (CEST).
2016-04-17 18:21 Alex Lisyutin (bugry75)
NoToCo - Thunderstorm
# 7007
NoToCo - Thunderstorm -:+
We were waiting 15 minutes, but our opponent (NoToCo) doesn't appear in the agreed time.
2015-12-17 22:23:28 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
New IRP season
# 6981
Dear Players!

I have a pleasure to announce that registration for new IRP season is opened!

More details can be found here:

I count on your participation and expect another nice competition :)

Kind regards,

2015-11-11 15:44:48 Štěpán Tesařík (czpayroxid)
Betting Competition
# 6979
Hi everyone,
as usual, you can bet on Euroleague and CPL in English language. Become the best bettor and win a magnetic board with a set of stones. Visit
2015-09-03 09:24:15 Yuriy Kraubner (yurius)
Three substitutions (5.6)
# 6975
Thunderstorm team wants to be able to 3 substitutions instead of 2 at the current rules. We want everyone to 7 players registered on the team could play in each round. Under the current rules, if all 7 players come to the match, one of them will not be able to play because of the rules of this paragraph. Please examine our proposal. We conducted a small survey: In support of the three substitutions already voted players such as: Kraubner Yuriy (Yurius), Iliya Muratov (furla), Alexander Bogatirev (bayc), Andrey Semenov (captain of Wake), Alex Lisyutin (captain of Thunderstorm), Sergey Andronov (ansergei), Petr Kligach (obormot), Kate Rumantseva and others.
2014-11-27 14:05:12 anatolie smirnov (sherhan)
new website
# 6926
Earned a new place to play offline. Now begins the registration for participation in the championship. -Can Anyone interested to join
2014-11-25 11:09:58 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
RE: International IRP - invitation
# 6925
Just to confirm - IRP has long tradition (at least taking into consideration modern gomoku standards) and I really would like to continue playing with IRP nicknames.

I hope it is not a big problem to have dedicated nickname for this particular competition.

Best regards,


P.S. I would appreciate if interested foreign players can confirm its participation using additional way of communication (eg. Kurnik private message, FB or message here) to avoid situation of "fake" registrations.
2014-11-24 16:57:38 Michał Żukowski (zukolepl)
RE: International IRP - invitation
# 6924
3. To take part in IRP competition it is necessary to register on website. All players are obliged to provide real last name, e-mail address and nickname to be used in IRP matches (starting from “irp” prefix). The server for playing is (“Kurnik”). The player shall play all IRP matches using the same Kurnik nickname ;)
2014-11-24 09:01:21 Yuriy Kraubner (yurius)
RE: International IRP - invitation
# 6923
Piotr, can i play with my nick "yurius"?
2014-11-24 08:58:22 Yuriy Kraubner (yurius)
RE: International IRP - invitation
# 6922
It is good idea:)

Can nickname is not starting from “irp” prefix from international players?
2014-11-24 00:46:01 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
International IRP - invitation
# 6921
Dear Players!

I am really happy to announce that we decided to allow foreign players to join our IRP competition (qualifications to the Internet Polish National Team in gomoku) this season.

Obviously, it doesn't mean that players from other countries will be representing Poland in the international matches, but they can join our competition that has over 10 years tradition (current edition is 16th).

We expect interesting rivalry and hope that such experiment will work and maybe will be nice introduction to the future individual EL or similar event.

Taking above into consideration, I would like to invite you to register on site (you must have separate account there) and join new IRP season (we start on 1st of December and registration is open until the end of November).

I initially plan to accept current EL players and also other well-known and trustful people that somehow failed to join EL this time :)

You can find there IRP rules in English for your convenience.

I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Kind regards,

2014-11-18 18:00:43 Štěpán Tesařík (czpayroxid)
Betting competition
# 6920
You can bet on Euroleague and CPL in English language. Become the best bettor and win a magnetic board with a set of stones. Visit
2014-07-20 22:27:20 Vladimir Nipoti (angrypanda)
RE: Czech Republic - Russia
# 6910
The results of the first international match between Czech Republic and Russia.
The system was classic - 2 equal groups and EL matches. Thanks for cooperation to Ilya Muratov.

Czech Republic – Russia 42:22

Czech Republic A – Russia A 19:13
Czech Republic B – Russia B 23:9

I Round Czech Republic – Russia 10,5:5,5

Czech Republic A – Russia A 4,5:3,5

Czdeafbat-Vladimirs 2:0
Czondik-Rufurla 1:1
Czgregi-Rumordan 0:2
CZteovan-rbayc 1,5:0,5

Czech Republic B – Russia B 6:2

Czbano- Loller 2:0
Czolgoj – Yurius 2:0
Czperoxid - Rudecumen 0:2
Czcerok - Baumanec 2:0

II Round Czech Republic – Russia 11:5

Czech Republic A – Russia A 5:3

Capellmaster for Vladimirs

Czdeafbat-Rufurla 1:1
Czondik-Rumordan 2:0
Czgregi-Rbayc 1:1
Czteovan-Capellmaster 1:1

Czech Republic B – Russia B 6:2

Czmartez for Czperoxid

Czbano- Yurius 2:0
Czolgoj – Rudecumen 1:1
Czmartez – Baumanec 1:1
Czcerok - Loller 2:0

III Round Czech Republic – Russia 11,5:4,5

Czech Republic A – Russia A 5,5:2,5

Czdeafbat- Rumordan 1,5:0,5
Czondik- Rbayc 2:0
Czgregi- Capellmaster 1:1
Czteovan- Rufurla 1:1

Czech Republic B – Russia B 6:2

Czbano- Rudecumen 1:1
Czolgoj – Baumanec 1:1
Czmartez – Loller 2:0
Czcerok - Yurius 2:0

IV Round Czech Republic – Russia 9:7

Czech Republic A – Russia A 4:4

Cztomases for Czondik

Czdeafbat- Rbayc 2:0
Cztomases- Capellmaster 0:2
Czgregi- Rufurla 1:1
Czteovan- Rumordan 1:1

Czech Republic B – Russia B 5:3

Czpurkys for Czcerok

Czbano- Baumanec 1:1
Czolgoj – Loller 2:0
Czmartez – Yurius 2:0
Czpurkys - Rudecumen 0:2

Czech Republic A 19:13

Czdeafbat 6,5-1,5
Czondik 5-1
Czteovan 4,5-3,5
Czgregi 3-5
Cztomases 0-2

Czech Republic B 23:9

Czcerok 6-0
Czbano 6-2
Czolgoj 6-2
Czmartez 5-1
Czperoxid 0-2
Czpurkys 0-2

Russia A 13:19

Capellmaster 4-2
Rufurla 4-4
Rumordan 3,5-4,5
Rbayc 1,5-6,5
Vladimirs 0-2

Russia B 9:23

Rudecumen 6-2
Baumanec 3-5
Yurius 0-8
Loller 0-8
2014-07-17 20:00:41 Vladimir Nipoti (angrypanda)
Czech Republic - Russia
# 6909
Czech Republic A:
1 Ondrej Nykl (ondik)
2 Miroslav Hasa (gregi)
3 Tomas Nemec (teovan)
4 Jan Kopecky (deafbat)

Czech Republic B:
1 Jan Bielak (olgoj)
2 Stepan Tesarik (peroxid)
3 Petr Zizka (cerok1)
4 Vladimir Nipoti (bano)
2014-07-17 20:00:04 Ilya Muratov (wk_bkmz)
Rus vs Cze
# 6908
Russian team for match against Czech, 2014 July 20
Team «А» 1. Osipov 2. Muratov 3. Ezupov 4. Kartashev
Team «B» 1. Litvinenko 2. Kozhin 3. Miroshnichenko 4. Elizarov
Substitution: Sinicin, Bogatyrev, Kachaev, Kondrat`ev
2014-06-23 00:08:11 Piotr Małowiejski (dt_angst)
Hungary - Poland 32,5-31,5
# 6907
I have pleasure to inform you that yesterday was played friendly match between Hungary and Poland.

Both teams were divided into two groups (we tried to make them equal taking into account level of players) and each group had 4 players. Hence it was like two EL matches (but obviously between national teams) in the same time, however scores were counted together.

After great and dramatic battle Hungary team was able to beat Polish players by only one single point (32,5:31,5).

I would like to thank Gergo for supporting this idea and leading Hungary in this match. I also wish to thank all players for this interesting and fair competition. As usually, I encouraged you to contact me, if only your country is willing to play similar match!

Here are the final scores (you can find all statistics also on GomokuWorld webpage:

Hungary – Poland 32,5:31,5

(Hungary A - Poland A 18,5 : 13,5
Hungary B - Poland B 14 : 18)

I ROUND Hungary – Poland 9:7

Hungary A - Poland A 5 : 3

Hundup - Plbbj 1 : 1
Hunmuckshow - Plkaizen 2 : 0
Hunoti - Plrakdar 2 : 0
Hunsztibi - Plusiek 0 : 2

Hungary B - Poland B 4 : 4

Hunkelen - Plangst 1 : 1
Hunmagus - Plcrosslet 0 : 2
Hunpekingg - Plh2o 1 : 1
Hunvessago - Plzukole 2 : 0

II ROUND Hungary – Poland 6,5:9,5 (15,5:16,5)

Hunsongoku for Hunmagus

Hungary A Poland A 3,5 : 4,5

Hundup - Plusiek 1 : 1
Hunmuckshow - Plbbj 0,5 : 1,5
Hunoti - Plkaizen 2 : 0
Hunsztibi - Plrakdar 0 : 2

Hungary B Poland B 3 : 5

Hunkelen - Plzukole 1 : 1
Hunsongoku - Plangst 0 : 2
Hunpekingg - Plcrosslet 2 : 0
Hunvessago - Plh2o 0 : 2

III ROUND Hungary – Poland 6,5:9,5 (22:26)

Hunecoban for Hunsztibi; Plhenry for Plkaizen, Plpuholek for Plcrosslet

Hungary A Poland A 3,5 : 4,5

Hundup - Plrakdar 2 : 0
Hunmuckshow - Plusiek 0 : 2
Hunoti - Plbbj 1,5 : 0,5
Hunecoban - Plhenry 0 : 2

Hungary B Poland B 3 : 5

Hunkelen - Plh2o 0 : 2
Hunsongoku - Plzukole 0 : 2
Hunpekingg - Plangst 1 : 1
Hunvessago - Plpuholek 2 : 0

IV ROUND Hungary – Poland 10,5:5,5 (32,5:31,5)

Hunpeisz for Hunkelen, Hunlightwarri for Hunsongoku

Hungary A Poland A 6,5 : 1,5

Hundup - Plhenry 2 : 0
Hunmuckshow - Plrakdar 2 : 0
Hunoti - Plusiek 1 : 1
Hunecoban - Plbbj 1,5 : 0,5

Hungary B Poland B 4 : 4

Hunpeisz - Plpuholek 0 : 2
Hunlightwarri - Plh2o 0 : 2
Hunpekingg - Plzukole 2 : 0
Hunvessago - Plangst 2 : 0

Hungary A 18,5-13,5

Hunoti 6,5-1,5
Hundup 6-2
Hunmuckshow 4,5-3,5
Hunecoban 1,5-2,5
Hunsztibi 0-4

Hungary B 14-18

Hunpekingg 6-2
Hunvessago 6-2
Hunkelen 2-4
Hunlightwarri 0-2
Hunmagus 0-2
Hunpeisz 0-2
Hunsongoku 0-4

Poland A 13,5-18,5

Plusiek 6-2
Plbbj 3,5-4,5
Plhenry 2-2
Plrakdar 2-6
Plkaizen 0-4

Poland B 18-14

Plh2o 7-1
Plangst 4-4
Plzukole 3-5
Plcrosslet 2-2
Plpuholek 2-2
2014-04-01 16:38:30 smirnov anatolij (barbos)
RE: жеребьевка
# 6872
в перепалку вступать не буду-сказал, что думаю. А вообще то я про жеребьевку.
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